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  Kayden Keller vs. Kirk Donahue

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175

Kayden pours on the pain as Kirk screams in his rib-crushing suspended bodyscissors

After a crotch posting Kayden traps Kirk in the corner with a brutal standing headscissors

Kayden cannot help but pause his punishment to admire Kirk's spectacularly perfect derriere

Kayden seeks to bring this contest to an end with another skull crunching DDT to the mat

Kayden gazes upon his handiwork as he besmirches Kirk's handsome visage with his black boot

A Propensity for Pro - or - If 1 Was Good, Then Why Not 3 or 4 More?!?

It took a while for freckle-faced pro Kirk Donahue to register with the fans. The seemingly unobtrusive and low-key ultra-babyface has a legion of fans on the indy pro circuit where he's a well-known and respected professional wrestling commodity. His first forays into the rough and tumble of BGE action pitted him against experienced and accomplished tough guys like Guido Genatto and Lane Hartley. So it's understandable that his talents and, um, assets might initially been overlooked. But then came his match with Lane Hartley and a change of gear which was a sudden eye-opener for everyone. Not long thereafter, Kirk was nominated for Best Butt and Best Bulge of 2016! And well-deserved nominations they were!

Well, whattaya know? Same gear here! And Kirk's near proportionately perfect physique showcases those form-fitting trunks perfectly. Accessorized with white boots and wrist tape and you have the epitome of pro babyface perfection. Those pecs, those abs, those quads! And did we mention Kirk's phenomenal butt and bulge? Well, just look to the right! -> ->

Kirk's many attributes have most certainly not escaped Kayden Keller's attention. Kirk's is precisely the kind of body that Kayden aspires to both emulate and devastate! And the fact that Donahue is a seasoned and reputable pro would certainly add immeasurable lustre to a Kayden victory. And so Master Keller has diligently prepared for this encounter. He has a plan. He knows that he cannot match Kirk for mat wizardry or technical prowess or even speed, so his approach necessarily has to be different. He has to be on his guard for Kirk's steady ring workmanship. Kayden knows that he needs to call upon his growing facility with debilitating holds and devastating finishers to provide him the edge he needs to succeed.

But Keller's plan is almost thwarted at the very outset as Kirk demonstrates his prestigious facility with arm locks quite understandably throwing young Kayden off his game. An arm bar with a knee to the neck has Kayden arching in delicious discomfort. When Kirk rolls the young heel onto his belly, hooks a boot into a back hammerlock and then drops back the move nearly snaps Kayden's arm out of its socket. When Kirk repeats the move 3 more times, it's a miracle that Kayden doesn't submit. It's only his breathless and abject agony which prevents him from mouthing the words, "I GIVE!" Well, that, and his ego. 1 submission this early in the match would not bode well for overall success!

But luckily for our budding bad boy and thanks to his training with some of BG East's more veteran heels, he employs a smart escape and ends up the catbird seat with a brutal knee-to-the-spine single leg boston which both shows off Kirk's exquisite assets and causes Donahue some considerable torment of his own. And so it goes, back and forth, with Kirk exhibiting some eye-popping ring magic and Kayden endeavoring to avoid or endure serious submission predicaments, his face reddening with frustration and anger as the young pro manhandles him. What's more, Kirk is more than willing to return Kayden's cheap shots and fire with his own. And when Kirk rolls into a single leg boston of his own, it's Kayden slapping the mat in defeat signaling the end of the first fall. But! No rest for the wicked!

Kirk follows up on his stunning submission win by cornering the young heel and pummeling him with forearms, shoulder blocks and English uppercuts until a stunning reversal of fortune has him groveling on the mat, his ample bulge cupped ever so delicately in his hands, his mouth agape in that terrible torment that only males can appreciate. It's the type of throbbing ache that cannot be overlooked or overcome in the few seconds it would require to reverse his fate. Kayden knows this well having been on the receiving end of brutal ball-bashing himself. He avails himself of this golden opportunity with a fierce and unrelenting attack on the earnest pro. Even when Kirk delivers a bold and stunning flying kick to Kayden's head, and tries a high-risk aerial to take home his victory, a miscalculation once more leaves him clutching the family jewels, and subject to further Kellerizing.

The remainder of this spectacular pro feast features a panoply of punishments leading to multiple extraordinary submissions. Only now, when Kayden has softened up his prey with a variety of back benders and limb twisters, do we see the budding sadist emerge in the full callousness of his cruelty. Now comes the heavy artillery: sidewalk slams, backbreakers over the knee back crackers, postings, the works. And finally, Kayden goes nuclear with a series of head bangers which totally stun Kirk Donahue. And if one was effective, then why not 3 or 4!? Kayden's sexy black trunks bulge with satisfaction as he tramples and trashes the babyface with harrowing affliction. Kirk arches and twists his terrific torso in exquisite anguish. His remonstrations to Kayden's insolence and cruelty are visceral, thrilling and utterly convincing. This match must surely elevate both wrestlers to the ranks of Best Heel and Best Babyface nominees. A spectacular pro heel versus pro babyface extravaganza.

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Kirk has had enough as he repeatedly slaps the mat in Kayden's brutal, back-bending boston crab

Kayden works a dirty crotch grab into a single leg boston crab as Kirk taps out and begs for mercy

Kirk battles his way back into a contention as he works Kayden's spine to the breaking point

Kayden's powerful quads bear down ever tighter on Kirk's skull in a standing headscissors

Backbreaker! Kirk's ripped body bent backwards over Kayden's knees while his crotch is clawed

Kirk corners and clobbers a stretched and exposed Kayden in the turnbuckle

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170

Best Butt Nominee Kirk Donahue takes control as he works Kayden with an arm twister

Kayden delights in Kirk's cries of pain in a crotch-clawing over the knee backbreaker submission

Kayden pushes up on the ropes for leverage as he continues to work a vicious headscissors

Kirk cries out in utter agony as Kayden's crushing quads mercilessly scissor his aching ribs

Cute Kirk Donahue lays spreadeagled with Kayden Keller's boot on his big ballsy blue bulge

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