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  Felix Raya vs. Viggo

Sexy rookie Felix - 5'9" - 175 lbs

Viggo upends and readies his rookie opponent for a piledriver

Felix clutches his jewels in pain as Viggo leads him around by his hair

A sweat-soaked Viggo warps his victim's spine in a modified camel clutch

A kiss-of-death just might spell the end for Felix...

A snuggly applied sleeper steals the fight and strength from the sexy heartthrob

Agonizing First Impressions

It's always exciting when a brand new hunk debuts at BG East. First impressions are everything: will the wrestler recruit be an ass-kicking champ - or a jobber, forever destined to be a victim? Will he make a huge splash, claw his way up through the ranks, and dominate his opponents on the way to becoming a BG East wrestling superstar? Will he captivate fans and opponents alike by his worked-out body, bulging muscles and assets? Or will he become fodder for the hungry sharks circling for fresh meat? When there are TWO delicious hunks making a double debut, the stakes are higher still! Much higher!

Felix Raya has a smoldering sexiness about him, with his scruffy facial hair, piercing eyes, and fantastic barefoot physique. His sexy blue wrestling gear barely contain his meaty package and hunky ass. But can he hold his own? Blonde bombshell Viggo, clean-shaven and ripped, enters the BGE arena to find Felix flexing in front of the mirror, and immediately muscles his way into the frame. Standing side-by-side, it's clear Viggo is every bit the hunk Felix is, and wins for muscle size, at the very least. Both immediately try to assert their Alpha male dominance, bumping chests before they head to the ring. But if first impressions are everything, it's clear that Viggo is someone opponents should watch like a hawk. Because before they even fully enter the ring, Viggo seizes the ropes and bounces them right up and into Felix's balls!

"My name's Viggo. What I want, I take!" And with that declaration, it seems what he wants is to firmly plant his boot into Felix's nutsack. Lifting the groaning Felix up, Viggo wants to see whose biceps are bigger. And as he already established, "what he wants, he gets." Happy with how compliant Felix already is, Viggo rewards him with a solid forearm into Felix's package that sends the sexy stud sprawling right back down to the mat. If this is what it's like to wrestle Viggo, opponents might want to consider wearing some protective gear down there.

Giving his opponent no time to rest, Viggo yanks Felix up and into a full-nelson. Felix isn't about to have his first outing in the BGE ring continue this one-sided, though, slamming his leg back into a powerful low-blow of his own! As big Viggo crumples to the mat, Felix wastes no time trapping that blonde head between his muscled thighs for a painful headscissors. Before he passes out from the pressure, Viggo uses his massive arms to desperately pry apart Felix's legs, leaving him wide open for a headbutt to that already battered basket. Not letting up in the slightest, Viggo makes Felix scream as he applies a crotch-splitting spladle capped off with a leg drop to his already massively abused balls. With this much ball abuse, is this Ring Hunks 3 or Ball Bash 4?

Viggo does give Felix's poor balls a rest, as he initiates a barrage of powerful slams and muscle-ripping holds. Two over-the-knee backbreakers leave Felix clutching his back instead of his basket. Viggo, energized, moves in rapid succession from a bow-and-arrow to an inverted surfboard before easily curling his opponent back up for two more backbreakers. An inverted bearhug only adds to sexy Felix's suffering.

With his ethics-free groin attacks and big muscles, Viggo seems ready to command complete dominance over his first opponent at BGE. But will fighter Felix muster a comeback to avoid becoming the next BG East jobber-hunk? Viggo's path of destruction might end if his foul play catches up to him, as this sexy double rookie match makes some impressive first impressions of two muscled ring hunks!

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Felix Raya vs. Viggo
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The stunned stud wobbles on his feet as Viggo forces him to flex right off the bat

Viggo's tree trunk thighs flex mightily as he lifts and carries his opponent

Felix wails helplessly, caught up in a single-leg boston

Viggo goes for broke as Felix's muscled physique resists in a bow-and-arrow stretch

Felix rolls Viggo over with a tightly cinched headscissors

Viggo attempts to break his opponent in an over-the-knee backbreaker

BG East rookie Viggo - 6', 190 lbs

Felix's ripped body on display as he writhes in a butt-humping full nelson

Big Viggo mercilessly crushes Felix's manhood underfoot

Viggo looms menacingly over the whipped barefoot stud

Viggo's pecs swell as he sits back with a neck-crunching camel clutch

Viggo cranks back and asks for submission with a wicked crossface armlock

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