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  Brute Baynard vs. Guido Genatto vs. Jonny Firestorm

Brute Baynard: 6'1, 250

Guido Gennato: 5'10, 225

The dirty daddy and big brute claw mercilessly at Jonny's traps

The Passion of Jonny: arms and pecs spread and ripped wide by the heel duo

Jonny grounded and contorted in a scorpion/facelock combination

How much more can Jonny take? The two fellow heels crush him in a tandem bearhug

Heel On Heel On Heel: Balls to the Wall

"You guys ready for this 3-way?" Jonny Firestorm asks Brute Baynard and Guido Genatto. "Because I'm going to kick both your asses!" As the smallest man in the ring, by far, Jonny's bold prediction may seem brash. Brute and Guido combined weigh about 3 times what Jonny does soaking wet. But Jonny hasn't been regularly ranked as one of the top heels at BG East for a decade by playing it coy. He's forgotten more wrestling holds and low down dirty tricks than most wrestlers will ever learn. Underestimating Jonny is a one-way ticket to an ass-kicking if there ever was one.

"Do you even know who I am!?," shouts Guido Genatto right back at Jonny. "Because you should know that talking to me in that tone of voice is unacceptable!" Voted the 2015 Top Heel by BG East fans, Guido has certainly earned the respect he demands. To say that he's undefeated would be putting too fine a point on it. Guido has decimated the competition. He destroys his opponents with such complete disregard for life, limb, or human decency, that he has dubbed the BG East ring his own personal "Heel Hut." The thrill he feels at making another man submit, weep, and scream in terror borders on being emotionally unhinged. Guido is one of the biggest and arguably the baddest heel to terrorize the roster. Ever.

"And do you know who I am!?" Brute Baynard gets up in Jonny's face angrily. If there's a massive muscle heel with as much size, pro wrestling experience, and raw sadism as Guido, it's Brute. He's newer on the scene than Guido and Jonny, but what fans have seen of him has been absolute destruction again and again over his opponents. And if anything, Brute comes to this free for all three-way with the advantage of the most experience against multiple opponents at the same time.

Three seasoned indy pro heels facing off against one another would be tough enough. But when Guido and Brute shake hands and agree to put little Jonny in his place, the odds just went from bad to abysmal for the Boss' long-time pet pitbull. With nerves of steel, Jonny attacks first, wrenching Guido's wrist behind his back in a hammerlock and cranking on it with every ounce of strength he's got. Guido just rolls his eyes, reverses, and nearly rips Jonny's arm off at the shoulder. "That's a hammerlock, asshole!"

The massive muscle daddies work up a crushing head of steam, determined to burn Jonny to the ground and piss on his ashes. They take turns tossing him from corner to corner, setting one another up for shoulder blocks, stomps, punches, and every other form of blunt force trauma delivered to Jonny's gut and groin. Jonny shocks the terrible twosome with his speed and resilience, including a soaring flying drop kick delivered simultaneously to both of their faces, leveling the playing field by putting both giants flat on their backs.

But the tide and time wait for no man, and Jonny is beaten senseless, unconscious on his feet, and still getting tossed back and forth like a rag doll in brutal back and forth bearhugs. What promised to be a three-way heel-off looks like the most lopsided 2-on-1 massacre on record. Until one massive ego just can't bring himself to share the spotlight. The high impact mayhem that follows is packed with hardcore brutality fueled by bitter betrayal and a fundamental inability to share their toys. Balls are kicked and busted. Alliances are renegotiated. Enemies turn to friends and back again. And just when you think the baddest two heels on the roster have patched up their differences and won some well-earned respect for each other, one last betrayal leaves two hard bodies and at least one undefeated record shattered, shockingly defeated, and out cold in the middle of the ring. Smart money isn't betting on this match, because with these three devastating heels in the ring, anything can, and does, happen.

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3-Way Thrash 4 Arena Galleries

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Alliances are fickle: Jonny works an ankle lock as Guido sinks in a camel clutch, rear chinlock

Jonny works giant Guido over in an octopus lock

Jonny suffers as he's attacked from both ends with a chinlock, toehold combo

Guido mercilessly strangles the ever living shit out of Brute

A 3-way Heelbash isn't complete without a daisychain of headscissors

Insult to injury: Brute's boots dig into a full-nelson trapped Jonny's face and battered bulge

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 170

Guido muscles Jonny over in a vicious wristlock

Brute talks smack to Jonny as Guido spreads his legs for crotch abuse

The heels force their compatriot into an arch as they double boot-choke him over the ropes

Jonny brought low, forced to worship the big bruisers' quads as they crush his skull

Jonny tries to lift big Brute for a chokeslam

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