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  Tino Valencia vs. Skip Vance

Skip Vance: 5'6, 135 - Lean, light and oh-so-lively, Skip gets his Latin lover oppo totally excited

Valencia poses atop the fallen blond, humiliating him further with his wedged gear up his ass

Skip's surprisingly built quads bear down on the bigger man's brain with a standing headscissors

Tito fizzles the fight from Skip with a hand-over-mouth painful, smothering camel clutch punisher

Powerful quads continue to wring a submission from Tito as his groin is grabbed and ripped wide

A fierce face-sitting pin: Lean definition wins out once more over thick musculature, for now...

Crotch Watch Alert! Hot Damn: Skip Gets Tito Hard, Hot & Bothered!

This match is a study in the beauty of contrasts beyond the difference in heights and weights: Light and lovely, blond party-boy Skip versus the dark, muscled and mysterious Tito. Fast and feisty Vance versus the determined and deliberate Valencia. Tito's confident calm dares Skip's wiry energy to do its worst. When Skip tries to slow Tito by attacking his ample and expanding bulge, it only makes the Latin lover harder and hornier. All Skip's bulge-bashing and groin-grabbing accomplishes is to get Tito leaking and hard. When Tito hoists the lightweight up off his feet, his tight orange undagear can contain his battle boner no longer. In a stunning moment of passion, punishment and power, Tito's prominent, dominant power tool defines the very essence of BG Wrestling in an unexpected and startling revelation! And with Skip's undagear barely able to contain his own escaping junk, this match is a crotch-watcher's delight. For delicious details of the action, read on!

For too long Skip Vance has used his blond-boy cuteness, his lean, lithe loveliness and Southern charms to distract and goad his opponents. But now, some think, the perpetual twink is past his sell-by date, and somebody needs to bust his bubble ... and his skinny butt. Tino Valencia thinks he's the man for the job. Of course, Skip has faced his share of bigger roughnecks in earlier matches. Jonny Firestorm was surely no pushover. Neither were Kid Karisma, Paul Hudson, and "The Mastodon" Morgan Cruise, all of whom have, over the years, taken shots at the bright-eyed Arkansas lad. And yet Skip keeps coming back for more, as ballsy and unbowed as the first day he stepped foot on a BG East mat.

While vastly experienced in the world of underground wrestling, Tito has a shorter record at BG East than Skip. However, in past matches he's demonstrated a gift for dishing up serious hurt on some very pretty pretty-boys. He enjoys the body contact, naturally, like everybody, but he likes it best when the other body belongs to a lean, blond boy who quivers and moans as he thrusts himself against him. He may not be a "mastodon," but Tito knows how to make a man flinch ... and make the man thank him for it later. When Skip, all smiles, teases him for showing up late and chummily questions whether Tito is ready for this match, Tito shoots him the dead-eyes and slugs "Blondie" in the abs.

Tito snaps Skip into a modified camel clutch, with one hand over the blond's mouth and nose, smothering him. Then, in a flash, Skip is on his back with Tito's legs scissoring his midsection, squeezing the sass out of him one tormented gulp at a time. Already, mere moments into the bout, the expression on Skip's face suggests somebody who has just swum into a nest of water moccasins. Still he makes with the smart-aleck quips, playing the cleverer-than-you tough guy, while Tito smiles at the sight of Vance's face slowly graduating through several shades of purple. Then unable to help himself, he grabs a fistful of the blond hair and gives Skip's head a brisk and savage yank - right into his swelling bulge!

A brief hope spot lasts long enough to make Skip cocky, exactly the attitude that fires Tito up again. The black-haired hitman pins the blond to the mat and plows his knuckles into Vance's taut and well-defined abs. Who could resist attacking such a beautiful target as Skip's beating-begging abs? After some playful give and take, Tito gets tough, pressing Skip's nose to the mat, his boner-bulging crotch riding up Skip's tightly muscled ass, immobilizing the blond in an unyielding humping full nelson, and then enjoying the closeup view of Skip's cocky smile as it transforms into a terrified grimace.

Tito's idea of fun and games tends definitely towards the dark side. When very quickly he succeeds in twisting and stretching some desperate whimpers out of the blond goodtime boy, his manner is coolly dispassionate as if Skip Vance's shivering agony were a mere science fair project. Presented with the opportunity to retaliate, Skip takes it and runs. It's a wild, hard-fought attempt at payback, though in the end Tito is left relatively unscathed and Skip needs a break to check his chartreuse trunks to make sure his balls are still attached. "You ready for more of this?" Tito inquires nonchalantly as Skip's still gasping for air. Impressively, Skip replies, "I ain't done." In the end, Tito wrestles Skip down to the nub, but along the way the Arkansan grows on him, it seems. The blond's sunny disposition gets the acid test here, but damned if Skip doesn't take a drubbing and come back panting for more! Hot damn! Tito Valencia vs Skip Vance: A front-runner for sexiest mat match of the year!

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Tino Valencia vs. Skip Vance
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Tino coils around Skip's body with a nasty leg-splitting, knee-to-face cradle pin

Skip locked down tight in a wicked headscissor, his gut exposed to Tito's gut-bashing ministrations

Skip is desperate to escape as Tito continues to bear down tightly on the brutal headscissors

Tito lifeless and locked down as Skip fold-presses him with his ass buried on tough guy's face

Tito's battle-boned as he works the lightweight grappler over, humping that cute boy butt

Skip is fading quickly as he's stretched and spread in the rear naked choke

Tino Valencia: 5'9, 160 - Dark, determined and smitten by blond boys, Skip is exactly his type

Skip's lean, flexible body proves pliant to Tito's crotch-crunching, inventive submission demands

Tito sucks the wind from Skip's sails with a reverse bearhug as he humps the blond boy's butt

Tito's basket bulges and leaks as Skip works a skull-crunching headscissors on his fading opponent

Tito triumphant in a schoolboy pin as he drags the blond up facefirst into his packed pouch

Who's got who? Tito's got a fistfull of Skip's hair; Skip's got a fistfull of Tito's bulging basket

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