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  Biff Farrell vs. Guido Genatto

Biff Farrell: 5'7, 180

Big Biff's body yanked up in the air in an inverted reverse bearhug before being brought down hard

Guido lays a merciless right to the skull of a kneeling, outmatched Biff

Guido sinks his claws deep into the muscled tissue of Biff's sixpack

Biff tries to cover up on the mat as another big boot rains down on his broad back

A neck-crunching leg nelson has Biff screaming as his muscled bod is racked by pain

Babyface Hero Checks-In at the Heel Hut

Sooner or later, Biff Farrell's road to a championship wrestling belt has to go through the biggest, baddest heels in the business. That day came sooner rather than later when the popular babyface beefcake agreed to climb into the ring with the most devastating heel currently in competition, the "Dirty Daddy" himself, Guido Genatto!

Guido has left a trail of broken and battered bodies in his wake since first arriving at BG East. It isn't just his massive muscles and years of indy pro wrestling experience that made fans vote him Top Heel of 2015. Guido is slightly unhinged. You never know how he'll punish you next or what's about to come of his mouth. He doesn't just destroy bodies... he consumes his opponent's very will to fight. He taunts and torments and drives one hunk after another into total despair. And he absolutely feeds off of precisely the type of raw ambition and earnestness of a doe-eyed dreamer like Biff.

Far too few opponents have seen in Biff what fans see: a sensationally well-built muscleman. It seems surprising that the first to give big Biff his due is Guido. "That's pretty impressive," the notorious heel concedes uncharacteristically when he arrives ringside to find Biff posing in his signature stars and stripes. "I've got to say, you look pretty good, man." While "good" is an understatement, big Biff seems pleased to finally get credit for the magnificent physique he has been carving out of sheer determination and hard work.

Guido's shocking boot to the gut, however, signals an end to this meeting of the Biff Farrell Muscle Admiration Society. "I don't think we've been properly introduced," Guido snarls, cinching in a tight figure-4 headscissors that instantly turn the blond boy's face beet red. "I am the Dirty Daddy, and you're in my heel hut!"

Perhaps Guido's respect for Biff's buff body is sincere, however it does nothing but incite one of the most brutal muscle beatings of Guido's career (which is saying a lot!). With scoop slams and camel clutches, the hairy heel daddy controls his beefy babyface opponent like a rag doll. "Why don't you muscle out of that one, hunk, huh?" Guido laughs in his face. Battered in the ropes, pounded into a spectacular over-the-knee backbreaker, Biff goes through the paces of every pro wrestling punishment, legal and otherwise, known to a seasoned heel like Guido. Knowing how enamored Biff is of his own stunning reflection, Guido parades him helpless in front of the mirror, forcing the ambitious young hunk to watch his own destruction. He makes Biff wail in a stunning full nelson, bending the handsome hunk forward and straddling his muscled back. "Yeah, I'm mounting you, just like you deserve!" Guido gloats, winking at his reflection in the mirror.

Things go from bad, to worse, to abject terror for beautiful Biff and his dreams of pro wrestling glory. Battered from corner to corner, literally chewed up and spit out, the fan favorite blond babyface hero suffers like never before in his young life. All that mouthwatering muscle amounts to nothing when he's weeping, crawling, ass cheeks exposed in a humiliating wedgie, as he desperately tries to flee the scene of the crime, but sent screaming all over again as Guido drags him back for more. Whether beautiful, buff, blue-eyed beefcake Biff Farrell dares dream of ever entering the pro wrestling ring again has yet to be seen, but if he survives this, he can survive anything!

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Guido lays big fists into the skull of a cornered Biff

A torturous, back-bending chinlock saps the will to fight from the babyface

Guido parades his victim's body around the ring in a torture rack

A figure four headscissors may spell the end of Biff's aspirations

Biff helplessly reaches for the ropes in a high-arching STF

The big, buff beefcake's built body beautifully broken

Guido Genatto - 5'10, 235 lbs

The Dirty Daddy rains a big elbow into the bent back of the dopey, dazed babyface

Guido whips the babyfaced beefcake to the mat by his head

The Dirty Daddy goes airborne for a big, punishing knee on the flattened muscleboy

Genatto drives Farrell's pretty face into a big, ugly knee

Guido's massive arms swallow Biff's red-face as he bears down in a rear-naked choke

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