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  Chace LaChance vs. Eli Black

Chace LaChance: 5'10, 195 lbs

Eli between a rock and a hardplace as Chace drives a knee into the chest of his cornered foe

A floored Chace scrambles for the ropes as Eli works a nasty anklelock submission

Chace trapped in no man's land as Eli seeks a submission with the anklelock

Eli poses and preens before a trounced, broken muscleboy

Hulking Chace sets up little Eli for some more back torture

Epic Size Difference: Hulking Goliath vs Shredded David

Chace LaChance, BG's always-hunky 2015 Best Body Winner, is beefier and stronger than ever as we find him posing in the ring while admiring himself in the mirror. Bulging with thick new muscle even at an impressively taut and trim 195 pounds, LaChance bulges in orange briefs that ride tantalizingly low. As he admires his physique from the ring, however, the stud is distracted by noise from ringside.

Longtime lean-bodied favorite and technical savant Eli Black is looking hotter than ever in bright yellow trunks as he works out next to the ring, hard muscle visibly straining as he pushes himself through an intense cardio routine. The ripped and snarky mma fighter is gunning for another Best Abs Award, having sculpted his lean muscle more than ever. His insane physique has only heightened the attitude he tosses at every other BGE wrestler he crosses paths with. And now he's purposefully interrupting Chace's ring time, sick and tired of people fawning over the heavier hunk.

The irritated beefcake approaches, posing at Eli and taunting, "gotta do a little more than cardio to build some muscle up for a match with me!" Eli just ignores him, continuing to stretch and work out - until Chace reaches out and swipes him upside the head, demanding "cut that shit out." Then it's on! Exclaiming, "what the fuck!" Eli lunges through the ropes, pounding a shoulder into LaChance's abs, and then vaults over the top rope, pulling his surprised opponent into the first of several quick roll-up pin attempts. Eli is completely undaunted despite giving up nearly 60 pounds to LaChance's muscle!

The lightweight offers a flurry of action, frustrating LaChance for a moment until the bigger man finally gets his hands on him, grabbing and slamming Eli to the mat, and grounding him with a series of heavy elbow drops to the lean punk's back. Chace wastes no time pressing his advantage, pulling Eli into an agonizing series of stretches that puts the smaller stud's incredible physique on exquisite display. And Chase displays his own powerful musculature, straining to get as much suffering as possible from each hold, taunting Eli the whole time. "Not so hot now, are you?"

Yet when Chace gives Eli a bit too much time to recover between punishments, the determined punk takes advantage, scrambling onto Chase's shoulders for a punishing cross-face armbar. The musclestud holds out but is soon worn down, and now it's Eli's turn to dish out the taunts and abuse! A hot mounted-reverse-headlock and an intense half-grapevine pec-claw combo have Chase groaning under Eli as every beautiful detail of their bodies (and bulges!) struggle against each other! With Chace aching, the smaller guy shows that size isn't required to cause pain as he shouts that this is "MY House!" and does some posing of his own.

Chace seizes the opportunity, however, launching a sneak attack that leaves Eli face-first in the turnbuckles! The two struggle back and forth until Eli is sent headlong through the ropes to the floor below. Eli finds himself at Chace's mercy as some rope-assisted stretching and pounding threatens to break the lithe fighter. But there's no mercy to be found, as the powerhouse shows proceeds to break Eli down with a barrage of gut and back abuse, before lifting the lightweight Eli into multiple devastating torture racks!

Pound for pound, Eli is easily one of the toughest and most ferocious wrestlers at BGE, but can he retake the momentum? LOTS of screams and at least three unaccepted submissions later, one wrestler is left practically unconscious after his opponent just keeps "having fun" with him, pulling him up for more and more abuse. Anyone who enjoys a great David vs. Goliath style match pitting power vs. pure energy and tenacity is sure to agree... catch-weight wrestling at its finest!

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Black works a tight, vicious neck crank on his catchweight opponent

Eli attacks Chace like a swarm of locusts, crucifying the big muscle stud

Lean, toned muscle suffers on the canvas

Chace seizes control as he works an arching drawbridge variation

The last shall be the first and the first shall be last: Little Eli mounts Chace

David works the fallen Goliath with a strength-sapping side headscissors

Eli Black: 5'7, 130 lbs

Eli dangles limply, wasted in a fireman's carry

Chace takes a moment to flex over his stretched out, headscissored opponent

Chace brings his 60+ lb muscle advantage to bear in a neck and back wrecking chinlock

Chace easily hoists Eli up for a suspended, inverted, reverse bearhug

An over the shoulder backbreaker has Eli at a distinct disadvantage

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