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  Dylon Roberts vs. Hawk Rodman  

Hawk Rodman: 5'9, 145

Dylon wails in agony as Hawk tramples his bulge with a big boot

Kneeling and rope bound, Dylon suffers in a tight standing headscissors

Hawk works a camel clutch to devastating effect on Dylon's already taxed spine

Dylon's bulge dangles above the mat as Hawk cranks on a back-breaking boston crab

Dylon demonstrates his disdain for his opponent as he grinds his skull underfoot

Driving Home His Point

Dylon Roberts is a conundrum. With his pro wrestling experience, leanly muscled physique, and more than a passing appreciation for the inherent eroticism of the ring, Dylon has shown flashes of brilliance. When he hits his stride, the babyface beauty looks like a seriously dangerous up-and-coming heel. His idiosyncratic mix of improvisation and studied skills make him more than a handful for seasoned opponents and rising rookies alike. Sensationally sadistic and seemingly unstoppable at times, he has a well-known knack for choking when the stakes are at their highest. Then there's that very sexy sneer, that great derriere and that massive mound which cannot help but command attention!

Hawk Rodman has faced several of the same opponents that Dylon has, with similarly mixed results. From the start, Hawk made no secret of his aim to become one of the top lightweight heels on record. Transparently driven by a passionate pleasure for the feel of bending another man's will and possessing an opponent's body, Hawk breathes an air of inevitability at times as he smartly dismantles challengers and takes his trophies home to Canada. The facade of foreordained certainty in victory has impressively come crashing down around him in unexpected moments thus far in his brief wrestling career. Vile libertine or breakable babyface, the jury is still out. In either case, he's compelling to watch.

There's an instant, palpable antipathy for each other when they arrive in the ring to sort out whose star is on the rise. Hawk is decked out in Canadian red gear, looking acutely lean to the point of seriously hungry to take a bite out of his juicy opponent. Dylon is suited up in white boots and a sensationally sexy pair of skimpy white trunks with an expandable crotch in order to make room for the elephant in the room, namely Dylon's gargantuan bulge straining its seams. Both battlers look bitter, seeing each other as the only thing standing between them and the cutting room floor. The angry excitement that they channel from the start of the action has the feeling of a grudge match, but the hard feelings come from the painful recognition that both men are hanging on to their wrestling dreams by their fingertips. The tension is sexy, arousing and edge-of-your-seat exciting.

The back-and-forth battle demonstrates that these would-be bad boys are evenly matched in strength and skill. Right out of the gates, Hawk shocks with a sucker kick to the lower abdomen that knocks the wind, but certainly not the fight out of Dylon. Bullied about a bit, Dylon bounces off the ropes and beats his opponent to a nearly decapitating clothesline to grab control of the match and send lean, mean Hawk flying flat onto his back. He's deliberate and methodical, catapulting Hawk crashing from corner to corner. His slow, crotch-quivering high kick crushes the Canadian's throat and bends him backward across the turnbuckle. The more he makes Hawk sputter and choke, the fuller his pouch grows.

True to form, this gut check of a match careens way off of either hunk's script. Hawk cannot resist the titanic target Dylon persistently shoves in his face, clawing that mammoth bulge with both hands and considerable gusto. In turn, Dylon drives home his most intimidating asset with sensationally long face-to-crotch headscissors, smothering his opponent with the oversized ball-gag in his pouch and threatening to snap Hawk's head off between those incredibly thick, powerful thighs. What a combination! A brutal headscissors applied by a set of spectacular legs capped off up in the crotch by a bountiful, bulging basket!

One ambitious stud finally proves that he's the man to make the clutch play. Slowly, he wears his increasingly frustrated opponent down hold by hold. The consummation of this career defining confrontation is luxuriously vicious and sadistically domineering. The closer he gets to victory, the more enthusiastically the victor grinds his swelling crotch into the ultimate loser's ass. Controlled, displayed, and driven to defenselessness, one broken hunk can do nothing but taste the bitterness of defeat with his opponent's tongue pinning the back of his throat to the mat. A spectacular opener to the debut of a new BG East series!

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Dylon Roberts vs. Hawk Rodman
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Dylon displays his dominance with a widow's peak, hangman's hold combination

Dylon charges in like a bull, taking Rodman's head nearly off with a clothesline

Dylon's leanly muscled quads work a skull-crunching headscissor from the side

Dylon corners Hawk with a rope-assisted boot choke in the turnbuckle

Hawk takes his perch atop Dylon with a liplock pinfall

Hawk embodies the essence of the namesake match with a crotch to face matchbook press

Dylon Roberts: 5'9, 165

Hawk toys with his kneeling and bound prey with a teasing nipple twist

Hawk locked down with a figure four headscissors and a faceful of sweaty bulge

Dylon presses his advantage (and bulge) right in the face of a bully-pinned Hawk

Hawk takes the bulge battle to new heights with a ball-clawing, single-leg boston

Hawk rides Dylon into oblivion with a camel clutch sleeper combo

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