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  Alex Arias vs. Morgan Cruise

Alex Arias: 5'8", 145 lbs

The Mastodon rocks back with a neck-crunching camel clutch

Alex's back bends to Mastodon might of Morgan's big bearhug

Morgan carries his smaller opponent up and over in a suplex

A chicken wing variation molds his foe like playdough

Alex scrambles desperately to crawl free of the punishing crotch claw

Yellow for Caution

His smile means something's up, and if Morgan Cruise is smiling, you can be sure he's up to no good. Alex enters the ring area, suspecting nothing. Already waiting to ambush Alex, Morgan smashes the medallion of his championship belt between the novice pro's shoulder blades, flattening him face down on the ring apron before he knows what hit him. Skipping the customary pleasantries, Morgan gets right to work at the business of being a BG East heel. It's a business he knows like the back of his hand. Alex struggles to his feet. "What is your problem?" he asks, still stunned by the sneak attack. Morgan grabs his head with both hands and drives it to the edge of the ring, like he's trying to crack open a coconut. He tosses his victim through the ropes, and before removing his yellow entrance hoodie, he stomps down on Alex's back.

Without uttering a word, Morgan slams his forearm to Alex's face, and twice he snap-mares the guy to the mat before applying a chinlock, explaining, "I got tired of people talking smack to me before the matches. It got a little old. All these people think they can compete with The Mastodon. Pathetic." Alex tries to elbow his way out of the chinlock. Morgan repositions to a side headlock, grinding the jobber's ear to a nub. The Mastodon's arm is a steel vice. Alex writhes and grunts, but the lock doesn't come off until Morgan's ready to move on to more acts of destruction. And he has plenty more to choose from. Alex takes pride in not giving up for anyone, even when a nasty heel like Cruise gives him hell. Morgan takes pride in making his opponents eat their pissant pride, even if he has to loosen some teeth to do so.

Desperate for relief, Alex thrusts his fist to Morgan's balls. The Mastodon bends in two, clutching his crotch. Alex attempts to capitalize on the low blow, but Morgan, now in a full blind rage, retaliates with a body slam, then limps to the corner in mincing steps. "Didn't think you had it in you to do something like that," Cruise speaks through clenched teeth, though with a measure of newfound respect for his opponent. Retribution takes the form of a cross armbar, with Alex's lips to the mat and his elbow high up between Cruise's massive hairy thighs. Quick-thinking Alex turns Morgan's roll into a bodyscissors and uses his arms to spread the heel's legs wide, giving the vulnerable animal's sore nuts a jostle and a poke. Morgan is gasping in pain.

Sooner than Arias would like, though, Arias feels the aftermath of his cheap shots as Morgan tears into his body like a runaway chainsaw. For each small spot of hope, Alex pays dearly. (Did anybody seriously think Cruise would throw in the towel?) Morgan has never been known for the subtlety of his assaults. If anything, his tactics have turned increasingly Neanderthal over time. He brutalizes Alex. He cracks bone. Each punch aims to either knock the jobber out or permanently cripple him. The Mastodon goes for the finisher with every single strike, targeting his opponent's head, ribs, spine, and kneecaps. He loves slinging his opponents to the mat and stomping on them, and this match culminates with a uniquely savage bearhug, capped off with an iron claw to the temporalis muscle. With this match, Morgan joins the ranks of the great BG East demolition brutes: Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Psycho Capone, and Guido Genatto.

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Alex Arias vs. Morgan Cruise
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Alex bends back in the corner as he wilts in Morgan's claw

Morgan bears down on the twink with a rope choke

Alex arches in a desperate bid to escape the quad-crushing headscissors

Morgan mauls the pro twink with a punishing full legnelson

An arching facelock tests Alex's limits and endurance

Morgan looks to put the pathetic pro out of his misery with a grounded side headlock

Morgan Cruise: 5'8, 170 lbs

Alex paws at Morgan's massive muscles in the choke

Alex hoisted up for an over the knee backbreaker

Morgan roars, Alex agonizes with the spine-warping torture rack

Mad Morgan rips at Alex's bulge as he works a single leg boston

Alex's back on fire as he's arched in a surfboard variation

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