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  Damien Rush vs. Joe Robbins

Damien Rush: 5'11, 190

Daddy's little rich boy aims to christen 'his' brand-new wrestling ring with a win over Big Joe

Damien forced to look at his pathetic reflection in the mirror while suffering in Joe's camel clutch

Damien gets an in-your-face introduction to his new ring with an inverted bare butt bearhug

A disrespected Damien is dragged up by the straps of his expensive designer t-back thong

Robbins tramples and trashes the privileged muscleboy underfoot on his path to total victory

Making Wrestling Great Again

Damien Rush strolls into the BG East ring room like he owns the place. According to Damien, he does. "I don't know if you heard," he explains to big Joe Robbins who is already warming up for their match. "My dad recently purchased this ring for me. Now I'm looking to christen it with my next win." Whether you love or hate Damien, you have to hand it to him. He has a physique that only a bougie personal trainer can buy, and he has the irrepressible sense of entitlement that can only come with being daddy's little rich boy.

Joe Robbins didn't get the memo about any change of ownership, and he wouldn't care if he did. Damien's Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and gym bunny muscles don't impress Joe. Very little impresses Joe, in fact. The towering bodybuilder is one of the biggest wrestlers currently competing. The demolition expert is notorious for shedding buckets of hard working sweat on his way to destroying pretty much anything and everything we can send his way. Joe has worked for everything he's achieved, and absolutely nothing that Damien's rich sugar daddy can buy him earns even an ounce of respect from big Joe.

"I hear that bodybuilders have those big muscles, but don't really have the strength behind it," Damien keeps running his mouth as he climbs in the ring. Now, Damien's a big dude. But Joe completely dwarfs him as he flexes his humungous muscles. "Is that right," Joe mutters, more a statement than a question. "Yeah, it looks really nice," Damien damns with faint praise. "But I just don't think you've got the strength to really give me the match I deserve for my first victory in the ring bought just for me."

The opening test of strength is Damien's idea, because nothing is as audacious as the delusions of the uber-wealthy. Actually, the blue blood holds his own against his much more massively built opponent. Joe is already glistening with working class sweat as Damien marshals impressive power to keep from getting buried under. Abruptly, Big Joe breaks the hold and scoops his debonair opponent into a rib crushing bearhug, wringing him out like a wet rag. Suddenly, the bodybuilder flings Damien into the ropes and nearly decapitates him with a clothesline. "Is this what you had in mind," Big Joe asks, flexing his massive biceps and dripping sweat down into Damien's dumbly blinking eyes.

"I'm not done with you yet," Damien pouts, climbing warily to his feet. Big Joe scoops him up effortlessly across his shoulder, parades him around the ring and slams him to the mat unceremoniously. He pounds the rich boy corner to corner. Saddling up across Damien's back, Joe rides him in a camel clutch, wrenching viciously backward on his chin. "Let me go!" Damien barks in that petulant voice of an overindulged child. Big Joe just pries his chin back farther. "Please, let go!" Damien is reduced to begging, as if saying please and thank you can spare him from the humiliation of giving away the first submission.

Joe delivers an unwavering and merciless attack on the plutocracy. He rips off Damien's royal purple trunks and beats his hairy ass from corner to corner. Soaring choke slams seem to drive Damien inches into the mat. With all the dignity Damien deserves, Joe tramples his stunned body like a doormat. The bodybuilder's infamous suspended bodyscissors wring both tears and screams from the battered blue blood, ignoring Damien's panicked submissions and driving him to quivering sobs and pleas for mercy.

"I know you said your dad bought this ring," Joe explains as he kicks the sniveling gym bunny through the ropes. "But guess what, this ring is not for sale." It turns out both Damien and his daddy have been trying to write checks that their overinflated egos just can't cash. Joe at his sexy sweatiest. Damien at his most seductive and beating-worthy.

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Joe uses the rich bitchboy's hairy chest as a doormat as he tramples the pretty boy to dust

Damien dangles, desperate in his desire to dig his way out of the rib-crushing bearhug

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