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  Kayden Keller vs. Dylon Roberts

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175

Dylon's dangerous quads turn Kayden red in a deadly headscissors

Dylon works the babyheel with an inventive, though punishing, leglock

Begging off: Dylon realizes how precarious his position is, as Kayden telegraphs a stomp

Crazy eyes: Dylon revels in the punishment he's wreaking on the taller American

Kayden battles back into dominance with a shiny crotch to face headscissors

Kayden's Origin Story

Brace yourself for surprises in this match. For one thing, even though it's catalogued in the Demolition series, this 28-minute fight boasts some spellbinding give and take. Both Kayden and Dylon are now familiar faces to BG East fans (if "faces" is the right word in this context). Kayden is prominent among the "new school" of wrestlers, noted for infusing traditional wrestling holds with unabashed erotic overtones. This is the six-foot-two wrestler's eighth video release, and with each new appearance he has improved on the last and accrued a new wave of diehard fans. But this match presents an early version of Keller, before he was well acquainted with the sweat and grit of BG East style. This is Dylon's fifth outing at BG East, having previously faced established pro stars like Lane Hartley and Jonny Firestorm. (The Firestorm-Roberts facedown is already regarded as a classic!) Dylon's training and experience in pro wrestling give him the advantage in this match, though his win count has been, so far, somewhat spotty.

Rumor has it that the BG East big shots thought Kayden was acting too big for his britches, so early in his career, and booked this match to put him in his place. Another rumor has it that this match is the true backstory of Keller's infamous heel turn. Yet another rumor posits that Dylon really wanted this match for undisclosed personal reasons; he is obviously keen on getting his hooks into Keller ASAP. At any rate, the contest begins as Kayden scoffs at Dylon's wrestling credentials, leading to a shoving match that sets the roughhouse off to a spirited start. Dylon is stronger than Kayden anticipated, and the older wrestler's ring savvy gives him an advantage from the get-go. He zeroes in on Kayden's arm and then transitions to a long and strenuous side headlock before switching his attention back to the arm. When Keller clutches a ring rope, Roberts releases, saying, not altogether convincingly, "I'll break because I'm the good guy here."

Kayden's long limbs prove to be a disadvantage from the start. Dylon twists them in all kinds of ingenious knots. Kayden plays it cool, even pouty, which only incites Dylon to attempt more punishing configurations, satisfied only when he can finally feel Kayden's fear and hear his panicked wails. All this is generally what we expect of matches in the Demolition series. But then, as the fight approaches its midpoint, it swerves towards unpredictability. Feeling a tad overconfident, Dylon mistakenly lets his head fall within his opponent's long reach, and Kayden reverses and gains momentum, inaugurating a series of dynamic back-and forth scissors and clutches that test who will be the demolisher and whom the demolished in the last half of the contest. It's a test of both men's mettle and drive!

The match is a proving ground for both Kayden and Dylon. Kayden places too much confidence in his height and flexibility, believing them to be an advantage that are not. Dylon underestimates his opponent, trusting that his undeniably superior pro training ensures a demolition of a victory, not counting on the power of youthful energy, and Kayden's budding, inherent meanness. Don't be quick to predict who comes out on top on this one! Three minutes from the end, the outcome is still cloaked in mystery. For lovers of close fights and unpredictable finishes, this is a certified winner. For lovers of Kayden Keller who are curious about his early matches, this is a must-see. And the final choke-out is a stunner, with humiliation turned on full blast, in classic demolition style.

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Kayden Keller vs. Dylon Roberts
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Pushing up, Dylon fights for leverage with his punishing leglock

Heel humbled: Dylon rides and masters Kayden with a leg and armlock combo

Kayden appears to tap as he's headscissored into oblivion by Dylon's deadly quads

Kayden crushed and conquered as Dylon rolls and spladles him for a pinfall

Dazed and kneeling, Dylon pounds Kayden again and again trying to batter down the upstart

Trapped in the ropes, Kayden is helpless at the moment as Dylon tries to claim his gear

Dylon Roberts: 5'9, 165

Kayden glares down his nose at the cocky Canuck

Kayden muscles his opponent around the ring with a controlling side headlock

Kayden's golden glutes tremble as he's doubled in a standing headscissor, double armbar

An over the shoulder backbreaker has the long lean heel in real trouble

A red-faced Kayden fights the fade in a rope bound sleeperhold

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