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  Zip Zarella vs. Flash LaCash

Flash LaCash: 5'11, 200

LaCash is all smiles as he lays waste to yet another prettyboy in the BG ring

Zip's spine crumbles and shatters as Flash's big biceps tighten in a brutal bearhug

Flash stretches and breaks Zip's back in the corner in an over-the-turnbuckle backbreaker

Flash hoists the pretty boy high across his shoulders in a vicious torture rack

Flash lifts and carries his lighter opponent for an over the knee backbreaker

Rude Awakening

Zip has the killingest smile in all of wrestling. But don't get blinded by the cute looks. He's the kewpie doll of mayhem, as mean a brawler as any in the fight business, as he bounteously demonstrated in his first two releases against Royce Perry and Joey King, two events that persuaded BG East fans to vote him the newcomer of the year for 2017.

Four or so years ago, LaCash debuted in a match in which he held his own against Guido Genatto, a feat nobody has yet matched, much less surpassed, and ever since he has distinguished himself as the very definition of trouble in the squared circle. Zip versus Flash, then, is a pairing to tickle the short hairs of even the most jaded wrestling fan.

Zip stands ring centre flexing in his ruby-red trunks when Flash enters. "I've heard of you," Zip admits. "I'm sure you have," Flash responds with a smile so full of teeth he'd make the big bad wolf cower. "You're in for a rude awakening," Zip promises, flapping his arms like a swimmer on the starting block. Flash's smile grows significantly, his appetite whetted. With two highly esteemed indie talents given free rein to prove their prowess in the most heralded ring in underground wrestling, there's no way on earth that this match can be anything less than monumental. Gentlemen, fasten your seat belts!

"You're stronger than I thought," Zip confesses, clamped in a steely chinlock, ears smashed between bulging biceps. There's no mistaking the look on his face for anything but agony. Flash proceeds to twist the head violently clockwise, one hand still on the chin, the other yanking the pretty boy's bangs. The neck contains the most vulnerable part of the spine, the vital connection by which the brain communicates with rest of the 100 million nerves in the human body. Science says, "Ouch!" Flash proceeds to bust Zip's back beginning with its most delicate and exposed section, guaranteeing that pain shoots like lighting to every nerve ending. Flash follows up on this trauma by strangling Zip with his own arm. "You're a sadist," Zip grunts through clenched teeth, stating the obvious.

Anybody else but Zip would probably tap out, but the kid endures the punishment, stating, "I'm stronger than that. I'll show you." Flash spreads him prostrate on the mat and pulls him up in a camel clutch, adding pressure to the vertebrae all the way down to the lumbar region, shredding the body's pain centers like a Dear John letter. "Flash, you're hurting me," Zip says as if he needed to. "That's the fucking point," Flash replies without apology. Then, suddenly, miraculously, Zip slips back between Flash's legs, free of the noose, grabbing LaCash by both wrists and pulling them through the legs and stretching him out on the canvas, boots to the shoulders, wrenching the strongman's arms in a rowing motion. "Zip's the man, oh yeah," Zarella is his own cheering section, "Zip's the man with a plan." It's a splendid reversal, and Zarella is rightly jubilant.

But the fight has only begun, and these two rugged, impossibly durable wrestlers have a lot more licks to suck up ... on the mat, against the turnbuckles, through the ring ropes, and ultimately out of the ring. We dare you, double-dare you, to keep your jaw from dropping during the backbusting torture rack and humiliating four-corner tour that wrap up this stunner, one of BG East's all-time best starring two of the country's best indies!

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Backbusters 1 Arena Galleries

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Zarella's brief top time comes to an end as the mighty LaCash arches and powers up from the floor

Zip cries in agony as Flash's constricting quads compress the prettyboy pro's ribcage

Zip is twisted and torqued torturously with a killer hammerlock, bow-and arrow combination

Zarella arches in agony as Flash's big boot blasts his lower back, driving him into the turnbuckle

Zarella's tight, lean body bent and stretched in a double arm wrenching surfboard variation

Zip's bulge swells as Flash bends his back over the ring ropes with a brutal chinlock variation

Zip Zarella: 6'0, 205

Zarella kneels and begs at the feet of the big, bad, merciless heel known as Flash LaCash

Flash simultaneously pins Zip to the mat and drags him up by his hair to further test his spine

Zip is brutalized and beaten to the point where he can do nothing but grovel at Flash's feet

Flash sets up an insanely brutal crippler crossface with near spine-snapping force

The lean, tatted, tough prettyboy suffers in a half leg nelson, armbar combination

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