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  Drake Marcos vs. Nino Leone

Nino Leone: 5'8, 140

The rookie is pulled into guard and restrained as Drake squeezes with a bodyscissors

A sweat soaked Drake climbs into bully position for some nipple torture

Will Drake's KO-Kryptonite spell his end this time? The rook works a rearnaked choke

Drake controls the kneeling rookie as the singlets fall, giving him a mouthful

Marcos lays helpless in the arms of the boyband doppelganger

"My hair belongs to you!" Chest Shave Stakes!

Drake Marcos took one look at lightweight rookie Nino Leone and smelled fresh meat. The new kid is strung tight with sensationally lean, strong muscle packed into a super snug red singlet. His coiffed 'do and doe' eyes give the impression of the lead singer of a syrupy sweet boy band. Nino's eagerness to break into the wrestling business is like a big red target painted onto his beautiful, untested butt. BG East veterans line up to take the first crack at virgin territory like that.

Drake has never before been entrusted with the sacred responsibility of breaking in a newbie. His tendency to snatch a humiliating defeat from the jaws of victory have seriously tested the Boss' confidence. But Drake lobbied hard to sink his teeth into adorable little Nino, to prove he understands exactly what it takes to succeed in this business. He's got a plan for the hirsute novice that involves mountains of harsh discipline, and clippers!

As if this happens in every match, Drake tells the bushy tailed new kid that the loser has to have his chest hair shaved. Nino seems momentarily worried. His lush forest of Mediterranean body hair is his pride and joy. You might mistake his slight frame and delicate facial features as juvenile, but his hairy pecs and abs clarify the point that Leone is all man. But he wants this crack at wrestling glory bad, so he accedes to the sly veteran's terms.

If Drake thought bullying this little rookie was going to be a cakewalk, he's sorely disappointed. Leone takes every ounce of punishment that Drake throws his way and spins it right back around on him. Drake's notoriously powerful scissors look like they may pop Nino's head clean off, but a moment later, the rookie snaps his hairy thighs around Drake's face for a 69 test of endurance. Hold for hold, Nino soaks it up like a sponge and pours it right back all over his cocky opponent.

The pace is hot and heavy from start to finish. Despite Drake's size and experience advantage, the rookie hangs in with every last inch. Bodies twist and scramble across the sweat soaked mat. Drake repeatedly bullies him into humiliating schoolboy pins, introducing the rookie to a face full of crotch that a lightweight like he is had better get used to. But Drake's nemesis keeps raising its ugly head. He can't manage to finish the kid before Nino twists and spins and scrambles free.

The singlets come off as the careening initiation turns darker. Smelling that elusive scent of victory, the veteran literally starts spanking the rookie's fuzzy ass, wearing the lightweight heart throb down to nothing but a raw, throbbing, aching will to steer clear of the clippers. A smothering figure-4 face lock finally puts one stunned stud out cold and at the mercy of the mad mat barber. But the heat of battle and an intimate appreciation of each other's sexy bodies turns from involuntary grooming to more mutual carnal delights.

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Drake Marcos vs. Nino Leone
41 minutes

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Nino takes over, climbing on top of the wily vet with a humbling schoolboy pin

Drake works over the new pup with a jap-strangle dragon sleeper over his knee

Drake takes advantage of his upperclassmen hazing duties

The randy, scruffy babyfaces overcome with lust in the heat of battle

Nino brushes his tantalizing bulge over the face of a prone Drake

Drake smells victory as he chokes the rook out with his own leanly muscled arm

Drake Marcos: 5'10, 165

Drake's quads knuckled under Nino as he pours on the pressure with a formidable headscissors

Nino clings to Drake as a bearhug crushes the fight from his smaller body

Stripped of his gear first, the rookie is muscled into a neck-cranking full nelson

Nino clings desperately to a loosely applied double arm jap-strangle

Drake brings all his experience to bear as he ratchets up the pressure in a figure 4 headscissors

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