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  Kieran Dunne vs. Rafael Valmor

Kieran Dunne - 5'8, 180 lbs

Mr. Moneybags gets his greedy hands all over the mountain of golden muscle

Massive and muscled locks up with lean and lovely

Rafael drops his idol to the mats and works the magic buttons

"You like that?" Kieran snarls as his starstruck victim worships his thickly muscled body

Glistening with sweat, Kieran's thick, bulging quads flex and crush the pretty boy's head and neck

Is that a roll of cash in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

"So you're my number one fan, huh?" Kieran Dunne smirks when a clearly awed, slack-jawed Rafael Valmor shows up for the private posing session he's paid for. "Yes, I am!" Rafael eagerly admits, visibly star struck as his eyes remain riveted on Kieran's magnificent muscles flexing in front of him. "I would love to wrestle with you," the smolderingly sexy Brazilian beauty hints, not so subtly. "If you want to wrestle, you've got to pay me a whole lot more than you paid me for this posing session." Instantly, Rafael whips out a massive roll of cash and places it eagerly in Kieran's hand.

To say that Kieran has come a long way in his wrestling career would be a major understatement. When he first arrived as an 18-year old, bright-eyed, babyfaced gym bunny, opponents lined up to get their hands all over his magnificent young rookie body. No longer the beautifully bulging jobber of his early career, these days Kieran has both the experience and athleticism to make him a serious competitor. A lot has changed over the course of his storied career, but one thing has remained constant. Kieran adores his mouthwatering reflection in the mirror every bit as much as his infatuated fans do.

His number one fan isn't exactly a stranger to the BG East mats, either. The Latin heartthrob nearly burned the place down in his debut erotic mat match a couple of years ago. Fans have been begging for another look at Rafael's luscious, lean body and obvious lust for full throttle erotic wrestling. But it took a private muscle showcase with his longtime wrestling infatuation, Kieran, to lure the sexy rookie back to the mats.

"What's your favorite hold?" Kieran asks. Rafael doesn't have to think long. "I love your headscissors!" And just like that, a fanboy fantasy comes true as Kieran spreads his gargantuan thighs and inducts his number one fan into the mouthwatering mysteries of coming face-to-crotch with Kieran's power. "You like that?" Kieran snarls, allowing his prey to stroke his crushing quads. To the muscle boy's complete astonishment, Rafael enthusiastically replies, "Yeah!"

And here's the first place the fan fantasy goes off the tracks for Kieran. He simply has no idea just how lustfully this adoring fan can suck down punishment and keep begging for more. The muscleboy crushes and pries, squeezes and pounds, and if anything, Rafael is turned on harder and ramped up hotter than ever.

The second surprise for Kieran is the discovery that Rafael became an unabashed fanboy back in the day when Kieran was our most luscious jobber. The Brazilian battle boy's not so secret fantasy isn't just wrestling Kieran. It's controlling him, possessing that phenomenal physique, owning ever bulging inch of Kieran's masterfully crafted body. And Rafael has the mat skills and savvy to make it happen. Exploiting one of many moments Kieran is distracted by his own shimmering image reflected back in the mirror, Rafael strikes like lightning. He drops the narcissist to the mat and rips his legs apart hard. Suddenly, he slides forward, sitting on Kieran's face, stroking the muscleboy's legs, strumming his abs. He pumps his lean hips, grinding his sensational ass in Kieran's babyface and making his fondest wrestling fantasies really come true.

Rafael's dream-cum-true turns out to be Kieran's worst nightmare. Up to the final few minutes of this sexy barnburner confrontation, it's unclear whether Kieran's experience and muscle can save his mouthwatering bacon. There's one thing you can count on, though. Kieran has never faced a tougher challenge from a more amorous admirer!

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The latino's vice-like body scissors squeeze and crush Kieran's seemingly invincible abs

Rafael gives us what we came for: a good jobbing Dunne right

A kneeling surfboard only stokes the raging fire of the sexy Brazilian's lust

Rafael suffers sensually as he strokes and feels up the punishing quads

The best seat in the house: Kieran flexes as he introduces the pretty boy to the headscissors

Dunne stretches the lovely latino out in a big bow-and-arrow

Rafael Valmor - 5'9, 145 lbs

Kieran engages his client in a poseoff and puts the lean pretty boy to shame

Rafael's intentions become clear as he closes in on the flexing narcissist from behind

A neck-crunching full nelson introduces Kieran's fan to pain (or is it pleasure?)

Kieran's kneeling chinlock has the bent fanboy wailing in agony

Don't judge a book by its cover! Rafael latches on like a leech with a rear naked choke

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