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  Tim Messina vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe

Jake's surprisingly strong legs crank a powerful headscissor

The pain is simply too much for Tim, he submits before he's bent entirely in half in the boston crab

Jake folds Tim up masterfully with a tightly locked spladle

Tim's lean physique snagged in a figure four headscissor and twisted up on the mats

Messina leans far back with a powerful boston crab

Indy Pro Meets Jungle Boy

Tim Messina is sick and tired of being brutalized by big, vicious bruisers twice his size. He has a point. No one denies that Tim is seriously dangerous, possessing indy experience, surprising strength and incredible endurance which make him one of our toughest pros. But he has gone down hard to a couple of big, mean heels who have simply outmuscled him and then pounded him mercilessly. Pound for pound, going against an opponent his own size, Tim is adamantly confident he can put his first notch in the victory column.

So perhaps he can be forgiven for that smirk on his face when he sees Lorenzo "Jake" Lowe come climbing over the rail of The Gazebo in a jungle cat loincloth looking like a feral youth. Jake is one of our smallest wrestlers, true. He is also one of our most fearless and successful grapplers. Within 30 seconds of locking up, he steals that smirk from Tim's face by instantly and totally controlling the stunned pro, chaining together one incredibly sexy and crippling hold after another until Tim is little more than a human twist tie. That seductively sexy leopard print loincloth flaps and flutters, repeatedly revealing Jake's very enticing bare butt and massively packaged pouch bouncing beneath.

Jake maintains a provocative figure-4 headscissors, spinning gracefully to his stomach, crushing Tim's face deep into Jake's thonged fan-favorite butt. He's an anaconda, wrapping his stunned opponent up tight and stealing the very breath from his lungs. He literally has the frustrated indy pro wrestler begging for mercy. It's also the type of moment, of pure satisfaction and total male dominance, which also takes the breath away from the victorious aggressor as Jake exults in the success of his submission mastery.

But Tim knows how to stop an opponent's momentum in its tracks. He doesn't just grab Jake's balls, he squeezes them, two-fisted, until the choking and gasping jungle boy falls in shock to his back like a felled tree with his opponent still attached to his sac. Tim's confident Boston crab wrenches Jake's lower back at a sickening angle, the jungle boy's pendulous package flopping impotently in the pro's clutches. All those beatings, all that humiliation Tim has sucked down turns viciously on his lightweight opponent as he pins Jake against a gazebo post and goes berserk on the jungle boy's gut. Once-invincible Jake gets bent over the railing and spanked like the naughty boy he is.

However, don't count out either of these two determined grapplers too soon. There is a depth to their vicious determination to be victorious that we have not seen from either of them before. The outcome is in question until one smirking hunk finally and decisively subdues his opponent in a small package, excitedly grinding his crotch in the loser's face for an unambiguously erotic 10-count pin. All of the battered egos and spanked asses devolve into full contact liplocks revealing once and for all what truly lies beneath these wrestlers' fiercely competitive spirits. Sexy gear, sexy bodies, masterful wrestling.

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Tim Messina vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe
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Jake flexes his biceps as he rolls the indy stud up tight in an impressive pin

Tim applies a desperate chinlock, camel variation to ground his flexible foe

Lorenzo crouches over his spread-eagled opponent and locks lips

Messina tied up, motionless in the double-armbar, boston crab combination

A double-armbar ratchets up the pressure as Lowe's bodyscissors crushes Tim's ribs

A knee-kissing banana split exposes Tim's crotch to Lowe's lascivious hands

Tim utilizes the structure to torture Jake as he foot-chokes him against the wall

Tim rides high with a schoolboy pin and crotch-ripping leg split

The mats visit the ring as Jake is carted over for a bodyslam mid-gazebo

Tim delights in wedgying the jungleboy's loin cloth up his ass as he bends him over the rail

Jake is brought low as Messina grinds the loin-clothed stud's face into his bulge

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