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  Damien Rush vs. Ty Alexander & Drake Marcos  

Ty Alexander: 5'9, 160

Drake Marcos: 5'10, 170

Hairy He-Man Damien works Drake in a boston, over his wasted would-be ally!

Damien poses victoriously over the two busted jobbers

Ty goes airborne in a chokeslam from hell

Damien drags Drake up by his hair to suffer the same fate as his fellow jobber

The Best Muscle Money Can Buy

The relationship between Drake Marcos and Ty Alexander is complex, shaded with stark ambivalence and nuanced psychodrama. The persistent sexual tension between the two is palpable. By the end of their Babyface Brawl grudge match, both hot twinks were swimming in sweat soaked bed sheets and coated in love juice. But the raw lust they inspire in one another is merely the occasional climax to a simmering, bitter rivalry. Like squabbling siblings, they fight over anything and everything. Wrestling prowess, fans, stolen gear. The content of their antipathy is incidental. The lust/hate relationship just keeps driving them back together, crashing into one another, pounding and punishing one another until the simmer rises to a boil once again and all that sexual tension is released.

The promise of burying the hatchet in each other's backsides has compelled them back into the ring. The challenge was spontaneous, the impromptu match arising from yet another petty argument about whose ass is finest. And just like that, they stripped down and climbed into the ring to ride their perpetual rage to another explosive finish.

But they didn't check the schedule. Right in the middle of beating the living shit out of each other, as we join the action, their passion play is interrupted when Damien Rush arrives. "What are you doing in this ring!?" Damien shouts angrily. "I rented this ring!"

There's nothing nuanced or subtle about Damien. Daddy's little rich boy has built his fantasy physique into what he proudly refers to as "the best muscle money can buy." He rented the facilities for a private posing session, because nothing gets Damien off like watching himself flex his country club gym bunny muscles in the wrestling ring. There's just no arguing with him when he points out that he is "the new and improved Damien Rush. Better, bigger, stronger, more animal than man." His huge, hairy pecs and the leopard print trunks are striking in contrast to the smooth, lean babyface battlers he has found poaching his ring time.

"Get the fuck out of our ring," sexually frustrated Ty snaps angrily. Damien suddenly grabs the back of Ty's head and jumps off the ring apron, violently choking the Trophy Boy across the top rope. "I paid for this ring!" Damien spits as he ominously climbs through the ropes, "and I'm going to take what I paid for!"

Damien's private pro wrestling coach appears to be worth his salary, judging by the masterful pacing with which Mr. Rush's muscle boy breaks each opponent down in turn. Scoop slams and bearhugs kick Ty to the sideline long enough for Damien to drag Drake up by his hair and dole out the same bitter medicine. Once Damien catches a glimpse of himself crushing two opponents at once in the mirror, he really starts showing off, hoisting both men off the mat in one, gargantuan, rib crushing two-for-one bearhug.

And there's just no arguing with Damien when it comes to how magnificent he looks when his huge, hairy muscles start to glisten with sweat. Body slamming one babyface on top of the other, Damien is determined to make daddy proud using each outmuscled opponent against the other. Hanging Drake in a tree of woe, the blue blood beast pries Ty's legs apart and racks the Trophy Boy's balls into Drake's face. Moments later, with daisy chain headscissors, Damien milks agony out of Drake while mindfucking him into crushing his only possible ally's skull in a face-to-crotch vice. Damien's increasingly innovative maneuvers, tearing apart two opponents at once, are raw and inspired. The only question to ask is whether Drake and Ty will be able to channel their own bitter, erotic rivalry into a workable alliance to be able to turn the tide, or at least stay the storm, or at a barest minimum, survive the onslaught of truly the best muscle money can buy, Damien Rush.

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Damien Rush vs. Ty Alexander & Drake Marcos
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Ty dangles helplessly in a tree of woe as his bulge is battered by Drake's face, courtesy of Damien

The jobbers forced to tap out in the tandem single-leg boston

Damien uses his barefoot choke on Drake to further punish Ty in the corner

Damien forces Drake to crush his reluctant ally in a headscissors as he works one of his own

Piled like kindling, the ill-fated babyfaces get a double dose of crotch-to-face pins

Fire sale on jobbers: stacked atop each other face to crotch after a merciless beating

Damian Rush: 5'11, 210

Drake vs Ty 2.0: The rivalry continues as Drake works his foe's skull in a tight headscissors

Damien's hairy muscled crab flex using the babyface's skulls in a double headlock

Hoisted up in a back-to-back double bearhug: Damien brings the pain

The crushed jobbers cower and tremble before the terrible might of musclegod Damien

Damien wedges Drake and Ty's faces into his thick bulge with a double headscissors

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