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  Kayden Keller vs. Carter Alexander

Carter Alexander: 6'1, 185

A half japanese strangle exposes the musclestud to Kayden's brutal belly-bashing ministrations

"Not so fast..." Kayden seizes Carter by the hair to drag him up for more torturous punishments

Carter cries out, cornered and pounded as Kayden rains big boots down into his abs

Carter hangs inverted in a tree of woe, wedgied and helpless a Kayden closes in on those abs

Glutes! Kayden marches a humbled, humiliated Carter around the ring with a tight trunk wedgie

Abs-solute Perfection = Abs-solute Attention, or, Beg, Bitch, BEG!!!

We welcome Kayden Keller as the newest member of a very special fraternity of BG East spotlighted wrestlers which first began way back when with the epic "Kid Leopard in Hollywood". It's a distinction bestowed upon those wrestlers with some combination of passion, drive, skill, performance, perseverance, popularity, stunning good looks and, of course, the favor of The Boss. In Kayden's case, he can tick off all those boxes.

We've watched Kayden from the very beginning of his wrestling career through its ups and downs, as he's gone from lean to muscular, from a pretty babyface busting out of the confines of that role to where he has always aspired: a leading heel on the BG East roster. Young Kayden is no stranger to radical change. He's gone from a Montana-bred shy, overweight, self-described geek to a sleek, fashionable, strikingly handsome geek with a divine derriere and mesmerizing eyes. He's also transitioned from a decent recreational wrestler of modest skills to a stalking, confident danger, either on the mats, in the ring or on a mattress. Kayden can do it all and aspires to, and works hard at achieving greatness in each. For these and so many other attributes, Kayden is accorded this honor.

Accordingly, Kayden got to choose his victims - er, we mean his opponents - for his trio of triumphs. But lest you think he chose 3 easy marks, think again. In Carter Alexander he chose a fitness model who has had his own mixed-bag share of successes and failures in the underground wrestling rings and mats. Kayden vs Carter is a match made in BGE heaven where two equally experienced young wrestlers have something to prove and where a win over the other would most certainly create some ripples in BGE-Land and propel the victor forward in both the BG East rankings and in the estimation of his very competitive peers. Plus, both being tall and of approximately the same stature, they just look freaking hot together! Just the revelatory portraits on either side at the top of this page here state the case and set the tone: It's a classic muscleboy babyface vs hot-as-hell heel pairing.

Carter's exquisite posturing and posing in his very brief and revealing aqua speedo simply provide Kayden with a detailed map of where to target his attack. Carter has a phenomenal body so it's difficult to pin-point specific physique praise. The shoulders, that muscled derriere, the long lean beautiful legs, those perfect pecs. All gorgeous. All worthy of attention and praise and punishment. But Kayden zeroes in on Carter's pride and joy: those spectacular abdominals, a frequent and worthy contender in any Best Abs contest.

And smart choice it is since Carter foolishly reveals that he's worked extra long and hard on his abs in preparation for this match. Well, well, well! Kayden hasn't even stepped through the ropes before he begins his wisely chosen ab attack. It also seems that Kayden is not unprepared for his chosen course of action. His attack on Carter's beautiful belly is calculated, progressive and unrelenting. From a spectacular suspended body scissors to a deep penetrating claw hold to one corner battering after another, this is a gut bash par excellence. What's more, Kayden takes a bodypart-focused attack a step beyond the ordinary into the realm of extraordinary sexiness and sensuality. Woof!

Perched on Carter's big biceps, his heel bulge over the handsome baby's face, he pounds the fuck out of those delicious abs. But this match is not just about Carter's rippled washboard. Oh no. Kayden makes sure that his opponent is weakened in many other ways as well including a big crushing and crunching knee to the groin which will have you moaning almost as much as Carter Alexander! Repeated trampling, a half japanese strangle hold and a spine-compressing single leg boston have the muscle boy agonizing in submission. All the while, his glorious physique and especially that sweet bulge and those precious glutes are displayed and highlighted for Kayden's - and our - delectation.

But Kayden keep his eyes on the prize and repeatedly returns to his primary focus: the magnificent mid-section. More of those mind-boggling suspended body scissors has Carter reaching for the ropes but then screaming in submission yet again. An abdominal stretch leaves the pretty boy wide open for a continued pounding of the target and more clawing at those rock-hard abs. Stretched out over the top rope places that terrific torso in our direct close-up view and in easy reach of Kayden's gloved fist, black boot and clawing talons.

This match could easily have fallen into the Fantasymen or Demolition, Hunkbash or GutBash categories. It's as good as a muscleboy beatdown gets. And Carter being paraded around the BG East ring by his trunks wedged tight up his gorgeous derriere and then hung, tree-of-woe style, in the corner for even more ab abuse and crotch-watching - combined with that now-exposed butt make for some delectable babyface bashing. And the more they are pounded the more prominent those glorious abs become. Revel in their redness. Rejoice in their reduction to muscle mush. With this match Kayden enters the rank of top BG East heels.

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Kayden fixates on breaking Carter's defined midsection with a crushing bodyscissors

Carter reaches for the ropes as Kayden stretches his muscled core out for more punishment

Planting his crotch square in Carter's face, Kayden digs his claws deep in the shredded core

The hunky muscle stud hunches over as Kayden yanks his trunks up his ass

Carter drapes lifelessly over the ropes as Kayden drags him up by the hair for more torture

Strung up in a tree of woe, Alexander's chiseled abs lie wide open for a merciless gutbashing

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175

Alexander's abs are totally trashed as Kayden repeatedly lays waste to the tattooed stud's belly

Those legs! Alexander suffers and grovels in pain in Kayden's powerful standing headscissors

Crotch watch! Alexander's ripped and shredded body bent and arched in a reverse chancery

Kayden cements his mastery over the hot muscleboy with repeated abstretch applications

Magnificent Carter stands, whipped, wasted, out on his feet, his brutalized abs heaving in pain

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