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  Biff Farrell vs. Kelly King

Biff Farrell: 5'7, 187

Holy pec-striations, Batman! King wrecks the beefcake's shoulder, kneeling on the prettyboy's skull

The maniacal monarchist plants the patriot into the mat with a ringshaking rock-bottom

The bulging babyface's back bends beautifully in a brutal boston crab

A red-faced Biff gags and gasps as his back bends in the flexing rear-chinlock, camel clutch combo

The big, bad, brutal King flexes victoriously as he grinds the patriot under his heel

The Patriot vs King the Monarchist: Who's the Man?

It was just over one year ago that BG East fans were first introduced to Biff Farrell. The epitome of the buff, blond, blue-eyed beefcake, Biff was an instant hit with discerning fans. Much more than just a pretty face, he has been training his magnificent muscles and binge-watching pro wrestling for years in passionate pursuit of his fondest desire, to have a pro wrestling championship belt wrapped around his ripped waist.

Unfortunately for the beautiful babyface, Biff's dreams of pro wrestling glory have repeatedly come crashing headlong into the realities of BG East competition. His All-American good looks and sensational bubble butt have attracted the attention of some of the harshest heels in our stable. Between the wrestlers eagerly lining up to take a bite out of this beefsteak and fans clamoring for more of his babyface dream quest, it didn't take long for this rookie to graduate into his very own wrestler spotlight.

Kelly King has been intent on chewing his way right through big, brawny pretty boys like Biff from the moment he arrived. The indy pro sensation and self-annointed King of BG East, Kelly was briefly sidelined from competition with a knee injury. Now back with more muscle than ever and doctor's orders to wear a protective brace on his right knee, Kelly is ready to resume his royal conquest of the ranks of pretty boys.

"I thought we were going to have a match today, but by the look of it, your knee is kind of bothering you," Biff observes when he climbs in the ring wearing his signature starred and striped trunks. "It's all right," Kelly assures him, his own hot ass squeezed into royal purple trunks, "but I like the respect," he acknowledges, exchanging a sportsmanly handshake before the action takes off.

That handshake is the last act of sportsmanship Biff gets from the hot heel, as Kelly manhandles the blond bombshell early and often. With years more ring experience and a total disregard for fair play, Kelly sets out not just to beat him, but to shatter him. Big, pounding body slams make the ring hop as Biff is drilled into the mat. Headlocks and hammerlocks wrench and pry the blond beauty apart relentlessly, but Kelly can't manage to squeeze out the satisfaction of that first fall submission. His right knee sure seems to be holding up well, though!

A brutal knee brace to the face nearly unscrews Biff's head from his thickly muscled neck. All that plastic and metal wrapped around Kelly's right leg makes so much sense once the frustrated heel uses it as a battering ram, rakes his handsome opponent's eyes across it, and crushes Biff's throat to the mat with it. "Why!? Why the knee brace?," Biff chokes and wails, acknowledging the obvious truth that Kelly's knee is fully recovered. The snickering heel abruptly plunges his augmented knee deep into Biff's battered core, making the buff All-American weep and curl into the fetal position. "That's why!"

Biff's naivete and Kelly's knee brace dig the titular hero a deep hole, but if anyone has the tools to muscle his way back into contention, it's big Biff. In the battle of the patriot rebel and the maniacal monarchist, all bets are off until one hot muscle hunk uses a crippling cross face to wrench free the humiliated, screaming submission, "You're the man!" The ultimate winner flexes for the camera in victory, but just when you're wiping the sweat from your brow, he turns back to the wasted hunk at his feet and says, "Oh, no, you ain't done yet, punk!" Brawn, beauty, brains and one conspicuous foreign object make this a classic pro wrestling crowd pleaser!

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King salivates in his subject's suffering with a hairpull

The monarchist roars in triumph as the patriot's writhing form is laid to rest

King's armdrag takedown hurls his smaller opponent all the way across the ring

The grinning face of a heel in heaven as he drives the beautiful baby-face-first into the turnbuckle

"WHO'S THE MAN?" King demands with a neck-breaking crossface

Knocked out! A big right hook rocks Biff's world

Kelly King: 5'10, 200

A seriously-shredded Kelly King tears into the blond babyface's obliques

The battered beefcake writhes helplessly as King stomps the ever-living shit out of him

The stars creep up the crack of the bodacious bubblebutt of a bearhugged Biff

Biff battles back into contention with a big neckbreaker

And here: the heel displays proper form in a neckbreaking chindrop of his own

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