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  Kid Karisma vs. Billy Lodi  

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170 lbs

"Rules are you get to touch my body...Enjoy it" Lodi feels up the steel pecs

Karisma displays the power of his impossibly solid quads with a standing headscissors

The ripped muscle god tests his devotee's durability with a torture rack

"How's it feel to be a winner?" Karisma's places his world-class ass in the wasted boy's face

The Karismatic One's takes his turn at worship duty as Lodi looms dominantly

"I'm not quite done with you, little boy!"

We know a lot of BG East fans will agree when we say that Billy Lodi is the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet. Out of hundreds of Kid Karisma's fans who entered a charity auction for a muscle worship session with the ginger beast, it was Billy who came out on top. "So, you're the lucky contest winner, huh?" Kid Karisma asks as Billy finds him flexing his spectacular physique in nothing but tiny and very sheer silk blue bikini briefs. "Excited?" Kid Karisma asks. "Very!" Billy replies a little nervously, coming face to face with BG East's three-peat Best Butt award winner and one of BG's most popular and biggest stars.

"The rules are you get to touch my body," Kid Karisma flexes his massively peaked biceps in Billy's face by way of invitation. Billy's eyes bug open wide. "Enjoy it," Kid K instructs, unnecessarily, as Billy eagerly palms the massive muscles, silently biting his lip and thanking the wrestling gods. "Just let me know if you have any questions," Kid Karisma offers, shifting his weight to one foot and flashing a sensational side chest pose.

Billy has wrestled some of the biggest studs and most popular muscle stars at BG East. So it says something to see him dumbstruck and drooling, just a bit, to get his hands on Kid Karisma's physique. He does fans proud, taking a long, very slow, very aroused journey exploring the hard earned gains of the ginger muscle star's body.

"Feel these powerful glutes," Kid K commands, directing Billy's hands up his flexed hamstrings to dig his fingertips into those award winning glutes. A most muscular pose inspires the awed lightweight to study every climactic pectoral peak and seductive crevice, his fingers slowly strumming southward down the sharply ridged foothills of Kid Karisma's diamond-cut abdominals. But when Billy's exploring fingers lustfully wrap around that tantalizing, pendulous package, the muscle star slaps his hands away.

Billy grins slyly. "But, it's a muscle isn't it?" And, of course, he has a point!

"That's out of bounds. You understand me, little boy?" Kid Karisma demanding complete attention. "You get to touch everything else, though, all right?"

As you, might imagine, however, self-restraint is not a prominent feature of Billy's fan fantasy. And who could blame him! Repeatedly, his hands stray to take full measure of the forbidden fruit. "Freaking kids don't ever listen nowadays!," Kid Karisma snarls, ever one with a quick quip, slapping him so hard that Billy flies across the room. "I said not to grab that, did I not!?" Billy smirks defiantly, "I don't remember."

Perhaps Billy should be forgiven for his memory lapse. Any true fan of Kid Karisma's body (of work) can sympathize with the temptation of measuring up every last muscle. But forgiveness is not on Kid K's mind, particularly after Billy latches hold with a breathtaking ball claw that brings the cocky muscle man to his knees.

The lightweight contest winner savors every second of this magnificently muscled god momentarily at his mercy, stroking his alabaster inner thighs, squeezing that world-class ass again and again. Bending the ginger beast backward in a dragon sleeper, Billy goes where no wrestler has gone before, digging his hand deep inside Kid Karisma's swelling pouch and sizing up the most tantalizing muscle of all.

Billy may end up regretting the liberties he takes with Kid Karisma's verboten ball and chain. The physique star pounds him into submission again and again, angrier and angrier. Bearhugs, a rack, a boston, Indian deathlocks, a face full of Kid K bulge and revenge ball claws make the boundary crosser wilt, but beating him into submission is no longer enough.

"How's it feel to be a winner?" Kid Karisma smirks ironically, staring down at his worshipper now squashed like a bug. "The muscle show is done, but I'm not quite done with you, little boy!," he warns, hoisting his wasted fan across one shoulder like a trophy to strip him naked and teach this naughty boy the private lessons he so richly deserves.

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