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  Kayden Keller vs. Richie Douglas

Richie Douglas: 5'8, 140

A handfull of hair and a grinding knee to the back have pretty Richie grimacing and groaning

With his hands clasped around his throat Kayden gazes down at his quarry: Kneel, pretty boy!

Kayden continues the back torture, drilling Richie's spine in this sexy scorpion submission hold

Richie's arms raised in celebration of a submission concession from Kayden, but is it premature?

Dark-eyed, humble & handsome Richie is ready to rumble with those sexy lips and boyish good looks

Muscleboy Done: Check!; Pro Boy Done: Check!; Pretty Boy Done???

Best Submission 2017
To say that Richie Douglas has caused a sensation among the fans and the BG boys is a gem of nuanced understatement. That sweet face, that beguiling smile, those dark dreamy eyes and that ever-increasingly muscular physique have just about everyone in full swoon mode. Well, almost everyone... There are a few hardcore heels among the BG East ranks who would enjoy nothing better than to piledrive and pulverize the pretty boy into paste.

Kayden Keller counts himself among these. It's not that he doesn't like Richie. After all, what's not to like about an amiable, affable wrestler of some skill, willing and eager to take on just about anyone? Even The Boss, a notable hardcore heel himself, and one not ordinarily subject to superfluous sentimentality or supererogatory swooning, refers to Richie as his "Golden Boy". And so it should come as no surprise that this prettiest of BG East's cache of pulchritudinous punks should raise the ire of others also desirous of public plaudits and lionization by The Leopard! In other words, Kayden wants to bulldoze the bitch!

As our scene opens, Richie is crunching those sexy, very prominent abdominals then begins a set of push-ups, interrupted by Kayden's boot pressing him down to the mat. When backed into a corner Richie let's the taller, heavier heel know he's not going to be easy pickings. A monkey flip sending Kayden flying head over heels and brutally tight headscissors have the heel's face turning crimson red. An armbar almost has the bad boy tapping out just a minute or two into the match but Double K uses his towering strength to hoist Richie up, in a small ball, and smash him to the canvas. A stunning standing double armbar headscissors combo has the pretty boy conceding the first fall - and a pretty raucous opening fall it is!

The sight of Richie flexing his powerful pecs and those astonishing abs, clutching his pouch while Keller splits him wide is a perk for the submissions they presage. But lest you think this is Douglas demolition, think again. A figure 4 leglock has the tall, lanky heel in a quandary of submission predicament. When the heel reverses, Richie's gorgeous humping the air will likely send you into orbit as well. This is one of the hottest figure 4's in BG East history. The pain and punishment is palpable and it provides the comeback Richie needed to stay in this fight. A re-application of that effective headscissors has the bad boy reeling.

Kayden is tough and resilient but if he thought the Richie who appears here is the same shy lad who got steamrolled in his first BGE appearances, he is sorely mistaken. This Richie is not only more muscular but he's also much stronger and more accomplished which he demonstrates by literally flying at his taller opponent to take him down. But hey, Kayden chose these opponents for his Spotlight to prove something to himself and to everyone else. He pretty much assumed that none of these 3 opponents would be an easy mark. None were known as jobbers. Babyfaces, yes; jobbers, no. But he is determined to make a statement that no one - no one! - should ever again consider HIM an easy mark or a jobber!

The Kayden Keller we witness here is a stalking, horny hulk of a heel with a penchant for punishing his opponents with a cascade of serious, sensual and torturous submission holds, one after another, the next one more debilitating than its predecessor. A distinct pattern has emerged: wear the bitch down, demolish his pride and his perseverance, make him hurt and hurt bad and then lower the boom with a headbanger that leaves the fucker down for the long count. It's classic, logical, degradation of your opponent - and sexy as fuck.

Kayden versus Richie is the ideal finale to an impressive set of performances by all combatants. It showcases the expanding talents and arsenals of both wrestlers, as well as their contrasting beautiful bodies highlighted by their choice of iconic trunks and boots. Richie accounts himself magnificently here giving his taller heavier opponent a serious run for the money and glory. Kayden splays and displays his beautiful body in just about every way we might hope for. The photos here speak eloquently to the range and severity of the submission holds employed toward that end. Richie gives his best performance yet, elevating him to the status of purposeful player and serious threat. And Kayden Keller emerges here as a horny heel to reckon with, and now with an expanding armoury stockpiled with savage submissions and calamitous finishers. This is wrestling which will appeal to your mind, your heart AND your dick - as only BG East can produce!

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The smaller Richie's lean thighs clamp and crush the wind from Kayden's abused midsection

Red-faced Kayden sags and flags as sweat-soaked Richie's gorgeous quads sap his strength

Trapped on the ropes, Richie's boot deep in his lower back adds to the budding heel's torment

A tight, seated full leg nelson grounds the spunky, high-flying babyface and slows his momentum

Richie locks down his bigger opponent's long legs with a torturous and endless figure-four leglock

Who's got who? Kayden rocks and rolls all over on the mat to reverse Richie's figure four leglock

Kayden's powerful muscles pop with effort as he rocks Richie backward in a crunching camel clutch

A reverse leg nelson variation crunches and cranks Richie's lean, ripped torso

Richie fixes his hair, watching an obviously injured Kayden clinging to the ropes for a respite

Kayden turns Richie's world upside down displaying his gorgeous butt with a tombstone piledriver

Gloating Kayden rocks back in a spine-snapping camel clutch on the screaming prettyboy

Can your feet touch your head? A brutal back-bending scorpion tests Richie's resolve & flexibility

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