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  Chase Addams vs. Charlie Evans  

Charlie Evans: 5'9, 128

Chase treats every moment as a photo-op as he works a twisting side headlock

Charlie drops hard in his signature "Ginger Bomb" on the styling heel

Chase seizes the bull by the horns (or the ginger by the balls) with a nasty cloverleaf variation

Charlie reminds Chase just how he managed to get a win over him in their last dust-up

Chase displays just why he's the star of the show with this ball grabbing, otk, dragon sleeper combo

"There's a pecking order here, and I'm at the top!"

One of the most popular and award winning matches last year introduced BG East fans to two precocious young rookies. Charlie Evans and Chase Addams earned instant respect by teaming up with seasoned veterans and more than holding their own on opposite sides of their acclaimed debuts in Tag Team Torture 19. Both avid students of professional wrestling, Chase and Charlie dazzled fans and stunned each other with acrobatic and innovative holds well beyond their years of experience. In the end, it was Charlie's team that pulled out the shocking, double knock out finish, but both aspiring stars put the wrestling world on notice.

Behind the scenes, babyfaced beauty Charlie has made hay about his successful capture of that ultra rare brass ring that is securing a debut victory. Eager to drink from the chalice of ring supremacy again, Charlie was more than happy to accept his rookie rival's challenge to see who's left standing without tag team partners to lean on.

"I'm not going to lie," Charlie beams with enthusiasm as he and Chase stare across the ring at each other. "I'm pretty excited about this. I just want to thank you, because you gave me my first BG East win!" The fierce young featherweight is whittled to sensationally lean muscle and bone, sporting bright red trunks and boots to compliment his pride and joy, bright red hair.

Chase doesn't quite believe his ears. The tall, seductive, aspiring heel adamantly points out that it was Charlie's tag team partner, not Charlie, who gets credit for defeating Chase in their first encounter. Sporting tie-dye grey trunks and his signature headband, Chase assumes the role of the upperclassman, patronizingly lecturing his babyfaced opponent on ring etiquette and chastising him for complacently riding his tag team partner's coattails. "So this is our first one-on-one match to get to show who the better man is," Chase explains condescendingly. "So this is where I get my first win!" Charlie smiles brightly at the prospect of tasting victory again.

Charlie offers a sportsmanly handshake, which gets him suckered into a skull crunching side headlock and set up for gut bashing knee lifts off the ropes. Chase exploits every opportunity to use his height and weight advantage to manhandle and bully his slight opponent. He scoops up and slams down the fiery red-head at will, working early and often on pounding the fight right out of him.

But Charlie leverages dazzling speed and balance to suck the wind back out of Chase's sails. Ducking out of the way of his charging rival, Charlie swoops in for handstand headscissors, shockingly suplexing Chase out of the corner in picture perfect execution of the red-head's signature "Ginger Snap" maneuver. Acrobatic, mid-air somersaults pound every ounce of Charlie's featherweight frame mercilessly into his opponent's body stretched out in the middle of the ring. "I call this my Ginger Bomb!" Charlie crows, continuing to lay claim to the red-head babyface franchise.

The competition is closer than either ambitious stud expected. The fierce rookie rivals trade falls and struggle to open up distance. Chase rips a screaming submission out of the stubborn featherweight with his "patented" suspended backbreaker that he's copyrighted as the "Will Breaker." Brutal attempted finishers back and forth can't quite finish either stubborn stud for good, though, and both pumped young bucks can't help but reveal grudging respect and sweat-soaked attraction for one another in the heat of battle.

The torrent of testosterone and ambition drenches both raging studs until one deft prodigy drags his out-hustled opponent kicking, screaming, and openly weeping past the point of no return. You will not see speed, focus, and expert execution of gravity defying holds like this from any other rookie ring rivals. But the hands-on appreciation of each other's gorgeous, athletic bodies, and the victor's parting kiss, demonstrate that this barnburner rookie reckoning isn't just about their win-loss records.

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Chase takes a liberal handful of the little firecrotch as he lifts him off the mat

In over his head, Charlie stretches out over the ropes, wide open for Chase's battering forearms

Charlie has nowhere to go as he's carted around the ring in an over the shoulder backbreaker

Ever the diva, Chase works his gravity-defying, signature suspended submission hold

A smothering reverse figure four headlock has Charlie trapped in between fight and flight

Charlie bridges desperately in a bid to escape the neck cracking figure four headscissors

Chase Addams: 6'0, 170

The pretty, young budding heel turns the gingerjobber over in a sharpshooter

Chase clearly gets off on every ounce of suffering he can wrench from Charlie with a vicious camel

With a nagging finger, Chase drives home just who the new, dominant star really is

Charlie's hot little bod trussed up and wrecked in a torturous widow's peak

Chase pours every bit of heel juice into a gnarly over the knee backbreaker on the hot redhead

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