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  Logan Vaughn vs. Hector Perea

Logan Vaughn: 5'10, 178

Logan's large vascular arms crush the air from the lightweight's lungs in a reverse bearhug

Chin meets chest in a constricting, neck-crunching full nelson

The rookie's endurance and flexibility tested in a neck-stretching camel clutch variation

Hector's cries music to the lounging stud's ears as he sits pretty with a single-leg boston

Logan silences the scruffy scrapper with a tight rear-naked choke

One Man's Light Workout Is Another Man's Brutal Beat-Down

Logan Vaughn is an incredibly sexy - and big - musclehunk! As pre-match stretching gives way to self-impressed posing, it's clear this BGE 'Best Body' Nominee knows it! After a rough welcome to BGE from Lane Hartley, Logan found redemption and an impressive win in his Best-of-2015 Match against Trey Dixon, and he's continued to grow in muscle development and confidence. Now, in blue posers that cling just right to his finely sculpted ass and bulging package, the tanned, blond stud is ready to test his strength and recent success against some tough competition.

Enter Hector Perea. The handsome, scruffy lightweight is giving up over 30 pounds of muscle in his debut match against Logan, but wastes no time in shucking off his shoes and joining the warm-up undaunted. From the start, Hector's clearly got energy, as he literally jogs circles around Logan while the bigger man sizes him up. Logan isn't impressed, immediately complaining, "I was certainly expecting someone a hell of a lot bigger!"

Undaunted, Hector declares that "size doesn't matter." The cocky musclestud retorts menacingly that "that's what the last guy said" and invites Hector to make the first move. Logan's confusion at Hector's ensuing handstand quickly turns to shock as the wily newcomer's legs clasp his head and flip him onto the mat in a head-thumping 'Rana! Despite his attempts to squirm out, Logan suffers a quick pinfall that clearly makes him angry. To Hector's simple statement of "that's one for me," Logan replies, "fuck you!" and charges the rookie, but is tripped up and rolled up into a small package for another quick and technically impressive pin!

Logan, seeming humbled, just offers a hand to the ebullient victor, acknowledging, "yeah, ok.... pretty good." Then he yanks the unsuspecting rookie close and drives an arm up between Hector's legs and into his ample, pink-clad package! The curly-haired underdog goes down hard, holding his groin and groaning as Logan poses over him, reaffirming that size and muscle always wins. "It takes more than three little quick seconds to actually take me out!"

Despite Hector's complaint that, "I had you, I won," Logan proceeds to show the rookie "how wrestling actually goes" with a torturous series of long-held submission holds that have his smaller opponent writhing and groaning in agony throughout the rest of the match. Through several variations of a camel clutch, a vicious knee-to-the-back bow-and-arrow, leg stretches, bear hugs, single- and double-leg Boston Crabs, and much more, Logan forces Hector to scream for mercy over and over again, then declares that it's not enough and proceeds to redouble the agony!

As Hector - his impressive bulge repeatedly on display while he's stretched out - begs for mercy and offers less and less resistance, Logan continually bemoans the lack of competition. Wanting to at least get a good workout, Logan decides to keep using the little guy like a work-out practice dummy. Lifting and tossing the 142lb ragdoll like it's nothing, Logan's brutal punishment leaves Hector gasping and begging for release.

Hector, seething at the never ending 'little guy' taunts and unending abuse, is desperate for revenge. But after enduring so much pain and punishment, the exhausted lightweight will have a steep uphill climb to turn the tide of Logan's punishment. And the musclestud has no intention of letting his underwhelming opponent escape this lesson in "real wrestling!" This match should serve as a warning for other wrestlers looking to sign up for catch-weight matches, because when the scales are tipped this much against you, it's gonna hurt!

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