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  Jake Jenkins vs. Brad Barnes

Brad Barnes: 5'8, 200 lbs

Jake looms dominantly as he controls his much bigger opponent

Jake works a rope-assisted dragon sleeper to devastating effect

Jake's lean, lithe body bends in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Brad hoists Jake up with a rib-crushing reverse bearhug

Jake wears the buff muscle stud down with a rear naked choke

Barefoot Beauty and the Brutish Beast

Muscular and handsome, Brad Barnes is the quintessential babyfaced bodybuilder. As he's stretching and posing in the BGE ring, bulging beautifully in thin white-and-blue trunks, it's clear he's put on some significant size since he last stepped foot in the ring. With a fairly mixed record - Brad's thick muscles seem to come under fire for intense abuse as often as they help him to dominate - the stud nonetheless seems confident and ready for an opportunity to prove that his physique and skill are up to any challenge. After his most recent ring encounter saw Brad thoroughly demolished by Guido, surely a smaller opponent is a welcome change of pace. But when that 'smaller' opponent is Jake Jenkins, all bets are off!

Jake Jenkins has been burning up the BGE mat and ring since he debuted, but the 2015 'Best Babyface' is as boyish and gorgeous as ever when he takes to the ring, immediately shifting the energy with his puckish demeanor and the clear confidence in his eyes and eager smile. He declares, on seeing Brad, "a big one, huh? That's exciting!" Also exciting are the very tight zip-front gold trunks worn by Jake, which do nothing to hide the impressive bulge within. Jake's intensity and talent have felled bigger wrestlers before and he sure doesn't intend to break Brad's losing streak!

"You just gonna pose?" Jake asks, and quips, "Guess that's all you can do, huh?" as he bounces, smiling, around the big man like Brad's just the next wall he'll be climbing this weekend. The two banter for the briefest of moments before Jake surprises Brad by leaping right into a headlock and using it to ride him down to the mat! As they trade holds and blows back and forth, the contrast couldn't be clearer - Brad's stoic, powerful demeanor juxtaposed against the bouncy, chiding sarcasm of the smaller guy. Brad gets his hands on Jake early on and flattens him to the mat with a hot powerslam followed by a series of body slams that leave the lightweight under his control. Jake suffers through an over-the-knee backbreaker, and a pair of intensely sexy reverse bearhugs as Barnes squeezes him tighter and tighter, leaving Jake's feet to dangle above the mat as his glorious screams of agony fill the ring! The first of many submissions goes to Brad, leaving Jake appearing vanquished and anguished, rolling on the mat!

Yet it does not take long for the tenacious and audacious babyface to regain his drive and fight back. The scrapper soon has Barnes at his own mercy, struggling on the mat under Jake through a series of submission holds that stretch, squeeze and slam the big man's muscles. As he stretches Brad's shoulder in a mounted armbar, the snarky small guy comments, "that's a lot of meat!" and proceeds to pound Barnes' big bicep as it's held trapped. And when the big man gives in, Jake just admonishes, "you may give, but it's not over!"

Jake jumps onto Brad to try putting him out with a sleeper, but the big man shows he's still got some fight left too, pounding Jake's body into the turnbuckles to dislodge him. As the two collide, many more agonizing holds and many more submissions - some honored, others ignored - ensue. Tanned muscles glisten with sweat as the match wears on and one competitor puts all of his strength into wearing his opponent down past the breaking point. Will the beaming, brash, barefoot babyface take big Barnes down another peg, or are the bodybuilder's endurance and power just too much to overcome in the end? The scream-filled multi-submission answer is not to be missed!

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Jake Jenkins vs. Brad Barnes
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Jake bends the musclegod to his will with a gnarly bow-and-arrow

Wrapped up by his smaller opponent in a spladle!

Brad trapped facedown in the mats as Jake works a double armbar

A reverse bodyscissor renders Brad's muscle advantage moot

Jake sinks his talons into the bodybuilder's beefy pecs

Jake in control of the magnificent muscle with a debilitating headscissors

Jake Jenkins: 5'7, 150 lbs

Jake drops Brad facefirst into the canvas with a headscissors

Jake works the spine of the big man in a punishing camel clutch

Jake brutalizes a bulging Brad's back with a boston variation

Jake leans back with an effective single-leg boston crab

Fallen titan: Brad drops to his ass as the tight rear naked choke works its magic

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