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  Adam Atom vs. Austin Cooper

Adam Atom - 5'9, 210 lbs.

The two big studs clash singlet-clad on the mat!

Coop trips the big man to bring him down on the mat

Coop takes control in the ring, tossing the rook to the mat

Big new BGEast bruiser carries Austin in a backbreaking bearhug

Adam helplessly struggles in the rear-naked choke

Awesome Austin initiates Adam to BGEast Style

Austin Cooper has come a long way since his BG East debut where he literally wiped the floor with mat specialist Jake Jenkins. The former competitive amateur wrestler heard the siren song of the professional wrestling ring, and his passion for picking up pro wrestling skills has left his mat skills a little rusty. But the wrestling ring has enabled Austin to get in touch with a darker and more vicious side than he ever knew existed underneath those lusciously bulging pecs and ripped 8-pack abs. "Dr. Cooper" has emerged as one of our most terrifying and devastating ring heels, leaving a trail of blood, sweat and tears wrung mercilessly from the battered and broken bodies of his opponents.

Adam Atom came knocking on our door determined to parlay his successful college wrestling career and thickly muscled, tightly-packed body into total domination of the BG East mats. His tree trunk thighs and meaty bubble butt beautifully stretch the seams of his blue and grey singlet as he warms up in anticipation of his first match. When Austin shows up squeezed seductively into his old yellow singlet, a little tighter now that he's put on more muscle mass, egos instantly clash. Austin quickly explains to the rookie that he's about to get his beautiful bubble butt beat down by the best. "I prefer to do it in a real ring, where it's truly a bad ass place to be," Austin points out. But he is willing to take this trip down memory lane and put the rookie in his place on the mats.

Both hunks are heavily muscled and powerfully built. Adam is lightning-fast, throwing his cocky opponent to the mat and riding him with authority. The rookie swarms all over him, repeatedly hoisting Austin into the air and suplexing him back down hard. He manipulates the golden veteran with a hammerlock, rolling him to his shoulders and pinning him like child's play.

"You got lucky! I wasn't warmed up," Austin complains. He attacks from behind without warning, scoring a clean take down. But once down, the rookie is just too solid, too balanced. Austin can't budge him an inch. Suddenly, Adam counters, ripping the veteran open wide in an agonizing spladle, making the veteran wail in submission.

Austin is out maneuvered and outmuscled at every turn. Adam puts him on his back at will, and every pin fall stokes deeper and deeper rage within Dr. Cooper. "See, I can do anything I want with you!" the cocky rookie crows. "I'm unstoppable here. I'll be an unstoppable pro!" Next, Adam insists on brutalizing Austin's battered ego where it will hurt the most, in the ring.

As they climb into the ring, now in bulge-hugging beautiful pro trunks, Austin is looking supremely confident for someone who just had his ass handed to him moments ago. "I promise you, this is my world!" Before the rookie realizes what's happened, Austin throws him into a corner and pounds Adam's muscled gut mercilessly. A snap mare to the center of the ring has the rookie seeing stars. Scooped up effortlessly in Austin's powerful arms, the rookie learns the hard way what an over-the-knee backbreaker feels like in a real, bad ass pro wrestling ring. Grinding his elbow viciously into the rookie's exposed gut, Austin explains, "In my world, I break backs!"

Adam is a very quick study, though. At precisely the moment that Austin takes a breather, the rookie hoists him over one shoulder in a fireman's carry before slamming the veteran hard to the mat. With a surprisingly expert camel clutch, the rookie threatens to rip Austin's pretty head right off his neck. "I could get used to this pro thing!" he smirks.

Is this the end of the reign of terror of Dr. Cooper? Is Adam Atom the muscle rookie who can defeat one of BG East's most terrifying heels not only on the mat but in the pro wrestling ring as well?! Sweat-soaked muscles and ferocious egos vie for domination. One shocked muscle man is beaten so bad that he's forced to count himself out in the ultimate pro humiliation, a moment before being dragon sleepered out cold. Muscle rookie or muscle heel? Only one hot hunk is left standing, flexing, the undisputed victor.

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Adam Atom vs. Austin Cooper
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Austin gets revenge as he rolls Adam in a painful ring version of the spladle

Dark Dr. Coop crushes Adam's nuts against the steel post

Austin makes the rookie kiss the canvas in a tight bodyscissors

Austin stretches the bigger wrestler out in an over the knee backbreaker

Keeping Adam trapped in the ropes, Austin wails away on his gut

Austin racks the muscled rookie across his shoulders

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 180 lbs.

The rookie surprises the vet with a roll-up spladle

Big Adam easily lifts the muscled hunk over his shoulder

Atom crushes the fight from Coop with a bear hug and pin combo

Austin's BIG kneedrop to the big stud's core

The veteran gets taught a lesson on his own turf with a near-perfect camel clutch

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