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  Lon Dumont vs. Nicholas Rush

Lon Dumont - 5'6, 145

Nicholas Rush puts Lon-freaking-Dumont on his knees in a test of strength shocker!

A widow's peak variation ought to teach this audacious challenger a thing or two

A kneeling surfboard puts the kebash on Nicholas' show of strength

Things aren't looking good for a singles career for Lon's new whipping-boy

Lon's roar of domination drowns out Rush's cries of agony in a neck-crunching full nelson

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Lon Dumont rubs some people the wrong way. We get it. Really, we do. Even Nicholas Rush, who paired with Lon in Tag Team Torture 15, can't get along with the guy. Nicholas did nothing but try to please Lon, putting up with the man's narcissistic mood swings, doing everything in his power to impress and please the prickly bad-ass. Recently, he purchased new ring attire, thinking Lon would be impressed. It's a satiny black entrance robe lined with what appears to be the hide of a purple bathroom rug. Ugly as fuck. It looks like the gear that trampoline wrestlers threw together for themselves in the 1990s.

But Lon can't just bite his tongue and tell the guy he looks fantastic in it, like a real partner would. Instead, he says stuff like "I hate to be the one to break this to you, but it ain't Halloween." Then he informs Nicholas he is "not up to snuff " as a tag-team partner, despite the duo's good showing against Jake Jenkins and Austin Cooper. Truth be told, Lon never did think Nicholas was good enough to be his wingman. Most guys would just stop returning phone calls, but leave it to Lon to to insist on proving his point by importuning The Boss for a special singles contest to beat the shit out of his soon-to-be ex-partner.

He pretends he's giving Nicholas one last chance to prove himself as a wrestler, but it's a breakup match, gangland execution style. Like most of Lon's matches it starts out with the pretense of being clean. The two clasp hands and butt chests in a grunting test of strength. Tall and lanky Nicholas packs more power than anybody expected, and Lon nearly hemorrhages trying to shove him back to the corner ropes. A second time. Similar results.

Then all of a sudden Nicholas is pressing Lon down to one knee. Lon resorts to yanking the guy down to the mat by his hair, a cheap trick that the talky heel shrugs off as strategic "thinking." But when Nicholas naively copycats Lon's strategy, all hell breaks loose.

A series of punches, clotheslines, and slams are designed to punish Nicholas for making Lon look bad ... on camera, no less. In his rage, Lon wants to eliminate the rookie not just as a tag partner but from BG East entirely. We see Lon at his villainous best here, truly savoring the small offensives that put Nicholas through hell, such as using his wristband to sandpaper his opponent's already bruised and battered ribs. Attention to detail has always been a Dumont hallmark and "Ol' Lonnie D" revels in dastardly detail here.

The thing is, as brutal as Lon is, Nicholas takes everything Lon dishes up and keeps coming back, seemingly stronger than before. Two-thirds of the way through the match, Nicholas turns it all around. He becomes the hunter and Lon the prey, trapping the bigmouth bad-boy against the turnbuckle and walloping him good and hard. It is an a-maz-ing turnaround, and of course nobody's more shocked - or more indignant - than our Lon Dumont.

But there are bonafide turnabouts, and then there are hope spots, soon squashed by a capable heel if luck is on his side. But is luck on Dumont's side? Or on young Nicholas Rush's side? Either way, the finisher, a face-to-face and chest-to-chest choke-out, will leave you with plenty to think about and contemplate after the match is over.

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Lon Dumont vs. Nicholas Rush
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Nicholas claws feebly at the shredded rock face of Lon's back as he fades in a kiss-of-death

Lon's shredded back flexes as he puts his would-be-protege's career to rest with a kiss-of-death

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