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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Lane Hartley

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 160

Big Lane stares down Little Jonny in a match of your making

The options for Jonny's triumph are almost endless as he breaks Lane at your behest

Do you like back torture? Jonny is here to bend and break Lane in anyway you choose

Sleeper fans rejoice! Jonny sends sexy Lane into a blissful slumber

Do you like Jonny on top? You're the real winner in this match

More Made to Order Wrestling: Jonny Dominates the Big Guy!

Our groundbreaking product called Custom Combat 1 featured an innovative, interactive DVD menu that let you, the fan, decide what would happen to poor Drake Marcos, as Jonny Firestorm worked Drake over with you choosing the devastation! Voted Best Squash of 2013, this demolition DVD only allowed you to choose which abuse Jonny would deliver next: head scissors, neckbreakers, back abuse, crotch abuse... If your first choice didn't satisfy, you could circle back and have Jonny make Drake suffer in some other way. "Drake's Drubbing" was a top seller that year, but Drake didn't stand a chance, even with you in charge.

Times change, but good old DVDs still offer the glorious menu option (which not even streaming yet allows), so we brought Jonny back, and this time we're giving his opponent a chance. Handsome Lane Hartley is no slouch when it comes to ring mastery and domination. Big sexy Lane quickly climbed the ladder from BGEast babyface right into heel territory with his pro skills and powerful physique. Jonny made that exact same transition many years before, but he's not about to let someone follow him up that championship ladder behind him. Or is he? Both these studs are able to withstand a lot of punishment, as well as to cheat while gunning for total humiliation victories! With this even longer, more versatile Custom Combat 2, you get to decide not only who gets the upper hand as the match unfolds, YOU GET TO DECIDE WHO WINS! Who grovels, who poses in victory, who heels it up, who squeals in agony!!

This is not 1 DVD with 1 match, it's 1 DVD with about 100 potential matches between these two talented stars. All pointing towards one sweaty, devastating, shocking finish - a finish which you decide! There couldn't be two wrestlers more suited to this epic battle. Each stud brings his A-game of creative, punishing holds, and each shows his sadistic streak - which can be shot down at any moment by the skills of the other, thanks to your decision!

One fine option is a squash either way! For the sake of ease, this web page features just some of the ways our 2016 Poll's 'Heel of the Year' Jonny (who practically owns this fan poll category!) can work over Lane Hartley on this DVD. The next 'match' page, featured in the 'Match 2' above, shows how it would go down if Lane Hartley upset the smaller heel-stud with his height and size advantage! In the Alternate Realities you are about to enter, there are many bifurcating matches beyond these 2: like various quantum realities, you can mix and match as many versions of this battle as our intelligent DVD designer gives you the free will to direct!

In the opening, Lane and Jonny flex off their hard-muscled physiques, followed by a hard fought test of strength. You choose whether the match continues 'even', or with either of them winning this muscle test. Let Jonny win, and you get options like throat chokes, huge chest stomps and trampling, slams, chicken wings, then on to Lane's legs getting wrecked, from ankle locks and figure 4 leg locks to creative Jonny leg submissions that have Lane screaming his submissions! Little heel beats up the big guy! Have Jonny bash Lane's balls, then break those legs some more! Follow their double head scissors with Jonny bashing Lane's skull on the corner post outside the ring, then following up with a DDT! Or perhaps you prefer a cobra clutch, choking Lane out in sleeper variations?

Bulldog headlocks inside and outside the ring, punching, leg nelsons, crabs and single leg crabs. Never has Jonny's full range of devastation been at your beck and call like this! And Lane suffers beautifully, if you don't let him fight back... But this is just one option! Enjoy two of the best ring wrestlers BGE has to offer in nearly every combination you can think of!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Lane Hartley
26 minutes

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Custom Combat 2 Arena Galleries

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Lane is your jobber any way you want him as Jonny works him over with a single leg boston

Make a wish! Or have your cake and eat it too as Jonny spladles Lane for your viewing pleasure

You're ultimately the one torturing Lane as Jonny works a leg nelson at your bidding

Jonny bends Lane back in a ball clawing bow-and-arrow variation

Bombs away! Jonny moonsaults off the rope onto Lane

Jonny uses a big boot to choke Lane in the turnbuckles

Lane Hartley: 6'0, 210

Your wish is Jonny's command as he locks up Lane's legs

Jonny's powerful quads crush Lane's skull in a headscissors

Jonny's knuckles batter Lane's abs in a tree of woe

Thanks to you, Lane's all softened up for Jonny's blitzkrieg attack whilst helpless in an abstretch

Jonny works a brutal triangle variation on jobber beef Hartley

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