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  Gus Rowe vs. Braden Charron

Gus Rowe - 5'11", 170 lbs

Braden's big arms crush Goregeous Gus in a ring-post assisted bearhug outside the ring

Does Gus has what it takes? A reverse bearhug has the bigger, more experienced heel in trouble

Gus of the pretty physique cannot escape the ring as Braden charges with a reverse bearhug

Gus gassed as he drapes over Braden's big shoulder. Those legs! That butt!

Bodyslams, Backbreakers and Bearhugs! Braden hoists the goldenboy crossbody

Time to Swim with the Sharks, or, Glorious Glutes Galore!

Back in the small town where he grew up, Gus Rowe was a big fish in a small pond. A 3-sport standout high school athlete, everything he touched turned to gold. There's a magnetism about a handsome young stud that everyone wants to either be or be with, and Gus had the pick of the girls and guys eager to cozy up to a local legend.

But Gorgeous Gus grew increasingly convinced that he was destined for bigger and better things. With little more than an air invincibility and a suitcase full of trophies of past glories, he arrived in Boston and was promptly spotted by a BG East recruiter. With the promise of a hefty paycheck and a shot at a whole new level of athletic achievement, it didn't take long before Gus was ready to try out his golden touch in the BG East wrestling ring.

The kid is seriously pale and beautifully fit, squeezed into The Boss' handpicked super tight pair of teal and orange trunks with zippers on the sides for instant access. White knee pads and boots complete the sensationally sexy ensemble. A whisper of hair between his tight pecs and a sparse young beard hint at the ambitious young man emerging. He'll never be more ready than right now to step onto the big stage and dazzle the world.

When Braden Charron strolls in, however, he's decidedly unimpressed. "Is that all you got, man?" he smirks as the new kid flexes on the ring apron. Braden is precisely the sort of world class sports celebrity that Gus aspires to become. He's all muscle, with an all-over tan dialed up to bronze perfection. When he flexes his magnificently muscled ass, the top of his yellow and wine colored trunks slide down his cheeks tauntingly. He commands respect and slack jawed worship from fans across the globe. He's exactly who Gus wants to be.

With nothing but contempt for the lightweight newbie so audaciously flexing his inferior physique and even before stepping into the ring, Braden reaches through the ropes and snaps on a reverse bearhug. "Who the fuck do you think you are!?" the shocked prettyboy newbie gasps as Braden's massive arms squeeze the air out of his lungs.

Gus Rowe had no idea of the seriousness of the jeopardy he's placed his gorgeous ass into the moment he climbed into the BG East ring. He can't get his feet underneath him before he's either being scooped up and slammed back down to the mat, or hoisted helplessly into endless variations on breath-stealing, back-breaking bearhugs. An OTK backbreaker sets the rookie up for brutal stomps and vicious trampling. In one crushing embrace, Braden viciously yanks on the rookie's trunks so hard that it looks doubtful the tormented fabric will remain intact. Thrown to the mat, Gus whimpers in disbelief, "You gave me a wedgie!"

Precisely at the moment that cocky Braden takes his eyes off the ball, however, Gus' natural athleticism kicks in. The kid snaps the muscle man up in a bearhug of his own, impressively suspending his beefy musclebound opponent high in the air. "You asked for this shit!" the rookie rages. Holding onto his big city dreams by his fingertips, Gus pours every ounce of strength into cracking Braden's ribs. He plays catch and release, bouncing the dazed veteran off the ropes and then snapping him back up again for more bearhug torture. The mighty muscleman starts to whither as the new kid on the block seizes his chance at glory.

Gus Rowe is swimming with the sharks now, and Braden Charron is one of the hungriest rising stars in the business. Raw ambition and natural athleticism face off against magnificent muscle and seasoned experience. Who do you think forces his opponent to pass out cold in one final breathtaking, beautiful butt-baring bearhug? A sensational debut for Gorgeous Gus Rowe and a welcome return for Braden Charron! Glorious glutes galore!

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The torturous tumult of the match leaves its mark on Gus' back as he wilts in a bearhug

As if the back torture wasn't enough, big ballsy Braden wedgies the sexy rookie's trunks

Braden wears down the newbie with a powerful bearhug

Gus's red abs pop as he stretches out in an over-the-knee backbreajer

Gorgeous Gus nearly out on his feet as big Braden prepares to finish him off once and for all

The boots of big, bad Braden grind Gus into the ground

Braden Charron - 5'8", 200 lbs

Big, bad Braden howls in delight as he tramples Gorgeous Gus' pretty pecs into the canvas

Rookie Gus suffers beautifully, wrapped around the ringpost in a brutal bearhug

Gus cries out and tries to worm his way free of the crushing hold

Big trouble for Gorgeous Gus! Braden catches and inverts the rookie for another killer finisher

Showcasing Braden's big beautiful butt, Gus lifts the big man in a tight, desperate bearhug

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