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  Calvin Haynes vs. Nino Leone

Calvin - 200 lbs vs Nino - 140 lbs Nino's not afraid to take on the big boy with the big guns!

Bridging to increase the pressure, the lightweight snaps a tight headscissor on the heavyweight stud

Calvin snaps the boybander's arms up and buries his chin into his chest with a neck-cranking nelson

Nino drops to his knees, pauses to bulge-worship, and strips the studly Calvin down to his...calvins

Calvin throws up a double bicep pose for the delectation of his opponent's intimate muscle worship

Gut bashing the big boy: Calvin sags as Nino lays another stinging right to his solidly muscled core

Big versus Small, Thick versus Thin, or, Playing Rough and Tough

If the idea of a bigger, older MAN taking on a considerably lighter and younger challenger moves you, then this one's for you! Catchweight contests were a regular feature of the Brit Pro wrestling scene throughout the 20th century. Now that British professional wrestling has been homogenized and is virtually the same as its hegemonic American cousin, catchweight contests may occur but they don't carry the same cachet, the same unique excitement and same program prominence as they once did - except here at BG East where we continue to relish them! Relative newcomer Nino Leone, at barely 140 pounds or 10 stone, seems destined to become a star in this series since most of the BG East roster will outweigh him. He's ready for the challenge, and in fact, takes a very special pride and pleasure in getting right up in a bigger boy's face - as hunky, humpy stud-star Calvin Haynes soon finds out!

Nino Leone stretches, vaguely aware that he is being watched. Calvin Haynes, framed in the entryway, is quietly amused by the trim physique of his scheduled opponent. Calvin's got 60 pounds on Nino, but both his previous opponents at BG East (first, Christian Taylor, then Jonny Firestorm) also were considerably lighter. He hasn't shattered one of them yet, so perhaps he knows the smaller guys at BG East are anything but delicate. By way of introduction, he circles his seated opponent, arms raised in a double biceps pose. The upper arms are the size of fireplace logs. "Think you can handle this Grade A beef?" he asks, smiling. "You like what you see?" Nino stands and runs the tips of his fingers over the firm muscles, appreciatively, like a collector examining the contours of a rare marble sculpture.

In catch-weight matches, wrestlers aren't divided into weight classes, but Calvin pulls away, reminding Nino that smaller guys first have to earn the right to feel him up. They crouch, hands extended, shoulders slightly hunched, and circle each other. "Let's see what you got, little man," Calvin teases. Nino dives in low, grabbing the big guy around the thighs, intending to throw him off balance. Calvin kneels, his thick arms circle Nino's ribcage and hold the rookie heels over head. He lays the slender guy on his back and straddles his waist. Nino's hands run up and down the curves of the big man's singlet. Calvin rolls to one side, and his bulging thighs scissor Nino's writhing body between them.

"You enjoying yourself?" he says, goading. "Fuck you," Nino moans. The rookie is still trying to escape the body scissors. He digs his sharp elbows into Cal's thighs, loosening the clutch, and then springs on top, pinching the hairy slabs of pectorals with both hands, attacking Cal's strength and weakness at once. Calvin grimaces, then plucks Nino off him, lifts him clear of his body, pressing him like a barbell. Held aloft and strung between the big man's raised arms and legs, Nino is powerless as a snared animal. With a single thrust, Calvin casts him off. Nino hits the mat hard and clasps his hands to his aching back.

In his one previous match, Nino faced Drake Marcos, closer in size and build, but still a tough grappler. Here, though, the sheer bulk and weight of Haynes are challenges all their own. This guy could crush him without even meaning to. Nino's situation is all the more precarious because Cal is aggressive and confident in his skills, and he may well MEAN to crush him! Again the big man straddles Nino, peels down his singlet, and runs his fingers through the Nino's black chest hair. Nino tries to reciprocate, fondling the tufts of hair that crown Calvin's colossal pecs, but suddenly Cal drags him to his feet and snaps on a full nelson, adding stress to the back of the neck and shoulder joints.

Briefly but courageously, little Leone proves his chops by trapping the strongman in a head-scissors. For that fleeting act of insubordination, Cal punishes him with a big bear hug. The erotic tension mounts. Calvin must force the rookie to accept who's the master here and who's the boy, because that's how this game plays out at BG East. Singlets get stripped down to the waists, the men tangle passionately, every stratagem equally an attack, a seduction, and a boast. But just as the strongman softens his assault, enticed into a sort of smiling stupor by his opponent's lithe Mediterranean figure, Nino springs a sudden and short-lived ambush, whether to seize actual control or merely to embellish his own inevitable conquest with a pert show of resistance, only Nino knows for sure. A very sexy and surprising finish!

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Calvin flexes a big bicep as if to defy the humiliating predicament he's in

Undagear: Haynes asserts his dominance over the impertinent Nino with a humiliating foot to the face

All that big bulging muscle's for nothing as Nino rips Cal's crotch wide with a nasty banana split

Nino lays a desperate (or appreciative?) pec claw as he suffers in a tight headscissors

Nino ties to drink in all that perfection with his hands as he fades and falters in the headscissors

Lip-locked! Nino in total control, physically and sensually, of his big, buffed whipping boy

Size and power DO make a difference! Nino goin' nowhere in Calvin's rib-crushing bearhug

Nino's other opponent - gravity - kicks in as he hangs helpless in a back-bending suspended sickle

Calvin preens, poses and flexes his big guns over a schoolboy pinned, crotch-sucking Nino Leone

The thick muscled stud drops to his knees in abjecy agony as Nino lays claim with a crotch twister

Nino mounts the big muscled stud and rides him around with a tight rear-naked choke

Nino's onslaught too much for the jock as he's ridden down into defeat with the choke

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