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  Darius vs. Christophe France

Boxer-wrestler Christophe France - 6'3, 200 lbs

The arrogant boxer challenges the wrestler to step in the ring

Christophe exposes the black muscle stud's midsection to abuse

Darius is brought to his knees with choking wrist wrap

Darius leashed and led around the ring

Darius dons a glove and schoolboys the stripped boxer

A Lack of Diplomacy

Darius has been patiently waiting for his fortunes to take a turn for the better at BG East. He has all of the raw material to devastate an opponent. His flawless physique is as potently powerful as it is aesthetically awesome. He has been wrestling for years, determined to pay his dues and learn the ropes on the way to building honestly earned success in the ring. His dues have been high, higher than most, in fact. His bulging pecs and phenomenal ass have inspired opponents to subject him to some of the most vile and debasing defeats on record. But as Darius will be the first to tell you, he has learned something valuable with each and every brutal humiliation.

Given the opportunity to break in an ambitious new rookie, Darius is convinced that the time has come for him to pass along a few of those hard earned ring lessons. He finds his opponent, Christophe France, in boxing trunks and gloves, shadow boxing in the ring. The French hunk appears carved out of solid stone, with huge square shoulders and bulging biceps already working up a pump as he jabs the air.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" Darius asks with contempt. "You know we're supposed to be wrestling here, right? We're not boxing or square dancing." The chiseled rookie is cold as ice as he ignores the seasoned veteran attempting to give him a dressing down.

Ignoring Darius is a total rookie mistake. The black hunk angrily rips off one of Christophe's gloves, punches him in the gut, and drops him to the mat with authority. Darius' massive thighs lock down like a vice around the rookie's head, making the French hunk squirm across the mat. He is helpless to prevent the veteran from quickly ripping his boxing trunks off, leaving the rookie looking sensational in tight red trunks. "Little different than boxing, isn't it?" Darius crows as he twists the muscled rookie into a mouthwatering pretzel. "Come on," he taunts, "box yourself out of this!"

Although this is Christophe's first visit to the US, it is clearly not his first experience in a pro wrestling ring. An elbow to the gut permits the rookie to escape. Back on their feet, he pounds Darius with gut punches that rock the veteran into a corner. Using his muscle hunk opponent like a punching bag, big Christophe works up a head of steam raining blows into Darius magnificent muscles. While English isn't his first language, he manages to communicate quite effectively. "What you think of this?" he asks, shoving his huge, flexed bicep in Darius' slack face. "You like?"

Darius most definitely does not like getting schooled by a rookie. His savage jab at the French hunk's pendulous package stops Christophe in his tracks. Significantly more closely matched than either of them expected, they grow more and more vicious. They forcibly strip one another to the barest of butt baring thongs. With monster packages shoved in each other's faces, the desire to dominate makes the rookie's pouch swell and leak with obvious excitement. Ball busting, cocky schoolboy pins, and battered bodies bounced from corner to corner set up a sizzlingly hot sleeper climax, with one stunned muscle man flexing and preening, sitting proudly on top of the handsome face of his vanquished foe. International diplomacy has never been sexier, more savage, or more decisive!

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Darius vs. Christophe France
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Monsieur France brings Darius to the mat and sinks in a snug sleeper

Darius writhes in his desperate attempt to outlast the sleeperhold

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Darius' thick thighs crunch the rookie's skull

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Darius deploys his big muscle trying to counter Christophe's boston

Christophe leans back hard and strangles Darius with a wrist wrap

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