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  Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe vs. Len Harder*

Len Harder: 5'8, 130

The scrappy lightweights have a meeting of the...minds?

Len presses his advantage (and crotch) in a tight fullnelson

Lorenzo sits pretty in a crotch smothering schoolboy pin as he cops a feel

The lusty twinks lock lips on the mat as the sexual tension bubbles to the surface

A victorious Lorenzo carts his prize on his shoulders with a humbling spank

The Lower They Go, The Harder They Get

It's been awhile since we've seen Len, who made strong impressions as the sweet-faced skinhead in passionate rip-strip matches in the Backyard, the Gazebo, and the Wrestleshack. When Len told the Boss he wanted to get back into the action, the bossman saw an opportunity to reward Len's return with some welcome-back punishment, on his own terms. So we find Len back in the BG East matroom for only the second time - out of his outdoor element - but looking lean and ripped as he stretches and plays with the black-and-white striped posers chosen by his surprise opponent.

The Boss had no easy task in choosing a talented wrestler from the BGE roster who could make sure Len knew he was re-entering the company on the bottom. There was one, however, whose dedication to servicing the Boss's whims put him above the rest: Lorenzo "Jake" Lowe. And he enters the matroom in a silver singlet ready to bring the punk to heel! His boy-next-door looks and domineering attitude offer a delicious contrast as Jake enters and sizes up his prey. "You look fucking good in that, boy!" he growls, then reminds Len of his place right from the start: "Glad I decided to make you wear it!"

Jake inspects Len like a piece of meat, sizing - and feeling - him up admiringly, then asks, "you ready to wrestle?" His own appreciation for his would-be master's lithe good looks apparent, Len eagerly responds, "Fuck yeah!" and the dance of dominance ensues. The two scrap back and forth, trading scissors, which Jake uses to get in some spanking as he subjugates his victim further: "Nice ass, boy!" Pressing his advantage, the lascivious lackey maneuvers Len into a series of crotch-to-face schoolboy pins, pressing the punk to submit as he spits back "fuck you!" between face-full's of Jake's bulge. Meanwhile, a grinning Jake taunts, "you like this ass in your face?"

Like it or not (though growing bulges suggest the former), the defiant punk won't stand to be ridden and finally dislodges Jake, pulling him into a seemingly inescapable headscissor. And when Len uses his free hand to begin viciously grabbing Jake's balls, it looks like the stud is sure to submit. Yet Jake endures, groaning through Len's white-knuckled grasp on his groin until the skinhead flinches and he's able to get free, coming out on top of the ensuing grapple with a hot figure-four headlock on Len. Lowe's back glistens with sweat as his ass presses down on Len's trapped face. Then Jake proceeds to stretch the lean stud out, banana-split style, prying Len's long legs painfully wide open and adding in some harsh spanking and a ball grab of his own to secure a groaning submission from the ball-fighter!

After a moment of touchy-feely "rest", the increasingly frisky wrestlers get right back to it, trading holds back and forth as singlet and posers give way to jock straps that strain - and ultimately fail - to entirely contain the boys' burgeoning bulges. More admissions of "I give" are followed by more punishing submission holds, each seemingly a set-up for these studs to get their hands all over each other again. One lip-locking, bulge-grinding interlude riles both wrestlers and soon every hold is accompanied by punishing attention to the swelling package of whomever is trapped at the time. Jake goes back to the schoolboy pin again and again, asserting his dominance and grinding his prominence all over Len while he's on top, while Len takes every opportunity to hold Jake down and go after that package!

Who ultimately comes out on top may be beside the point as these studs struggle in their gear, panting and groaning in the heat of their ever-growing excitement. Len may have to acknowledge that more than his wardrobe is out of his hands right now, or else the "company boy" will have to crawl back to the Boss to report that the punk remains unbroken!

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Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe vs. Len Harder*
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Len rolls up the lusty latino in a reverse schoolboy pin

Harder gets a faceful of Lowe's hardening crotch

Len works a side bodyscissors hammerlock on a blindsided Lowe

Lowe works his trademark spladle as he cops a feel of his opponent's formidable bulge

Lorenzo nurses on Len's nipple as he's groped and stretched out

Len arches painfully as Lorenzo works a powerful reverse bodyscissors

Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe: 5'5, 135

Lowe smothers Len in his mouthwatering bubblebutt with a tight figure four headscissors

Lorenzo arches and bulges trying to work his way free of Len's coiling, constricting limbs

A dragon sleeper forces a taste of Lowe's sweaty pit from a wasted Len

Lorenzo treats Len to a leanly muscled buffet as he flexes his bicep

Lorenzo lays claim to Len as he showcases his skilled seductive wiles

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