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  Austin Cooper vs. Christian Taylor

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 175

Christian clamps his lean legs around awesome Austin's abs in a butt-flexing bodyscissors

Christian flexes his long, lean, and very defined bod over the thickly built and battered musclestud

Austin goes full-blown heel using his heel in a vicious curbstomp to the neck of the babyface

Austin is in complete and total control with his suspended surfboard aka Mexican ceiling hold

Dr. Cooper confident of victory as he flexes and parades around the agonizing fan favorite

When Stars Collide Under a Super Moon

Best Mat Battle 2017
It's a marvel how two of the most storied careers in underground wrestling have somehow never crossed paths before now. Not that Christian Taylor and Austin Cooper haven't taken note of each other. Austin quickly built his dominant presence on the scene capitalizing on his sensationally competitive amateur wrestling background. It's a rare breed that can translate mat skills to the wrestling ring, but Austin is the rarest of all, reinventing himself from match to match and leaving a swath of broken bodies in his wake.

Christian's rise through the ranks, while less meteoric, has been no less notable. He has certainly had more on-the-job training. Christian's innate passion for wrestling sustained him through the school of hard knocks, shaping him into a seriously competitive mat wrestler - and among the quartet of wrestlers winning Best 2016 Ring match title. His win-loss record is nowhere nearly as impressive as Austin's. But wrestling careers are moving targets, and neither Christian nor Austin are the raw, naive rookies that they once were.

"You look pretty tough online," Christian gets real the moment that Austin walks in. "Are you excited for this," he asks. "Yeah," Austin replies enthusiastically. "I'm looking forward to some new competition." There's a strong mutual respect for one another as they warm up. Each knows of the other's prowess - and appeal. They are a contrast in body types. Christian is long and leanly muscled to Austin's bulging beefcake centerfold body. As they lock up still wearing their long shorts, Christian's reach advantage enables him to quickly toss his opponent to the mat. "I thought you'd be a little quicker," Christian laughs.

"You're getting a little cocky there," Austin warns a half second before applying a brute force reversal. They trade advantage by the slimmest of margins. Austin traps one of Christian's long, lean arms between his massive, bronzed thighs and threatens to snap it off at the elbow. Christian stares down the pain and panic through the eyes of experience, and he escapes, quickly sitting low and hard across Austin's back and torturing the muscle hunk in a deftly and tightly applied camel clutch. "Come on, I don't really want to hurt you, man," Christian coos in his ear. "Just two easy words, and I'll let you go."

However, nothing comes easy. Austin is consistently a split second faster on the draw, but Christian capitalizes on his height to thrust and parry. The long shorts are ripped off, leaving both fan favorite hunks battling on in sweat soaked briefs. Suddenly Austin hooks his opponent's ankles under his armpits, planting his muscled glutes as he sits low in a vicious boston crab. "Oh, this feels good!" Austin crows, drowning out the sound of Christian's agonized submission. "I'm on top of the world," he soaks in the thrill of victory, openly ignoring Christian's panicked tap out as he milks the delicious moment.

The strong mutual respect they started with gets ripped to shreds in the heat of competition. Christian fulfills his promise to make Austin pay for that first fall disrespect, using his long legs to rip Austin's arms out at the shoulders with chicken wings. The muscle hunk struggles against the pain, his chin digging deeply into his bulging pecs, but with an uncharacteristic whine in his voice, Austin gives up the equalizer submission.

Coated in sweat and both rubbed the wrong way, the battle for a career-defining victory over another fan favorite drives them to heights and depths we haven't seen from either young wrestler. Hopped up on adrenaline and testosterone, the action careens from the sweat-wet floor to a stunning Mexican ceiling suspended surfboard hold to try to wrench out the deciding final fall. In what can only be described as a stunning upset, the winner is the persistent stud who wraps his opponent's own arms around his throat to choke him into defenseless unconsciousness. "Ding, ding," the victor rings his own bell, signaling an end to the question of which underground legend is the better wrestler this day.

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Austin arched over Taylor's knees in Christian's debilitating japanese strangle hold

Christian has the musclestud in a serious predicament with a dangerous double-cross armbar

Coop arrogantly perfoms crunches while Christian suffers in his painfully tight figure 4 leglock

Austin bends the long, lean form of the pretty boy in a chinlock, bow-and arrow combination

Christian's lean, lithe body works the thick muscleboy in a neck-cranking leg nelson

Christian drawn quartered and pinned in an abstretching, guillotine submission hold

Christian Taylor: 6'2, 175

Austin intent on messing up the prettyboy's face, tortures his back and neck in a camel clutch

A big swing on the smaller stud from the bigger muscled Cooper

Christian cries and bulges as his back in bent in the punishing boston crab

Christian rolled up onto his shoulders with a neck-crunching, groin-stretching spladle

Austin brings his substantial muscle mass to bear with a rear naked choke hold

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