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  Jayden Mayne vs. Ethan Axel Andrews

Jayden Mayne - 5'8, 150 lbs.

Ethan sits pretty with a double bicep flex and a triangle headscissor

Calm, cool, and collected, Ethan stretches the prettyboy's lean body out for some more fun

Ethan brings the underclassman to his knees with a punishing reverse bearhug

Jayden's lean body thrashes desperately in an attempt to work free of the grounded headlock

Ethan's bulge digs into Jayden's ribs as he sets up an abstretch

The Pedigree and the Street Punk

Ethan Axel Andrews has been chewing up and spitting out wrestlers one after another lately. From his days competing in high school to his extensive underground wrestling resume, he is one of the most experienced mat wrestlers on the scene. Being that well-seasoned while as young and healthy as Ethan is has made him doubly dangerous. And with each opponent he leaves broken and battered, his ego has swelled remarkably. As if he needed to be more of a threat, he has recently been training for mixed martial arts competitions. When he arrives on the mat to face his next BG East opponent, you cannot miss how convinced he is of his inevitable victory.

Next up to face Ethan and his rapidly expanding ego is handsome young hunk Jayden Mayne. It was Jayden's idea to take Ethan on, having challenged the notorious egomaniac in an online trade of taunts and trash talk. Just a couple years Ethan's junior, in many ways, Jayden is the opposite of the notorious industry workhorse. He showed up on our doorstep with no formal wrestling training. What he knows about grappling, he learned on the streets, first getting his sensational ass beat down, and then eventually doing the beating. He has had mixed success at BG East, but sheer grit and an ignorance (or disregard) for the rules of fair play and decency have enabled Jayden to shock much bigger and better experienced opponents in the past. And like Ethan, he has youth and health on his side, along with a considerable army of fans of his Hollywood handsome face and classically beautiful body.

In baggy MMA trunks, Ethan is characteristically dismissive of Jayden when he arrives in the mat room. "You can just go your merry way and avoid all the humiliation," Ethan generously offers. "Probably not," Jayden growls back, stone-faced. "I think I'll stay." Seconds later, Ethan violently throws his handsome opponent to the mat and mounts him commandingly. "This is too easy," Ethan smirks.

Ethan has been mastering the advanced art of chain wrestling, and he expertly sequences multiple incapacitating holds, one after the other, locking Jayden up. Before Jayden can start to counter being trapped in his opponent's bodyscissors, Ethan seamlessly slides into a vicious grapevine, brutally ripping Jayden's legs apart. Again, just as Jayden starts to position himself for an escape, Ethan rolls him into an astonishingly tight spladle, cranking on the kid's neck and folding his spine at a sickening angle. "Ever try sucking your own dick?" Ethan asks, folding Jayden up so tightly he nearly can.

It's Ethan who is first to rip his opponent's baggy trunks off. Jayden's crowd pleasing ass is packed beautifully in tight orange trunks. Ethan luxuriates with that leading man face trapped so intimately in his figure-4 headscissors. "Again, my balls in your face," Ethan laughs as his outclassed opponent submits in humiliation once again. "You really suck."

Jayden sucks down punishment like a sponge, but if you think he's going to roll over and take it from Ethan, get ready to be surprised. Ethan certainly is, when the wiry young scrapper abruptly muscles the upperclassmen into a vulnerable position. Savoring the schoolyard bully's sudden exposure, Jayden slides into a spladle, ripping Ethan's flexible legs open wide. Taken completely by surprise, Ethan writhes in frustration and pain. Jayden milks the moment, squeezing out every ounce of shocked suffering until, pinned and pried apart, Ethan gives with astonishment in his voice.

Win-loss records don't wrestle each other. Wrestlers do. So whatever Ethan may have thought about his manifest destiny to outshine street fighter Jayden, taunts and a pedigree aren't what get the job done on the mats. Both ripped, lean bucks get peeled to tiny thongs that highlight Ethan's legendary bulge and Jayden's luscious ass. Face sitting, spanking, and ball abuse send this match spiraling totally out of control. Fantastically beautiful brutality takes this classic battle of skill and street smarts to a decisive conclusion. Sit back and enjoy as these two go very dark, digging deeper into their stores of endurance and means of torture than either had expected.

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Jayden Mayne vs. Ethan Axel Andrews
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A masterful abstretch severely tests the limits of Mayne's endurance

Ethan stretches out his lean-hairy bod with an armbar, triangle choke

"Again, with my balls in your face?" Ethan taunts in a schoolboy pin

With his ass right in Jayden's face, Ethan wails away at the helpless, thrashing boy's abs

A humiliating spladle has Ethan challenging Jayden to suck his own cock

Jayden manages to turn the tables as he puts his in Ethan's face in a reverse schoolboy

Ethan Axel Andrews - 6'0, 155.lbs.

The schoolyard bully delights with a face-siting pin and a pantsing of his helpless prey

Jayden tries to wriggle free of the tightly applied bodyscissors

Ethan's arms snap tightly and dangerously around Jayden's middle in a reverse bearhug

Jayden is brought low, fading and wilting in a neck-wrenching full-nelson

Jayden pounds at the mat as his back bends painfully in the full-seated Boston crab

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