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  Lane Hartley vs. Richie Douglas  

Richie Douglas - 5'8", 140 lbs.

Completely trapped, helpless in the ropes, Richie withers in the debilitating skull crusher

Richie's ripped rookie body bends backwards in a rope-assisted camel clutch variation

The barefooted newbie takes control, reverse whipping Lane into the turnbuckle

Richie's abs cave as Lane drives a shoulder block to his midsection

Dirty heel Hartley rips at the pretty boy's baby blues

The Dangers of Dreaming Big

Former high school quarterback Richie Douglas has been dreaming big dreams. The ripped young hunk with the face of an angel and the body of an Adonis has been showing up and getting his picture perfect jock ass beat up over and over again for just one reason. The kid wants to be a star. He pictures himself as a classic barefoot babyface brawler, the sort of devastatingly hot pro wrestler that opponents take seriously and fans swoon over. And who are we to stand in the way of a hot piece of meat with a big pro wrestling dream? So far, he's exactly halfway to that dream.

Fans have nearly unanimously given their seal of approval to Richie's magnificent, lithe body. The mountainous bulge in the front of his trunks and the way his sweet ass cheeks don't quite entirely fit within the confines of those shiny gold low cuts have made him very popular with BG East fans. When it comes to earning the respect of his fellow wrestlers, however, the dazzlingly pretty young hunk has got a ways to go before he's taken seriously.

Lane Hartley most definitely doesn't give Richie an ounce of respect when he discovers the quarterback waiting for him in the ring. Lane is particularly beefed up. In red and black pro-style trunks, he absolutely dwarfs the pretty young thing across the ring. Lane shrugs those big, beefy shoulders and gets down to work. "It'll be kind of fun to get a light work out in, throw you around, break your spirit," the seasoned young indy pro hunk explains.

While Richie's fitness is breathtaking, he is little more than a rag doll when Lane gets his mitts on him. He outmuscles the quarterback effortlessly, tossing the kid from corner to corner. With one hand he picks the rookie off the mat in a brutal chokehold, bending Richie's supple body backward across a top turnbuckle and exercising total control over the barefoot beauty.

"Why did you get in the ring with me!?" Lane shouts in his face incredulously. "Do you want to be a big star like me!?" he demands. "Yes!" Richie shouts back in a moment of defiant honesty. So Lane delivers the full course star treatment to the aspiring young wrestler. Scoop slams wear Richie down, leaving him defenseless against a rain of massive boot stomps pounding down every inch of his aesthetic physique. Lane's full throttle pro initiation works them both into a thick lather of sweat. In standing headscissors, Lane's massive thighs swallow the rookie's head whole. Kicks to the ribs and kicks to the face knock the barefoot rookie clean across the ring.

Just as Lane takes a moment to catch his breath, Richie shoulder blocks the pro heavyweight into a corner. He pounds Lane's relatively soft core like a terrier with a bone. He takes advantage of this barest glimpse of an opportunity and channels his childhood pro wrestling heroes as best he can. For better or worse, he's got Lane's undivided attention now!

It's dangerous to dream big, particularly in the BG East ring. Lane gets retribution for the quarterback's audacity by hanging him spread-eagled from the ropes and repeatedly place-kicking the youngster's low hanging balls. The savagery is breathtaking. The domination is overwhelming. Young Richie learns the ropes, literally and figuratively, from one of the most dominant, relentless, heartless big-indy-pro stars in the business. And though he may not leave with a victory, or even a shred of dignity, or possibly the ability to walk straight, Richie Douglas leaves with one thing he's always wanted. Just a little grudging respect from one of the best.

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Lane Hartley vs. Richie Douglas
32 minutes
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Richie suffers and soothes his busted nuts from Lane's attack

A surfboard variation bends Richie's spine to near-breaking

Lane fist deep in Richie's slender abs

A standing bow-and-arrow, abstretch combo warps the lean rookie's bod

The evil, brutish heel's claw digs deep in Douglas' abs

Big, bad Lane carries the pint-size rookie across his broad shoulders

Lane Hartley - 6', 215 lbs.

Lane restrains the prettyboy's arms as he wails away on his exposed midsection

Richie tries to crawl for safety as Lane looms overhead

The lean, lithe body of the jobber is stretched out mercilessly

Richie's bound, broken body arches over the turnbuckle as Lane measures him for more punishment

Lane's thick arms crush the pretty boy in a brutal bearhug

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