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  Chace LaChance vs. Jake Jenkins  

Chase LaChance: 5'9, 200

Chace flexes his massive body for his and Jake's (and our!) perusal

A kneeling surfboard has the big guy in a world of hurt

Little Jake is giving the big musclestud a run for his money as he tortures his back with a boston

Chace goes full heel as he tears at Jake's pec in an abdominal stretch

Chace flexes victoriously with a boot on the smaller stud's chest

Final Destination: The Muscle Beast Rises

Chace LaChance's journey to improve his body has reached its apex. The muscle beast is ready to be unleashed! Two hundred pounds of ripped muscle is just waiting for the right opponent to toss around the ring. And The Boss couldn't have chosen a better candidate: the stunningly breathtaking Jake Jenkins!

Jake Jenkins is easily one of the hottest babyfaces at BG East. His fantastic physical features are easily matched by his fantastic physical prowess in the ring. One of the most athletic wrestlers around, his technical skills are nearly unmatched. And he has a tremendous amount of experience taking on all types of opponents. All those assets, though, will be sorely put to the test as he takes on Chace LaChance at his physical peak.

In the ring waiting for Jake, Chace can't help but marvel at his his own size and perfection. When Jake arrives in the middle of his posing routine, Chace offers up a somewhat sarcastic hello. "What's up, little guy?" Jake gives Chace his due. "I've seen your stuff before and you look pretty strong." Engaging in a bit of a pose-off, the size difference is stark. And Chace isn't too far off the mark when he says he's about twice the size of Jake, who's giving up 50 pounds of muscle to Chace. Undaunted, Jake wants to put those muscles to the test. What better way than a little impromptu arm wrestling?

As they get ready to see whose arms pack the most power, Chace can't help but to get in one more barb. "You've done this before, right? Maybe in elementary school?" Clasping hands, the two struggle for the win, though it becomes apparent that while Jake certainly has a hell of a lot of strength, Chace may be playing with him just a little. Two rounds, two wins for Chace. Feeling generous, Chace decides to give Jake another chance, only this time he'll give Jake a free shot at a submission. Laying on the mat, Chace gives the go-ahead. Jenkins isn't going to let this opportunity slide by, going for a quick pin instead. Before he can even get to two, Chace simply presses him off his body and chucks him off.

Reminding Jake that he was given a free shot at a submission, not a pin, Chace gives him one more freebie. Throwing all his muscle at Chace, Jake locks on a full nelson. That may have worked on Chace a few years ago, but this muscle beast can't be nelsoned by someone as small as Jake. With relative ease, he powers out, but Chace is having fun with this, so he gives Jake another shot at the nelson, to the same effect. Laughing at his own strength, Chace gets down on the mat to give Jake a free shot at a boston crab. Jake throws his whole weight into the crab, but Chace's explosive leg power simply flings Jake across the ring! Unphased by anything Jake's thrown his way, Chace gives one more freebie. Jake decides to use his phenomenal technical mat skills to their fullest, getting Chace into a crotch-splitting spladle that does the unthinkable: it makes Chace submit!

Of course, now Chace is furious. All those freebies were supposed to be a joke, and now "little" Jake Jenkins thinks he can make the Big Man give? Jake has now unwittingly unleashed a monster, as Chace grabs him by the throat and chucks him into the ring corner. A flurry of body slams follow, as he lifts Jake's weight with ease. His own full nelsons shake Jake like a ragdoll. Jake never gives up, but he is simply out-powered by Chace, who does everything from squats with Jake across his shoulders to simply powerbombing his opponent when he tries to lock-on a triangle choke. This is a Chace LaChance that viewers have never seen before!

Chace LaChance. Jake Jenkins. If you're an ardent BG East fan, you already know that putting those two together guarantees a truly memorable display of pain, punishment, and athleticism between two of the most stunningly gorgeous hunks in a match that knows no limits! And if you aren't already an ardent BG East fan, this match will surely make you one. The perfect culmination of this Spotlight, viewers will marvel at Chace's strength and power!

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Chace LaChance vs. Jake Jenkins
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Jake yanked off his feet in a neck-crunching full nelson

Jake gets his licks in as he grounds and works the massively muscled stud with a headscissors

Chace grabs Chace by the throat and throws him back into the buckles

Holding the ropes, Chace digs his boot into cornered Jake's abs

Jake arches high with a backbending reverse chinlock on the big guy

Sitting on his lower back, Chace works a grounded, backbending full nelson

Jake Jenkins: 5'7, 150

David vs Goliath: Jake vs Chace in a pre-match armwrestling contest

Chace flexes his enormous biceps in a bid to escape the tight full nelson

Chace has probably squatted much more than Jake's 150 lbs before...

Chace tries to battle free of an armbar and lifts Jake up off of the mat into the air

LaChance flexes his ridiculously perfect, shredded body over his smaller trounced foe in a schoolboy

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