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  Ronnie Pearl vs. Austin Cooper

Ronnie Pearl: 5'8, 180

Pearl works his thick forearms into the prettyboy's visage

Pearl takes flight, raining big boot stomps on the handsome jock stud

Pearl puts the boots to pretty boy Coop's lean, ripped body

Pro-boy Pearl wrecks Coop's neck over the point of his knee

Austin has been pushed to extremes and snaps, battling back with a backbreaking boston

A Bad Break

Austin Cooper has just two gears. Babyface jobber, or diabolical heel. When he's out for blood, as vicious as a viper, with his conscience switch turned off, he simply can't be beat. However, when the other Austin shows his pretty little face in the ring, all of his dazzling, hot muscles and golden boy good looks serve no other purpose but to bring out the worst in his opponents. We aren't sure if he has a diagnosable split personality, but fans don't seem to mind one bit. Two Austins for the price of one is a steal.

Speaking of diagnosable, we were truly shocked to hear back from Ronny Pearl after his absolute massacre in his one and only BG East match to date. He has all the right equipment for pro wrestling success. He was the star pupil at a regional professional wrestling school a couple of years back. Like Austin, Ronny is magnificently muscled and as handsome as a male model. And like Austin, Ronny has all of the potential to be a major player in ring competition, if only he can avoid getting downshifted into the beautiful muscle jobber babyface his last opponent turned him into.

In fact, there are a lot of similarities in a side-by-side comparison of Ronny and Austin. As they approach the ring from opposite entrances, they appear remarkably evenly matched in size and muscle mass. Austin in red and white trunks and red boots is buff and beautiful as always. Ronny's long, curly locks fly free, his tanned, muscled body looking magnificent in painted on green pro trunks and black boots. When the bell rings, they warily circle one another, testing strength and balance, looking like yin to each other's yangs.

This match is pure pro wrestling at its very best. The egos are bulging as beautifully as their bodies. The wrestling is rapid fire and precise, featuring the skills of two young, tenacious, ambitious muscle hunks with the power and the drive to dominate. Few are faster than Austin, but Ronny jumps out to an early lead with a lightning quick duck-behind and gut wrench to pound the headliner to the mat. "What did you think of that?" Ronny asks, his confidence swelling with his early advantage. When Ronny attempts to pound Austin's delicate features into the turnbuckle, Austin muscle blocks him and reverses, bashing the wild haired pro face first instead. Just when one stud gets some momentum, the other battles right back to a zero sum gain. The personalities and momentum are shifting as quickly as the moves.

For two such beautiful, elite athletes, Austin and Ronny delve into dangerously dark corners. Ronny stomps viciously on Austin's face and literally stands on his throat. Determined to rip the pretty off with his bare hands, Ronny pries Austin's head backward with his fingers hooked into his nostrils. For his part, Austin savagely drags his opponent around the ring by handfuls of Ronny's curly locks, not all of which are still attached to his scalp by the time this match is over with. An open assault from multiple angles on one hot hunk's left leg starts to put him in serious jeopardy. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, that leg is targeted for 10 minutes with stomps and ankle locks, knee drops and punches. With a wounded knee and an ego that refuses to concede defeat, one wrestler literally won't be able to walk out of the ring once he's screamed a sobbing, humiliating final submission to a crippling figure-4 leglock.

If you think you've seen everything there is to see in BG East's resident golden boy bad ass, buckle up. When it comes to Austin Cooper, you haven't seen anything yet!

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Ronnie Pearl vs. Austin Cooper
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Austin rolls Pearl up tight in a spladle pin

Pearl locked and loaded, exposing and exploding on Austin's trapped knee

Ronnie continues to work over his prettyboy opponent's leg with a butt-bomp drop on his injured knee

Ronnie appeals to Austin's softer side as his leg is wrenched and warped in the ring ropes

Austin's dark side scissor-squeezes Ronnie and rolls him on his shoulders for a pin

A twisting, torturous leglock tests Austin's endurance

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 180

Coop surges forward as he tries to battle free of the reverse bearhug

Fitness model Austin shaken like a ragdoll by the punishing pro stud in a reverse bearhug

Pearl reaches for a handful of Coop's hair as he works over his back

Golden boy Cooper attempts a pinfall as he rolls Pearl up on his shoulders

Now heeling Pearl delights in working over Austin's damaged knee

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