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  Joshua Goodman vs. Gil Barrios  

Gil Barrios: 5'9, 165

Is Goodman bribing Gil to forfeit their upcoming match?

A wicked side headlock from the adonis debilitates the mopheaded combatant

Gil is just getting started as he drags the body beautiful back to his feet for more

Heel 101: When the going gets tough, the tough go low

Goodman slams his latino opponent hard into the mat

The Art of the Deal, and, The Art of the Derriere!

"Hey, kid! You're doing that all wrong!" With Mister Joshua's godlike build, it's sometimes easy to overlook how pushy the guy can be. It's a habit that's won him a few enemies here. Gil Barrios doesn't mind, though. He seems to appreciate Goodman's tips on how to use the pec deck to maximize his chest workout. Gil (pronounced "Jeel") is a fresh-faced Latino lover with an infectious smile and a derriere that could give Kid Karisma a run for the the title of "Best". His divine derriere doesn't have Kid K's heft but it is proportional perfection.

Gil has made a lot of fans for himself with his hot sensuality, his sexy voice and alluring South American accent. Gil is a regular in the BG Wrestleshack. It's the kind of venue and style of action which sets his wrestling heart afire - and sure as hell sets a part of our anatomy afire as well! His Wrestleshack and Gazebo matches with Christian Taylor, Kieran Dunne, Skip Vance, Tyrell Tomsen and Myke Mars have nearly set the venue ablaze! He's fared far less well in the ring - and that, of course, is exactly where Mister J wants him!

Speaking of time, Mr. J has time on his hands today. His scheduled opponent is a no-show, so he's free to meddle in Gil's exercise routine. After sharing a few tips, Joshua suggests they wrestle. Gil is reluctant. Goodman is bigger and more experienced. Josh coaxes him into it, smiling like the cat with eyes on the canary. "I'm an honest guy," Josh assures the curly-haired kid with all the conviction of a man who has to make that assurance often. "You can learn a lot from me," he promises. Then he waves $100 cash under Barrios' nose to lure him to the ring. When Gil guardedly resists that bait, Joshua promises to tie one hand behind his back, too. Ka-ching! and the trap snaps shut, or so it would seem.

When Goodman manages to shove Barrios to a corner with one hand indeed behind his back, Gil tries to beg off. "I don't think I'm ready for this," he says. But a deal's a deal, even when it's made with the devil. There's no turning back. And Mister Joshua is not about to let his trapped Latin lover off the hook that easily, not while he's got him cornered!

Gil is a smokin' hot young dude, who, despite his initial reticence here, has proved his passion and wrestling chops on numerous occasions. However, Goodman has the wiles to work a situation to his advantage, most especially in the squared circle where he feels very much at home. And when the wind blows against him, Mr. J is the first to slither out of harm's way ... or regain the top position by hook or by crook. With his free arm, Mister Joshua catches Gil in a side headlock, calmly assuring the youngster everything's all right even as he wrenches the neck bones to intensify the nerve-jangling torment.

Gil wriggles free of the headlock and ratchets up Joshua's unbound arm behind him. Repaying tit for tat, Gil jerks the heel's wrist up high against the shoulder blades, causing Goodman to roar in pain and suddenly look very worried. One hand tied behind the back indeed! Ha! Mr. J's supreme confidence and nefarious plot has just bit him in the butt!

The obviously not-so-innocent Gil taunts Mister Joshua with the fact that the whole setup was the heel's own idea. That has GOT to sting! With a previously hidden aggressiveness, Barrios shoves Joshua to the ropes, forcing him to view himself caught in the rookie's grip, jerking the arm a half-inch higher each time Goodman refuses to give up. Mr. Goodman escapes but immediately finds himself once again in Barrios' clutches, this time with a headlock at least as tight as the one in which he held Gil, just minutes before.

Gil pummels the heel against the turnbuckle, punishing his abs and pecs, and at last tosses the muscle stud to the mat and gets his hard-won submission from the arrogant "Mister" with a crushing body scissors and crotch-splitting, leg spread combo.

Goodman gets his money's worth in the closing 15 minutes, packed with plenty of hurt, double-cross, and humiliation. At one point, he strips Gil down to a G-string, exhibiting, in this writer's opinion, some of the finest tortured eye candy in BG East history! We get a tumult of low blows, figure-fours, hair-pulling, gut-punching, gagging, an over-the-knees backbreaker, bone-shaking body slams, Irish whips, and bear hugs. And what bear hugs! With Gil's extraordinary and prize-contending derriere fully revealed, Mr. J's repeated bear hug applications are a thing of remarkable and breathtaking beauty.

In the end only one man exits the ring on his feet, tossing the $100 at the loser's barely conscious face. Goodman has never lost his cool like this, and in this triumphant out-of-the-vault gem of a work, Barrios demonstrates what many of us have suspected: that he is one of the most ingenious babyface talents in the company's history.

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Joshua Goodman vs. Gil Barrios
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