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  Austin Cooper vs. Morgan Cruise

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 175 lbs

The mighty Mastodon drops to a knee to add a deadly spine-snapping impact to his killer torture rack

Austin's knee to the spine, shoulder cranking surfboard has Morgan The Mastodon trumpeting in pain

With the look of a zealot on his face, The Mastodon herds the suffering jock boy to his feet

Austin's sweat-soaked ribs begin to crack under the pressure of The Mastodon's mighty squeeze

The pale, hairy conqueror drags his tanned, golden boy up by the hair for even more punishment

The Juggernaut and the Immovable Object

Morgan Cruise has been building his heel cred with increasingly brutal beatdowns of one opponent after another. Since his initiation by fire at the hands of one Lon Dumont, "The Mastodon" hasn't been shy about his ultimate goal to subdue, dominate and destroy every last competitor at BG East until only he is left standing. Big words, true. But as one opponent after another falls, sometimes even two at a time, the skeptics have to admit that Morgan is looking exactly like the juggernaut he has been telling us he is all along.

Austin Cooper has been on a journey of his own since arriving on the scene a few years ago. Starting as a babyface golden boy, Austin suffered some of the most brutal muscle bashings on record before something shook loose. His moral compass has a short circuit these days, and when it's out, Austin delivers the most ruthless, bloodthirsty demolitions you've ever seen. He has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on, and woe be to any opponent who finds Mr. Hyde waiting for him.

"What is this, planet of the apes?" Austin laughs as his hairy, muscled opponent arrives, looking none too friendly. Despite both being beautifully muscled and about the same size, they strike a stunning visual contrast. Golden, smooth, and fair, Austin is dazzlingly pretty in his golden yellow trunks with a big, red star stitched across his bulging crotch. Pale, dark and hairy, Morgan is serious as a heart attack and just about as painful as one. He sports his trademark gold and black classic square cut trunks and matching boots.

The whose-is-bigger posedown shows off both fabulous physiques, but it's hard to argue with Austin when he points out that he's simply bigger and better defined. "Are you even flexing?" he taunts his unamused opponent. Morgan's sneak up from behind blow to the back kicks the pose down into a full throttle, high impact muscle pounding.

If Morgan intended his opening ambush to tilt momentum his way, he's bitterly disappointed when Austin handily turns the tables. Body slammed and whipped into a corner, the Mastodon gets the air knocked out of him almost immediately out of the gate.

Austin's kneeling surfboard stretches out Morgan's massive pecs, and flex and grunt as he might, the hairy hunk just can't muscle out of this tight spot. Austin possesses the calm knowing of a patient tutor, forcing his frustrated opponent to watch himself in the mirror get outmuscled over and over. A spinning full nelson makes Morgan nearly lose his lunch and entirely give away the first, humiliating submission as Austin struts and smirks.

Both raging musclemen are much more accustomed to one-sided mismatches, which makes this closely fought back-and-forth battle uncharted territory for them. They trade skull crushing headscissors and neck wrenching full nelsons. Quickly soaked in sweat, both hard bodies get slammed and squeezed from every angle.

It takes no fewer than 4 over-the-knee backbreakers and a back breaking sharpshooter leglock before Morgan finally manages to wring an equalizer submission out of his tenacious opponent. But even then, the momentum tips back and forth as both boys' best shock-and-awe offenses fall short of putting either one of them out for good.

Suspensfully teetering back and forth, one of these brutal battlers slowly manages to build a head of steam. Body slams and backbreakers start piling up all over just one of the fantastic physiques, until he's completely at the mercy of lucious, long held, languishing bearhugs. Two super-sized egos, amazing bodies, and expert-level ring experience boil down to only one hard hunk left standing. A spectacular match!

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Austin Cooper vs. Morgan Cruise
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Austin's Agony: trapped in a sharpshooter figure four variation with a boston crab combo

Coop in control! The mighty Mastodon is brought low with a debilitating, neck-crunching fullnelson

A nasty chinlock threatens to bring down the prettyboy jock

Austin takes charge as he squeezes Cruise with a headscissors

Bulging up in pain, Austin suffers(?) in an over the knee backbreaker

Austin's star-bulge propped on the ropes as he's bent back of the ropes with a chinlock

Morgan Cruise - 5'8, 170 lbs

Titanic power struggle: Morgan Cruise tries to battle his way out of Austin Cooper's full-nelson

Uh oh! Sharpshooter! This could be serious trouble: Coop inverted with his legs figure-foured...

What a match-up! Austin wails as the Mastodon crushes his beautiful body in a brutal bearhug

Austin lifted in a rib-crushing bearhug: Morgan knows exactly where to apply the pressure!

Austin's tanks run dry as he droops in Cruise's stength-sapping bearhug

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