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  Ben Monaco vs. Sam Sellers

Rookie Sam Sellers- 6', 185 lbs

Unabashed cruelty: Ben grins and twists the blindsided mat freshman with a crotch- claw

Monaco revels in dominance and folds the new stud in half, smothering him with his bulge

Ben squeezes his bearhug tighter as the rookie tries to arch free

The big bruiser's arms brutally crush Monaco in a bearhug

Softball-sized biceps pop as Sellers schoolboy pins a beaten Monaco

Show Muscle or Ass-Kicking Muscle

Newcomer Sam Sellers displays his powerful and finely chiseled physique in an opening posing session. Ben Monaco, who has taken on Austin Cooper and Damien Rush in the past, admires Sam's muscular development, yet exhibits no trace of fear. "Show muscle," he calls it, implying that it means next to zero in a wrestling match. With a few chest-to-chest bumps and some stinging slaps to get the juices flowing, the scrap begins.

Sam locks Ben in a body scissors and arm bar combination. Score one point for the "show muscle." Ben looks trapped, but he resists effectively, eventually reversing and clamping Sam's pecs in agonizing claw holds. "This is more of what I was looking for!" Ben chimes triumphantly, sinking fingers and thumbs into the firm but pliable man-flesh.

Ben, with five BGE bouts already under his belt, is probably the better wrestler, the better punisher and humiliator, too. He traps Sam in a figure-four headlscissors that lasts seemingly forever. Mr. Monaco is obviously enjoying having the hunky but mature rookie trapped between his legs! To emphasize how easy it is to control the bodybuilder, Ben does a few stomach crunches, all the while keeping Sam locked in place. "Too simple," Ben quips after Sam at last submits. Menacing and mean, Mr. Monaco has mastered the muscled he-man! Ben exhibits a cockiness heretofore unseen in his previous matches.

Sam Sellers knows his strengths, however, and indisputably strength IS one of his main strengths. He clamps Monaco in an enervating bear hug, then another while roughly thrashing Ben's near-limp body back and forth. Then he applies a cartilage-crackling backbreaker for an amazing three submissions in just five minutes.

Might it be that raw power trumps wrestling prowess and experience, after all? Midway through the match Sellers kneels beside a prostrate Ben Monaco and flexes his neatly cut pecs and biceps. "See that?" he says, pushing up a biceps big as a grapefruit. "That's what kicked your ass!" Ben sits up and takes note. (Who wouldn't?) As if chastened, Ben caresses and worships the man's hard peaks and well-defined ridges.

Sam orders Ben to kiss the steely muscles. Ben obeys, lapping at them like a bear cub. "That's pretty impressive," Ben coos as he rubs his palm over Sam's solid midsection. "Damn right it is," Nouveau replies, glowing, "choked YOU out a few times." Sam is still beaming, so very confident in his superiority, when suddenly Ben latches onto his balls and twists. Sam grimaces and folds palely in two, as Ben gleefully announces, "I think you're going to learn that PAYBACK is a BITCH!" See! Not all Canadians are nice!

A backbreaker, a camel clutch, and a single-leg crab hold even up the score for Ben, matching and beating Sam's three submissions in five minutes, and not stopping at three. "I'm just getting started," Ben proclaims. His pec twists appear to totally incapacitate Sam, whose nipples, it would seem, are his Achille's Heel. The big man melts under Ben's pec punishing assault. A follow-up revenge bear hug show's off Sam's glorious flutes!

No longer satisfied with simple submissions, Ben wants Sam to grovel, insisting that he not just say "I give" but rather "'I give, SIR,' better yet, how about you say, 'I give, MISTER Monaco.'" In the end, nothing less than a knockout is acceptable for Ben. He puts Sellers to sleep and leaves the mat room. But then he comes back just as Sam is coming to. Ben orders the cameraman out of the room, but our faithful cameraman stays, recording the knock-yer-socks-off finale to this excellent and surprising contest.

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Ben's big biceps constrict around the newbie's neck with a viselike rear-naked choke

The new guy is wasted as Ben coaxes a conciliatory "Mister Monaco" from his lips

Ben's own formidable thighs come into play with a vicious headscissors

Monaco looks to turn in another dominating performance on the mats

Sam Sellers has something to prove in his debut against his smaller opponent

The newbie cops a feel and works an over the knee backbreaker

Ben Monaco- 5'10", 175 lbs

Screams are wrenched from Sam with a neck and back crunching camel clutch

Ben traps the newbie in a bad way and batters his thick pecs mercilessly

Ben keeps the rookie trapped and digs his claws into the weakening pecs

Tree-trunk thighs snap tight around Ben's midsection as his opponent works an armbar

Lust intervenes and the hairy mat grapplers caress each other's sweat-lathered physiques

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