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  Christian Taylor vs. Skrapper

Aggression melts away as the two lean studs indulge their mutual hunger

Christian bends his opponent back far in a high seated camel clutch

Skrapper locks Taylor's arms behind his back as he works a rear bodyscissors

Christian muscles his way free of Skrapper's armlocked bodyscissors combo

Skrapper brings the lean, long, lovely stud to his knees with a constricting sleeperhold

"Kiss it!" - Sizzling Sensuality and Kissing Submissions

Arriving at The Gazebo to find Christian Taylor already there stretching before their match, Skrapper pinches his opponent's ass playfully. Christian is catnip when it comes to turning on the lustful attention of his opponents. There's no mystery why wrestlers have sex on the brain the moment they step onto the mat with him. Like an eroticized clothing model from a mall young men's store, Christian is delicately beautiful and strikingly built. It would be hard to get your hands on that long, lean body without getting turned on!

Skrapper, of course, has no problem at all bringing an explicitly erotic vibe to the wrestling mat. His volatile mix of raw, rough grappling and aggressive sexuality poses a daunting challenge to the most skilled and horny of BG East competitors. Perpetually underrated and underestimated, the devastatingly dangerous and aptly named grappler has lit the match in more than one of our our most explosively sexy battles. His matches are routinely included among our Best Of nominees. Skrapper can be disarmingly playful, but woe be to the opponent who fails to take his wrestling offense seriously.

True to form, Skrapper swarms all over Christian's body and ties the lean hunk up in knots within seconds. "You got the skill to get out of this?" Skrapper taunts, viciously cranking on the heartthrob's long, lovely neck. However, Christian's long, graceful limbs aren't just pretty. He's strong and flexible and one of our most experienced mat wrestlers. Suddenly, he executes a stunning reversal, snapping those long, beautiful legs like a vice around Skrapper's skull and wrenching his opponent's legs backward. Those lovely legs have wreaked havoc on many an unsuspecting opponent! Uncharacteristically, Skrapper squirms and squeals in frustration. A few solid punches to his exposed gut convinces him of the wisdom of retreat to fight another day. Astonishingly, Skrapper gives up the first submission. Flush with victory, Christian basks in the tingling rush of the moment.

Christian's self-congratulatory smirk is short-lived. Demonstrating a little less than sportsmanlike conduct, Skrapper attacks from behind before Christian can reach his feet. Locked in intimate embrace, their bodies scramble and squeeze as they fight for control. Pulling Christian's hair, Skrapper slips those long limbs into a back-wrenching camel clutch, transitioning to a sleeper. Skrapper toys with the handsome hunk, letting him go just long enough to reel him back into a rib crushing bodyscissors. Christian peels his head off the mat to look down in wonder at the sight of his own lovely, writhing body locked up tight. But Skrapper won't allow him to submit until Christian kisses his tormentor's bicep!

Both determined hunks begin trading muscle worship submissions, refusing to accept surrender until lips touch muscles. Forced to obey, the erotic tension skyrockets as the scramble for domination grows more brutal. Tauntingly, one gasping stud is force to kiss the sweat soaked mat. Schoolboy pins and face-to-crotch headscissors stoke them hotter. One last kissing submission is demanded. One final, fully submissive sign of dominated obedience sees one tamed fighter conceding not just in word, but in deed, dutifully attending to the victor's flexed muscles. Bodies entwine yet again. They scramble across the mat in intimate embrace. But everything else other than fully engaged lust has burned away, leaving victor and vanquished submitting entirely to their erotic desires.

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Christian Taylor vs. Skrapper
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Skrapper fades swiftly in Christian's headscissor, overlocking toe hold combination

Christian snaps his legs tightly around Skrapper's lean midsection

Skrapper bounces Taylor over his knees in a suspended bow and arrow

Taylor's nipples are tweaked as he writhes in a chinlock and bodyscissor combo

With his long limbs twisted, Skrapper writhes helplessly in a bow and arrow submission hold

Skrapper and Taylor grind their bulges together, giving us our first nominee for the hottest liplock

Christian's plants an adoring kiss on Skrapper's flexed bicep as the gazebo heats up

Christian's long lean abs under attack as he suffers a double jap strangle

Christian perches atop Skrapper, gazing down at his exhausted foe

With a controlling handful of hair, Skrapper drags his opponent's face snugly into his bulge

The heartthrob jap strangles his mouthy foe

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