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  Lane Hartley vs. Jonny Firestorm

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 160

Jobber Jonny served up on a platter in Lane's torturous tarantula hold

Lane puts a damper on the Firestorm with a deep digging double trap claw

Jonny's screams are music to your ears as Lane swings him in a cradle hold

Lane will stop at nothing to torture Jonny in nearly any way you desire

A boner-inducing over the knee backbreaker makes Jonny scream for your pleasure

Or Maybe Lane Dominates Jonny? You Decide How and How Much...!

Our 2nd groundbreaking Custom Combat uses the powerful DVD menu to give the viewer control over the order of viewing and thus the match itself. But unlike the one-sided squash of Custom Combat 1, this match between BG East heel star Jonny Firestorm and stud pro Lane Hartley can go EITHER WAY! These two creative and intense pro superstars give you one of the best matches ever. You the viewer don't just get to decide which holds and punishments each wrestler uses next - you get to turn the action around and decide WHO WINS!

To show just some of the over 100 matches you can create depending on your choices using this special DVD, we've profiled two possible matches, both squashes where each wrestler dominates his opponent. For the sake of ease, this web page features just some of the ways big pro Lane Hartley can work over our 2016 Poll's 'Heel of the Year' Jonny. The 'other match' page, featured in the 'Match 1' above, shows how it would go down if Firestorm squashed and destroyed the bigger stud! In the Alternate Realities you are about to enter, there are many bifurcating matches beyond these 2: like various quantum realities, you can mix and match as many versions of this battle as our intelligent DVD designer gives you the free will to direct!

On Match One, in the menu above, you can see some of the holds BG East Best Heel multiple fan poll winner Jonny Firestorm could use against big Lane Hartley.

In this version, relative newcomer and budding heel Lane Hartley uses his creative repertoire of devastating pro moves and holds to humble super heel Jonny, like you've never seen before! Since Jonny moved from rookie babyface to become BG East's meanest and most creative heel, with his now-big chest bursting out with hair, he's done nothing but dominate his opponents, taking on many wrestlers twice his size. But maybe you'd like to see him get schooled by the taller, bigger pro whose handsome face belies his aggressive heel streak...

In the photos on this page, you can see what happens if you let Lane win the initial test of strength after their flex-off, then have him choke Jonny on the ropes, with his boot, in a hangman... Lane can then deliver shoulder breakers and shoulder claws. Jonny can be forced to submit to Lane's head scissors, then use his head to bash Jonny's gut, choke him out with a boot to the throat, wake him up and tombstone piledrive him out! Or perhaps you'd prefer a sharpshooter, stomps over Jonny's body parts, and then a ring-shaking power bomb for the 3-count! There are many knockout finishes awaiting Jonny as you command Lane to take charge, turning the heel tables on the humbled Firestorm.

Reverse bearhug, chokes over the ropes, vicious cross-face sleeper holds, a throat punch, and a suspended rocking horse submission are just some of the options you'll see if you have Lane prosecute his domination. OR, you can have Jonny turn the match around, as seen in the 'Match 1' above, attacking and heeling back as only Jonny can do. You might like to see these two slug it out, back and forth, until the final shocking finish, WHICH YOU DECIDE!

The options are nearly endless as you'll enjoy having these two studs attack each other with your favorite holds. Over an hour and a half of action awaits with the dozens of matches you can create from this incredible Custom Combat (mix and) match!! Any battle between these two talented superstars would be fantastic, but this is nearly EVERY match between them! More of the best wrestling from BG East.

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Lane Hartley vs. Jonny Firestorm
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Your wish: Lane's command as he breaks Jonny's back over his knees in a bow-and-arrow variation

Torturous Nostalgia: Lane resurrects the Quinnlock on his helpless Jobber du Jour

It's all for you: Lane works Jonny over and over until you say it's enough

Lane arches Jonny's back in a hangman variation

Who DOESN'T want to see Jonny humbled?! Lane is the man for the job with a crushing headscissors

Lane's tree trunk thighs crush Jonny's ribcage as he takes him down with a bodyscissors

Lane Hartley: 6'0, 210

Lane drills a big knee into Jonny's throat on the ropes

A fan of back torture? Lane is too as he stretches Jonny out for you in a bow-and-arrow

Lane serves up a side of Jobber Jonny in a crucifying over the shoulder backbreaker carry

The possibilities are endless...Jonny will be as tortured and twisted as your imagination!

You want a torture rack? Lane will give it to Jonny for you and MORE!

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