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  Rolf Fulton vs. Kelly King  

Cocky Rolf Fulton - 6'1", 160 lbs

Rolf flexes up in an effort to wear King down with a side headlock

Rolf braces himself for the thunderous blow as his destruction rains from above

Rolf rattles the skull of the King with a vicious elbow to the jaw

Rowdy Rolf drops the big pro-stud with a thunderous dropkick

Rolf ties up his bigger foe with a painful figure-four leglock

Big or Small, if You Can't Walk, You Can't Win

Rolf Fulton LOVES taking on the Big Boys at BG East! He may be tall, but at 160lbs it's not too difficult to find guys who have a definite size advantage over him. He has plenty of experience taking on goliaths on the indy scene and he's already taken on two of BG's mega-men: the absolutely massive Big Barry Burke and the solidly built Gavin Keys. In both matches, he took a hell of a lot of punishment but he never backed down. And now he's back for more, this time setting his sites on more-ripped-than-ever Kelly King.

Kelly has the confidence and ego of, well, of a King! Upon entering the ranks of BG East, he promptly declared he could demolish anyone the Boss threw at him, no matter their size, experience, or record. Right off the bat, he went after two of the biggest names on the scene, Austin Cooper and the Z-Man. He's used to being the one setting the agenda, targeting who he's going to try and take down next. He's not used to someone picking a fight with HIM, let alone someone Rolf's size! But that doesn't mean he's not ready to hand out a royal ass-kicking.

As Kelly makes his way to the ring, he finds Fulton in the ring literally hopping with excitement as he waits for the Big Man to arrive. Not content to just wait, Rolf goads Kelly on, with not a hint of fear in his voice. "Come on Daddy! Gonna stretch you out!" Kelly doesn't even dignify that with a response. He's ready to steamroll his opponent and he doesn't need cocky words of his own when his body will do the talking. But he just might have underestimated his opponent's experience taking on big guys, as a quick lock up has Rolf tripping King to the mat and right into a painful figure 4 leg lock!

Kelly does not flinch. Not even trying to get to the ropes, Kelly shows off the tremendous strength of his legs and reverses the figure 4, and now it's Rolf screaming for mercy and clawing for the ropes. King doesn't let up the pressure even after Rolf makes the ropes, so Fulton has no choice but to use the ropes to help him retake control of the figure 4. Rolf's strategy begins to take shape: his only chance to keep such a big, experienced guy down is to keep working that leg. Trapping King's leg in the ropes, Rolf lets Kelly know he doesn't care about playing fair, as he begins stomping on the trapped leg. A brutal ankle lock follows and King knows he has to play just as dirty. Slugging Rolf in the face, limping over to where he falls, King is ready for some justice, trapping Rolf's leg in the ropes and stomping away.

"Wanna take out people's legs, huh? We'll see who's walking after this." Stomps and punches to Rolf's leg, his own powerful ankle lock, and screaming submissions follow as each man tries to cause permanent damage to the other's legs. Even as it gets harder and harder to support their own weight, they still manage to lock-on not just sharpshooters and other devasting leg holds, but also camel clutches, Boston crabs, and bear hugs! And with Rolf's determination to secure the win and King's reputation as someone to be feared in jeopardy, neither man holds back. Dirty moves abound: ropes used to trap or choke (or both); punches, elbows, knees, and stomps to the groin; one of them even bites his opponent! These two pros go all out despite the pain!

But the damage to the legs is too much for one of these stars. One stumble leads to a chain of events that culminates in one final glorious sleeper, relieving one of these men of the agonizing leg pain as he drifts off to neverland!

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Rolf Fulton vs. Kelly King
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A crossface lock has the big King locked up painfully

Reeling in the corner, Rolf doubles up as King stomps at his gut

King's vicious rear headlock saps the will to fight from Rolf's body

David vs Goliath: Rolf continues to press his advantage and wears down the bigger stud

King utilizes his muscle advantage to manipulate and hook in a scorpion lock variation

King flexes up a big bicep as his tree-trunk thighs crunch the smaller pro-stud's skull

Kelly King - 5'10", 210 lbs

The hulking, tatted pro drags his lean opponent to the mat with a cranking chinlock

King flexes his way free of the wiry stud's reverse bearhug

King carries his lean, wiry opponent up-and-over with a suplex

Rolf drops an elbow to King's thick inner thigh

Laid low in the corner, Rolf grabs at King's kneepad, seeking mercy

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