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  Kid Karisma vs. Trey Dixon

Kid Karisma: 5'8, 170

Kid K arches Trey's long luscious body and props up his bounteous bulge with the ring ropes

Kid Karisma samples his own sweat and power with Trey Dixon trussed up in the ropes

Trey trashed and wasted, gasping on the mat crushed under the power of Kid K

A display of raw power as Karisma tramples Trey underfoot with a double bicep flex

Trey kneels brokenly with his face shoved up against the award-winning glutes of Karisma

"I make pretty boys like you my bitch"

"What do we have here," Kid Karisma asks, finding Trey Dixon stretching in the ring. "It looks like a nice, little pretty boy." There's no denying Trey's objective beauty. Blond, bronzed, and blue-eyed, he keeps his gorgeously muscled, lean body perpetually at the height of wrestling-ready fitness. "By the way, my name is Kid Karisma," the notorious party boy heel adds, "and I kick pretty boys' asses." Now that's a fine how-do-you-do!

There's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black with Kid Karisma labeling Trey a pretty boy. Fresh off of a near clean sweep of every best of body category in the year-end fan poll, the gorgeously built muscle hunk sports deceptively boyish good looks. Kid Karisma's freckles and shock of red hair give his sly smirk a disarming quality. But as one of the most badass heels in BG East competition, it would be unwise for any opponent to lay down his arms or underestimate Kid Karisma's destructive potential.

Trey is abundantly aware of the danger he faces as Kid Karisma circles him like a predator. "Not too bad," the swole heel has to admit, appropriately appreciating Trey's hot, muscled ass. Trey is poised on the balls of his feet defensively as his opponent approaches, but rather than a lock up, the heel gives Trey's pecs an appraising squeeze and playfully pinches his nipples. Backed into a corner, Trey grits his teeth, refusing to be baited by the bad boy's notorious mind games, even as his opponent swats his rock hard glutes. "So, this," Kid Karisma nods toward the ring, "is where I make pretty boys like you my bitch!"

It's impossible to miss the sexual tension as Kid Karisma gets down to the business of fulfilling his promises. He muscle bullies his gorgeous challenger around the ring at will. When he snaps his gargantuan thighs around Trey's ears in standing headscissors, Kid K grabs the back of Trey's trunks and hungrily spanks his beautiful, tanned butt cheeks until they are hot red. Hoisting him up off his feet in an inverted bearhug, the hungry heel looks long and hard at his opponent's quivering bulge staring him right in the face. Slammed to the mat violently, Trey bridges high in gloriously twisted pain while Kid Karisma absentmindedly grabs his own crotch in obvious excitement.

There's a powerful feel of inevitability in how devastatingly Kid Karisma exploits his award winning muscles to beat his prey into increasingly compromised positions. But Trey isn't about to go quietly. Kid K is ready to count him out mere moments into the match. He spreads his arms wide and gives Trey "a free shot" at his fan-endorsed best abs in the business. With a raging roar, Trey delivers three solid punches and drilling knee to the heel's gut, making the muscle boy fold and gasp for air.

Sucker punching Kid Karisma is almost always a losing gamble. If anything, it just makes the party boy more focused on chewing up and spitting out the tasty morsel daring to fight back. He ties Trey up and tortures his enticing bulge with the ring ropes. Trussed up and spread eagled in the corner, Trey's entire, muscled body spasms as the heel bashes his balls relentlessly. "Yeah," Kid Karisma groans with pleasure, "this is fun!"

The unilateral fun continues when the heel pins Trey's face with his crotch, smothering the golden pretty boy with his ample bulge. "Don't act like this is the first time," Kid Karisma laughs grinding with obvious excitement into his opponent's gasping mouth.

Despite Trey's pleas for mercy, despite the countless anguished submissions, the muscle boy's beatdown becomes more energetic the more Trey's stubborn will bends to his opponent's commands. Just submitting isn't enough. Crying out Kid Karisma's name on command cannot satisfy the hot, horny heel's dominating desires. Not until he's dragged his hot bodied prey to the back room and demanded a full body, deep tissue muscle massage is Kid Karisma ready to pronounce the demolition session done.

Staring down at his prone opponent's thickly muscled back, Trey takes a deep breath, weighing the options of exploiting Kid K's vulnerability, or obediently putting his hands on every award winning muscle laid out before him. Honestly, what would you do?!

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Trey's arms barred up his back as Karisma rains elbows down across his ripped pecs

Trey writhes and wails in agony as his back bends in the brutal backbreaking boston crab

Karisma carts and carries Trey about the ring in an over the shoulder backbreaker rack

Kid K all smiles as he grinds, humps, and spreads the legs of his conquered foe

A kiss from a fist slaps the taste right out of Trey's mouth and shuts the lights out

Trey sets about massaging the award-winning muscles of the Karismatic One

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Kid Karisma, fresh off a clean sweep of the BG physique awards, makes a throne of the loser's face

Trey hangs broken and brutalized in a backbreaking torture rack

Kid K takes his spoils, his just desserts, with a lusty liplock on Trey

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