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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Kirby Stone

Kirby's arms look twisted out of joint as Jonny works a seated armbar variation

Jonny tests Kirby's limits with a backbreaking chinlock

Jonny takes advantage of Kirby's stretched and vulnerable gut with a deep-digging abclaw

Pretty-in-pink Kirby gets piledriven to the mat in this private pro matchup

Kirby takes to the apron and locks and stretches Jonny in a torturous tarantula hold

Pretty boy Kirby is grounded, cornered, and stomped by an enraged Jonny

Out of the Heel Locker Room, Into the Fire

"What the fuck are you doing here," Jonny Firestorm asks upon finding cute Kirby Stone suiting up. "This is the heel locker room!" BG East tries to keep the predators and prey separated before a match, to keep the feeding frenzy localized to the ring. "Well, I'm not a babyface anymore," Kirby snaps back with a smirk.

Fans have been fascinated to watch the evolution of Kirby from an achingly young, pretty, lithe rookie fueled by raw ambition more than good sense, into a beefier, savvier, sadistically dominating force in the ring. He's every bit as pretty as ever, with a disarming youthfulness that looks like he's just days out of short pants. Still seductively smooth, Kirby's maturing muscle mass has given him a picture perfect posterior and impressive power to match his rapidly expanding repertoire of submission holds. The last couple of opponents who planned to plough the pretty boy under learned the hard way that Kirby is not only ready to suit up in the heel locker room, he's impeccably equipped to brutalize any opponent who underestimates him.

"Not a babyface," Jonny scoffs, giving the pink clad pretty boy a withering once over. "You look like a dickface to me!" Jonny has been the resident pro heel at BG East for years. Nobody with half a brain mistakes Jonny for anything other than one of the most dominant, skilled, and vicious wrestlers in the company's history. He's in full beast mode for this match, scruffy-faced, hairy-chested, burly and clad in no-nonsense black trunks. When he gets up in Kirby's face, there's a chill in the air. Nobody graduates from babyface into the ranks of the heels without going through Jonny first.

The days of Kirby taking shit from anyone are long over: a brawl breaks out in the locker room, with Jonny throwing the first sucker punch to Kirby's gut and working on choking the audacity out of him with both hands. Calmly, Kirby punches free, returning the favor with a tornado of surgical punches and stomps, bearing down on Jonny with a two-handed choke of his own. Jonny's fans will gasp when they see that it's Kirby dragging the stunned veteran out of the locker room and face planting him into the ring apron with sadistic glee.

Once the all-out brawl spills into the ring, Jonny and Kirby demonstrate why they are two of the most sought after young pros in the business. The blistering pace of holds, counter moves, and stunning reversals is breathtaking. Every ounce as much a head game as it is a test of strength and athleticism, both hungry hunks dish out and suck down incredibly closely matched punishment. It's a long game from the start. Kirby's figure-4 leglock would have maimed almost anyone else, but he doles it out for long-term damage rather than expecting someone of Jonny's caliber to submit to it early. Jonny's spinning escape and seamless application of a backbreaking lion tamer would be a crippling finisher on almost anybody else, but with Kirby's strength, stamina, and lock picking skills, it more directly serves the purpose of softening him up for worse jeopardy to come.

They both inflict damage early and often. Forearm smashes and closed-fisted punches tenderize each other's muscles and scramble their senses. The action sprints from corner to corner, featuring whiplash-inducing clotheslines and seriously soaring flying drop kicks to the face. The submissions squeeze out reluctantly, as both savvy pros cede momentary shots to their ego with an eye on staying focused on the endgame. When Kirby takes the first two out of three submissions, he pumps his fists in the air and wipes the sweat from his smooth pecs, declaring himself the winner of the match and heading back to the heel locker room. Jonny berates the relative rookie for his premature jubilation. "You're playing with the big boys, now!" Jonny snarls, explaining that victory demands three submissions in a row.

The last 10 minutes of this scorching hot wrestling clinic drives both expert tacticians to the edge of reason. Jonny literally tramples the would-be heel underfoot, standing on his gut and stomping the trash talk out of him with vile kicks to Kirby's throat. In his turns on top, Kirby softens him up with a ring rattling suplex before stretching Jonny across his back in an indefensible neck breaker. Both raging hunks are reduced to screaming. They're hobbled and haggard and flirting with serious injury by the time one man scores that elusive third submission in a row and announces who the superior heel really is. Halfway back to the heel locker room, a blindsided punch to the balls gets the "winner" dragged back into the ring for more decisive and desperate heel measures. Who comes out on top is a matter of perspective, but fans of the best quality professional wrestling in the industry are most definitely the real winners!

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Kirby pushed to his limits as Jonny bends him up a bow and arrow

Jonny proves a master of submission with a torturous backbreaker variation

Kirby's finely toned muscled torso twisted and tortured in a leg pulling abstretch

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Jonny turns up the effects pf the figure four leglock as Kirby suffers

A reverse, camel variation has Jonny all wrapped up without the nice little bow

Kirby Stone: 5'10, 167

Kirby grinds Jonny under his knee whilst working his arm up his back in a hammerlock

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Kirby grounds the beefy pro stud with a chinlock, hammerlock combination

Jonny continues to work the backbreaker variation on the lean muscled prettyboy pro

Kirby shows Jonny up with an inventive pretzel abstretcher

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