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  Dick Rick vs. Donnie Drake

Donnie Drake: 6'1, 205

A back body drop sends Dick crashing hard to the canvas below

Donnie doesn't appear to have much left as Rick rains blows down into his exposed abs

Donnie lays wasted over the ropes like a side of beef as Dick catches his breath

Big Dick flexes in triumph with the wasted muscleboy's carcass under his boot treads

Donnie kneels, down but not out as he uses Dick to climb back to his feet

Time for the Real Deal

Up and coming indy pro wrestlers Dick Rick and Donnie Drake have both been waiting for their big break. As former fresh faced newbies, Dick and Donnie have cut their teeth on several of the same opponents. However, they have established distinctly divergent career trajectories. Dick has quickly stepped into the role of one of the handsomest and hottest muscled heels in circulation. His raw wrestling talent has steadily grown to nearly match the impeccably refined aesthetics of his phenomenal physique. He's deceptively pretty, which makes his ugly cheating ways and blunt force bulldozing of one opponent after another a delightful shock to the senses of his adoring fans.

Donnie, on the other hand, has struggled mightily to hit his stride. He has everything going for him. Genetically gifted with a fan-pleasing face and tall, effortlessly muscled body, Donnie is a passionate student of the art and science of professional wrestling. His repertoire of opponent-pounding moves and submission holds grows daily. He's generated attention across indy pro circuits for his immense potential. But more often than not, when the time comes to make the clutch play, Donnie chokes. Or, more precisely, he gets choked, throttled, broken in body and spirit and left wallowing in the pool of sweat he inevitably covers the ring with.

Donnie has not only watched Dick's star rise with envy. He felt first hand the savage edge of the pristinely proportioned physique star. When they faced each from opposite corners in Tag Team Torture 8, Donnie tasted the bitter fruits of disappointment with big Dick's bulging muscles burying him and his partner mercilessly. Donnie is fiercely determined to even the score and turn the tables on the cocky heel, using Dick's magnificently muscled ass as a steppingstone to the success that Donnie feels is long overdue.

"That's cute," Dick smirks as he arrives to find Donnie doing push ups in the ring. "You want to come in here and pretend that you know what goes on here." Dick looks like he's stepped directly off of the cover of a fitness magazine. His spectacular gluteus muscles are far too massive to stay contained within his brief black trunks. "Now, it's time to put you through the real deal," he flashes his camera-ready smile and flexes his mountainous biceps ominously.

Already lubricated with sweat from his warm-up, Donnie grabs the bull by the horn, chaining together a side headlock, hammerlock, and leg-sweeping take down to put the muscleman on his back. Dick digs himself out the hole he's buried in early on with his signature high impact punishment, driving knee lifts, gut punches, and rock hard shoulder blocks into Donnie's core trapped in the corner. With wind in his sails, Dick shows off his dominant power by scooping all 6'1" of Donnie up in a cradle, parading him about, and then repeatedly pounding and picking him back up out of an over-the-knee backbreaker. The shipping forecast is pointing decisively Dick's way as he capitalizes on his bulging muscle advantage.

Donnie has learned a thing or two since he was get crushed underneath Dick's muscle avalanche in their tag team match. Donnie sucks up the pugilistic punishment like the pro he is, biding his time and holding onto his reserves for the precise moment that Dick flings him into the ropes as a set up for a decapitating clothesline. Sure footed and confident, Donnie ducks, bounces off the ropes again, and soars majestically in a picture perfect flying drop kick to Dick's massive pecs. All of that gorgeous muscle comes crashing down in a writhing heap, and Donnie decisively folds the muscleman over, wedgied ass to the sky, for a shocking pin.

"That didn't happen!" Dick yells in open astonishment. "Nobody saw that," he reports his own version of fake news, ignoring the cameras documenting his stunning humiliation. The camera continues to track Dick's dirty tricks and disregard for sportsmanship or common decency as he frustratingly attempts to rewrite history as only a winner can. The balance of power and the winds of fortune switch repeatedly. More equally matched than they'd expected in strength, skill, and bitter determination to do whatever it takes to come out on top, both fierce competitors drive each other to desperation. One star most definitely is on the rise as the tide turns for the final time. Just one of these stunned young hunks literally has to be chased down and dragged back for more when he tries to flee the scene of his brutal undoing. "Please, no more!" the loser begs pleadingly, signaling his leap into the precipice of shattered dreams and complete humiliation.

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Dick Rick vs. Donnie Drake
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Donnie stretched out in an over the knee backbreaker, gut exposed to a punishing elbow

Donnie in trouble as he's draped across Rick's shoulders in a torture rack

Donnie is helpless as Rick brings him down for a brutal back busting over the knee

Donnie grabs a handful of Dick's trunks for a beautiful shoulder roll-up pin

A back-bending chinlock variation saps and drains Donnie's will to fight

Donnie's thick muscle is whipped to the mat with a big brutal bodyslam

Dick Rick: 6'1, 220

Big Dick Rick carries Donnie Drake up and over for a ring-rattling bodyslam

A big knee lift from big Dick Rick winds and lifts Donnie up off his feet

Dick works a nasty single leg boston that sets Donnie to screaming in agony

A knee-to-back bow and arrow submission has Donnie reaching for the safety of the ropes

Dick presses his superior weight into the abused gut of the prettyboy

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