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  Austin Cooper vs. Jake Ryder

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 180

Ryder ties up the muscled jock tight with a jap-strangle, bodyscissors combo

Jake arched and screaming in the vicious camel clutch from Coop

Austin flexes big and leans back riding Ryder's back in a boston crab

A rib-cracking reverse bearhug coaxes cries of pain from Ryder

Ryder breaks Cooper down hard with a scorpion backbreaker

"I Hate You!"

It's testimony to how successfully Austin Cooper has established himself as a pro, that some have forgotten his history as a competitive high school wrestler. Perhaps Jake Ryder can be forgiven for thinking that Austin might be a pushover on the mats. Very few wrestlers can successfully cross train for the very different demands of ring and mat wrestling. Considering Austin's recent rise as a devastating ring heel, it is little wonder Jake preferred to face him in the relatively controlled setting of the BG East mat room.

"You know I'm pretty good at this stuff," Austin boasts as he arrives, muscles bulging out of his tight blue singlet. "But, I thought your stuff was more in the ring, man," Jake says, suddenly looking about as uncomfortable as Austin looks confident stretching. "Do you want to forfeit already, or do you want to actually go through with this?," Austin asks, intimidating the competition further with classic heel cockiness.

"This is amateur wrestling, so I play by the rules," Austin explains when Jake confirms he's still game to wrestle. The opening tussle is straight-up scientific wrestling. Austin grabs a single leg that takes Jake to the mat. Jake scrambles defensively, and both muscled athletes vie for leverage, battle for balance, and fight for the inches that would add up to points in amateur wrestling. But Austin is just too big, too powerful, and too quick. He "scores" exposure points, coming dangerously close to putting Jake's back to the mat. "You're going to get a stalling call," Austin chuckles when his overwhelmed opponent seems unable to hold onto anything but a stalemate.

"Fuck your rules, man!," Jake snarls furiously, suddenly snapping his ankles together and bearing down on spleen-kneading body scissors. "What is this?!" Austin demands, "This isn't amateur style!" With no referee to assign penalty points, Jake latches on a rear naked choke that squeezes a shocked submission from the cocky muscle hunk just in time to avoid being knocked out cold!

There's a definite BG East flavor to the mat wrestling showdown that unfolds once Jake and Austin reach their consensus to ignore any rules. Kicks and punches punctuate the sweaty scramble for no holds barred domination. Jake may have really bitten off more than he can chew now, inviting the darker side of Austin Cooper to come out and play. Austin sucker punches him hard and rolls the rule breaker into a lush Boston crab. The goldenboy's beautiful butt sits low and hard on Jake's lower back until he reluctantly gasps out an equalizer submission.

It's a feeding frenzy once egos are bruised and rules mean nothing. Both ripped hunks lose their singlets and wrestle on in bulging briefs. Camel clutches and face-to-crotch headscissors take this match into that sensationally sexy hybrid pro mat style as they trade furious submissions back and forth. A long, writhing spladle rips one stud open wide, his balls sweating through his trunks as he holds out, futilely, against submitting yet again. Classic amateur pins sprinkled among bearhugs and Boston crabs keep both muscled, sweaty competitors guessing until suddenly, shockingly, one handsome hunk finds himself squeezed in an inescapable chokehold.

"I.... I hate you," the trapped loser coughs with his last breath before going limp and utterly defeated. A barnburner like this will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very last moment. Brutal, bad ass, and perfectly pitched to bring out the very best of what fans love most about Austin Cooper.

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Headscissors! Austin's tree-trunk quads mercilessly crush Ryder's skull

"You ready? Here it comes!!" Ryder taunts his trapped victim

Jake tries the fabled kiss-of-death sleeper on the muscled prettyboy

Austin's tight figure-four saps the fight from the lean challenger

Austin takes Ryder down hard on the mats and rolls him up on his shoulders for a pin

Ryder arched high over Austin's knee in a suspended backbreaker variation

Jake Ryder: 6'0, 175

Austin tightly trapped in Ryder's armbar bodyscissors combination

Austin uses his big bicep in a grinding side headlock that also shows Jake his pecs

Austin's powerful scissors work Ryder over on the mats

Austin brings his bulk to bear, crushing the leaner fighter in a bearhug

A wide-splitting spladle wrecks Ryder's groin

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