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  Flash LaCash vs. Kip Sorell

Flash LaCash: 5'11, 200

Flash busts the prettyboy's ribs across his knee

Kip's sinewy body bends back in a spine-wrecking chinlock

Flash's big arms crush Kip's muscled back in a rib crushing bearhug

Flash claws and digs deep into his opponent's marbled abs

Flash looms powerfully as he grinds his heel deeper into the prettyboy's pretty abs

Prove You're Not a Punching Bag!

Best Squash 2016
Kip looks no worse for wear after being put through the wringer by BG East's top-notch low-blow heels over the past three years or so. The guy "takes a licking and keeps on ticking," to borrow a phrase from advertising. Kid K, Jake, Guido, Jonny, and more have taken a turn at cleaning this young stud's clock, and now it's Flash's turn to try to wipe all the pretty off this BGE fan favorite. According to Flash, this is Kip's opportunity to "prove you're not a punching bag," but the leering look on his face would suggest he doesn't really believe it. He's all but licking his lips as he scans his opponent's body for weak spots. Conversely, Kip's face is not so much hopeful as resigned to fate. Maybe he's heard somebody mention that this is a Demolition match, and the chances of Sorell demolishing LaCash are sadly slim to none.

Flash leads with a classic kick to the midsection, folding young Kip like a lawn chair and then chopping the back of his head with his forearm. Flattened to the mat, Kip gets a good long whiff of Flash's black boot as it grinds down his Adam's apple. If not absolutely bored, LaCash looks mildly distracted as he applies a combination camel clutch and chicken-wing. He could just as easily be snapping green beans on Granny's front porch; he has raked so many hot wannabes over the coals, he could do this in his sleep now. Stomach claws, stomps, Flash is "just getting warmed up." He pulls Kip to his feet to bash the jobber's forehead to the turnbuckle. Then he rams his shoulder between the guy's shoulder blades three or four times, then drives the sole of his boot to the small of Sorell's back and holds it there for as long as he damn well pleases.

Malevolent attention to Kip's vertebrae is a recurring theme in this match. Picasso had his Blue Period. LaCash is entering his Spine Period. It's hard to say whether Flash thinks Kip should add or lose an inch in height as he takes purely medieval delight in Sorell's moans. Back work gives way to brief detours to the body's extremities, as when the heel gives Kip's fingers a detailed wrenching. Then LaCash takes another crack (literally "a crack") at the already throbbing backbone. When the victim fights back, or tries to fight back, Flash's toothy smile threatens to take over his face. He likes it when Kip's "feisty," when in the midst of agony, the curly-haired Adonis dares to hope he can turn all this around. For LaCash, it's just one more pipe dream he can smash to bits.

Flash works up a good sweat playing amateur chiropractic with Kip, who miraculously remains dry as talcum for the full match, perhaps because he never gets a chance to move a muscle on his own, perhaps because he's too damned scared to perspire. Flash, by contrast, is shiny as a Christmas-tree ornament. His eyes have that wild glaze we associate with his relish for Demolitions, and by the match's end, he has all but exhausted himself squeezing the last gram of shit out of hapless Sorell. In the final climactic bearhug-to-end-all bearhugs, he demands that Kip repeat, "You're the best!" and delivers a bearhug piledriver combination that knocks the pretty boy out. BG East to all its many fans: "You're welcome!"

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Flash LaCash vs. Kip Sorell
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Kip dragged throat first across the ropes by big, bully Flash

The punishment corner: Flash digs his knee deep in Kip's weakening lower back

A big boot to the throat bends Kip back over the top turnbuckle

Flash focuses on the lower back once mroe as he drives his elbow deep

Downward dog into a skull crushing faceplant

Flash works and wrecks Kip's fingers in a half leg nelson

Kip Sorell: 5'8, 165

A punishing, neck crunching camel variation has Kip groaning in pain

LaCash drives a big, brutal knee into the side of the prettyboy's skull

Flash grins wide as he gleefully works a camel variation on the ropes

Flash carts his smaller opponent about the ring in a fireman's carry

A debilitating ab claw causes Kip to thrash helplessly on the mat

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