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  Kid Karisma vs. Marco Carlow*

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170 lbs

Marco's trunks wedge between his bubbled glutes as he's doubled in front of Kid K

Karisma allows his victim no airspace in a crotch-to-face headscissors pushup

Karisma leans back and lifts the challenger off his feet with a reverse bearhug

The reverse bearhug: one of the most intimate and suggestive of all wrestling holds

Bulge-to-bulge, Kid K rolls him up for the pin

Favorite Bares It All in Defeat

Perhaps it should come as little surprise that smolderingly sexy Marco Carlow takes a while for us to convince him to return to BG East action. The devastatingly handsome, classically proportioned competitive bodybuilder, was manhandled mercilessly. Guys as pretty and stacked as Marco often bring out the worst in opponents, and Marco has been rode hard and put away wet both times he has dared to step on the mats.

But we showed Marco your fan mail. Even though his answer to our offers for another match have been consistently "Fuck, no!" he found it harder to turn his back on BG East fans who absolutely worship his leading man good looks, that manicured 5 o'clock shadow, and especially the truly gorgeous balance and proportions of his phenomenal competition physique. You begged to see more of absolutely every inch of this muscled beauty, and with the bruises and humiliations of his past outings now mere fading memories, he agreed to give the mats another shot, not for the money, certainly not because he loves the sport of wrestling, but entirely and solely because BG East fans want it, and him, so damn bad!

Fans aren't the only ones who have developed a craving for more of Marco Carlow, either. Wrestlers have been pitching to be next to get their hands on his perfect pecs and muscled glutes. And the Boss seems to have an unusually tough time denying Kid Karisma when he turns up the charm and makes a play for the next hottest meat on the menu.

When Kid Karisma arrives to find Marco practicing his posing routine for his upcoming bodybuilding competition, the ridiculously ripped red-head cannot help but begin to compare his own sculpted muscles with that of the fan favorite. Marco offers light praise for Kid Karisma's fitness, but gives poor marks for the notorious heel's posing technique. "Oh, you're too cute," Kid Karisma smirks, a fraction of a second before locking the handsome hunk up and quickly putting him on his back.

Kid Karisma is almost never anything shy of laser focused and fierce on the mats, but there is an extra layer of passion in his wrestling as he slips and slides all over Marco's magnificent muscles. The bodybuilder is far too slow to defend himself against the swarming offense of one of our most notorious heels. Karisma controls his back at will, ominously slipping on sleeper holds but then catch-and-releasing the outshustled hunk just for the sport of it. He forces Marco to strum his fingers across Karisma's crystal cut abdominals. He slaps on a sleeper and demands that the bodybuilder flex those beefy biceps in order to win release. With increasing frequency and enthusiasm, Karisma slaps Marco's gorgeous ass over and over until it is entirely obvious what has made this match such a labor of lust for our number one freckled badboy.

Carb depleted and outhustled at every turn, Marco slowly turns to putty in the hands of his new dark master. He's forced to flex, then required to worship his opponent's Adonis physique. Karisma racks the bashed bodybuilder across his shoulders and does squats. Finally, Kid Karisma delivers with fans have been begging for, peeling Marco out of his undagear and forcing the loser hunk to watch as his dark master displays the top quality physique that just destroyed him. As Kid Karisma walks away, you might expect this muscle feast to be concluded. But you'd be wrong, because, as we've pointed out repeatedly, Marco Carlow reads his fan mail. And he's devoted to giving you what you want.

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Kid Karisma vs. Marco Carlow*
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Kid K's chiseled muscle mass coils around Marco's in a tight sleeper-scissor combo

Marco writhes in the constricting headscissors as sweat pours off his body in rivers

Karisma trails an appreciative hand over Marco's midsection as he crushes it in a bodyscissors

Kid K forces Marco's face against his cobble-stone abs

The Karismatic One wails away, his fists breaking down Marco's muscled bod

Kid K relieves his beaten foe of his sweat-soaked gear

Marco Carlow - 5'6, 175 lbs

The bodybuilder finds himself trapped early on in a bent-over headlock

Kid K talks smack as he works a modified camel clutch, drawing cries of pain from his opponent

A beaten Marco kneels and is forced to flex

Marco gets a faceful of the domineering wrestler's thick, peaked bicep

Plopping his bulge right in his opponent's face, Kid Karisma flexes victoriously

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