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  Kid Karisma vs. Reese Wells

Kid Karisma: 5'8, 170

Reese takes to the sky as he leapfrogs over the charge of the karismatic bull

Has Reese done it?! Arms high in victory as a humbled Karisma is toast on the mat

Kid K throws up a power packed bicep flex as he rocks back in the camel clutch

Between a rock and a hard place; Reese arches agonizingly in a spine splintering bearhug

Reese hangs limply, the fight drained out of him by the tight, crippling bearhug

How We Like Our Eye-Candy, or, Reese's (in) Pieces

Where did Reese Wells get all this new attitude? Even before his opponent makes an entrance, Reese is serious to the point of scowling. Approaching the ring with his usual swagger, Kid Karisma tries to tease him into lightening up, calling him "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup." Reese refuses him any sort of response apart from the same glowering stare he might direct towards a sewer rat with a malodorous discharge. Kid K hates being dissed, and when his clipped greeting of "What's up?" is dissed with stony silence, he leaps over the ropes, pressing chest to chest and forehead to forehead, itching to kick ass.

Kid Karisma's jocular demeanor makes an abrupt change."You think you're tough?" Kid K spits the words out. A quick shoving match, and the tension mounts! Refusing to utter a syllable, Reese rushes towards him. Karisma deflects the advance with a contemptuous swat of his gloved hand. He taunts Wells into slapping him across the face, not once, but four times and strong-style, HARD. Kid K almost gleefully bounds away, going "Whooooa!" summoning the berserker spirits that sometimes possess the man. Any sane individual would flee the ring, pronto! But Reese is convinced he's up for a full-scale, no-pussyfooting FIGHT with this guy! We just hope his health insurance is paid up.

A traditional collar-and-elbow lockup follows, turning with insulting speed and ease into a tight side headlock with Reese's ear smashed uncomfortably up against Kid K's left pec. Karisma marches the smug upstart in a small circle away from the ropes, strutting his total dominance over him, adding stress and jog to the grip by stomping boot to mat. Karisma's Irish whips off the ropes energize the intense situation, followed by some closed-fist punches that back Reese to the turnbuckle, grimacing. To his credit, Reese doesn't back down even though Kid K has no intention of going easy on him. It's possible he may not yet know what he's up against: Karisma's sights are set on fucking this boy up!

At this point we have reached only the match's three-minute mark. Let that idea sink in for a second or two! But don't blink because this ring war packs an explosion every few seconds. We have seen Kid K pissed off before, but never like this. The expression on his face while he stretches Wells out while choking him (call it a legal chinlock if you like, but we're not buying it) might be best described as murderous. Ditto for the gleam in his eye as he paralyzes Reese with a hammerlock that hurts to watch even at a distance. Nobody gives a body a stiffer or sexier licking than Kid Karisma, and while it would be only right to say that Reese was asking for it, we have never felt this much pity for the guy.

Keeping their taut sinewy bodies close to the mat, the two men grapple like they mean it, breaking a hard sweat in seconds. There's nothing choreographed about this portion of our program, folks, just the pure grunt'n'groan rasslin' and crotch-gripping that you may remember from your days in the barracks or at the frat house or on the barroom floor, wherever two wild-hearted roughnecks have felt the need to tangle. Five solid minutes' worth without a break or a breather or an edit! It's rough, sexy and aggressive.

For wrestling fans, this is truly satisfying stuff, with Reese showing more grit than any of us expected and Kid Karisma merciless as any other force of nature is. And these guys are just getting started! You have never seen a bear hug as stark and astonishing as the one coming up. Bear hug aficionadoes, prepare yourself to be seriously stunned and totally satisfied.

Brutal crab holds, torturous stretches and clutches and locks, enervating iron claws to the abs and the cranium, ball-grabbing galore and furious body-pummeling against the ropes lead seamlessly to the trio of thunderous body slams that bring this two-man Armageddon to a screeching halt. Here's a showdown only BG East could deliver, but you better brace yourselves for it! Kid Karisma rocks the house! And beauteous Reese is at his all-time best.

One reviewer wrote: "Ringwars 27 is an instant classic that should be on every wrestling fan's watch list, and it opens with one of BG East's all-time greats.... This is the kind of match that has kept BG East at the top of its game for thirty years... We don't often think of it this way, but a match as good as Karisma vs Wells is fine art." Don't miss this!

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Kid Karisma vs. Reese Wells
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KK works a headlock and a humbling wedgy pull on his smaller opponent

Reese's perfect body a study in pain as he arches off the mat

Reese's pint-sized body stretched out as KK claws his crotch

Reese wrecked as Kid K folds him up with that award-winning ass to his face

Karisma puts on a gun show as he flexes over his suffering jobber

The smug, sexy Karismatic One rides Reese's muscle butt, his victim bulging in a backbreaking boston

Reese Wells: 5'9, 152

The perennial BG Besties nominees go head to head in a sweat soaked smackdown

Karisma locked up tight with a neck-breaking pin with nowhere to go but down in defeat

The Karismatic One carries the smaller stud up and over for a ring-rattling slam

A study in anatomy, carved from stone Kid Karisma latches on a soul sucking iron claw

The Kid called this from the beginning as he stands victorious, his foot on the broken stud's chest

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