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  Bobby Horton vs. Austin Cooper

Bobby Horton: 6'2, 225

Austin cries out as he's bent back in an arching surfboard

Austin's legs begin to buckle, but will Bobby's surfboard wear him down and out?

Bobby attempts to take Austin apart bit by bit in this single-leg boston

Austin stretched out and struggling near the corner with a crucifix hold

Will this bow-and-arrow variation prove too much for Austin's conditioned body to handle?

"This will probably be the last match you ever have!"

Few wrestlers have such a loyal fan following as Austin Cooper. He is one of our most crowd-pleasing, prolific, and provocative wrestlers. Austin is perpetually in phenomenal shape, built for equal parts strength and aesthetics. Though he's one of the prettiest slices of beefcake you'll ever see, he's far from just a pretty face. He arrived with years of amateur wrestling experience, and has grown into one of our most storied pro wrestlers, with a resume several inches thick demonstrating mastery of both the mat and the ring. It should surprise no one that Austin has earned the distinction of being the first wrestler to be featured in his third Wrestler Spotlight collection.

As constant as is Austin's phenomenal fitness, his focus and execution have been far from constant. Honestly, even we don't know which version of Austin will show up from match to match. Sometimes, he arrives all dazzlingly pretty and somehow irresistibly vulnerable, inspiring opponents to bulldoze the golden boy like a stunningly hot chump. At other times, Austin is unstoppable, emerging as one of the most dominant and devastatingly heartless heels in competition. In all of his matches, fans know to expect someone to get hurt bad. Whether Austin is the one dishing it out, or whether he's the one taking it, his matches are some of the most exciting and arousing you'll find anywhere.

Bobby Horton is, in many ways, the anti-Austin Cooper. Since he first arrived at BG East, the seasoned pro wrestler has undergone a dramatic physical transformation from long haired muscle twink to big, burly beefsteak. One thing that hasn't changed about Bobby, though, is his attitude. With a few screws loose and a sadistic delight for inflicting pain, he always brings a relentless intensity and relish for pushing the bounds of common decency.

Is it Dr. Cooper, heel extraordinaire, or is it the vulnerable golden boy who squares off against Bobby in the ring? The contest hinges on Austin's speed and technical skill battling the blunt force trauma of bellied bad boy Bobby. One stunned stud finds his lower back the target of repeated assaults. Over-the-knee backbreakers, Boston crabs, and spine-jarring body slams pound his lower lumbar to mush. Trapped in the ropes, mugged from corner to corner, just one of these ambitious powerhouses reluctantly spits out a total of 8 ever-more-desperate screaming submissions.

But sobbing submissions fail to sate the dominant heel. There's something else, something that his whimpering opponent holds just out of reach no matter how vicious the corporal punishment gets. Spread-eagled in the ropes and then hanging helpless in a crucifix hold, the classic heel clinic careens forward until the battered loser finally gives up the one thing his new heel master demands. "Just. Shut. Up!," the raging victor snarls as he puts his once cocky opponent out cold in a sweaty sleeper. This is classic Austin Cooper, which means only one of two things. The only question is which Austin shows up to take on big Bobby Horton.

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Muscled Cooper carried over hard to the mat with a bodyslam

Austin tries to hold out against an overwhelming camel clutch

Big bruiser Bobby rides Austin's back in a camel clutch

Burly bulk breaks chiselled muscle in a back-breaking bow-and-arrow

The big schoolyard bully goes airborne with a flying elbow drop to the muscled jock's back

Austin's back bends painfully in a brutal over-the-knee backbreaker

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 165

Bobby lifts Austin up and over for a ring-shaking bodyslam

Austin wears down the big bulldozer with a reverse bearhug

Bobby continues to work on the chiselled muscled boy's back, this time with a full boston crab

Austin's sculpted body on full display as he fights Bobby's crab attempt

Will Bobby be able to bring this buff bodybuilder breakdown to a close with a rear-naked choke?

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