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  Kelly King vs. Kirk Donahue

Kelly King: 5'10, 200

Big and bad Kelly King rains a big, booted stomp down on Kirk's prostrated form

The King comes crashing down with a huge flying elbow drop onto Kirk's exposed back

King lifts Donahue for a big fallaway slam in the middle of the squared circle

One has to worry about Kirk's well-being as Kelly seems bent on breaking his back over his knee

Donahue in a world of hurt as King bends him nearly in half with a toehold, scorpion lock

Two Short Fuses

Though physical opposites, these two indie pros have similar temperaments: stubborn, disinclined to talk a lot of smack, and stoic in their high threshold for pain. Their hot-headedness sometimes blinds them to all logic and even to self-interest. You can see flashes of it in Kirk Donahue's eyes even before the match begins, and no matter how hard he suffers - and this match raises the bar on suffering - his face portrays his frustration and rage as much as his agony. Kirk clearly expects no slack on account of their size and weight difference, and Kelly King intends to give none. Two more pugnacious guys you will never find anywhere. These guys will spend themselves in a good tough fight till nothing is left. Were they equals in body mass, this fight could have lasted hours.

Kirk is barely in the ring before he and his opponent lock horns. Kelly backs him to the turnbuckle and then makes a clean and sportsmanlike break. Kirk nods, seemingly in appreciation of the young Texan's gentlemanly conduct. Seconds later, though, with Kelly backed into the same corner, Kirk takes advantage of the situation by delivering a couple of forearm smashes to the face. This is a new, bolder and ballsy Kirk Donahue!

The situation heats up fast, so fast you'd think somebody flipped a switch. Kelly slings Kirk full force back and forth between opposite corners, traumatizing the slender wrestler's spine. Then he lets Kirk feel the force of his black boot to the small of the back, the first of many similar blows. No doubt Kelly has the power and build to crack the slim Detroiter clean in two if he wanted to, and right about now he looks sufficiently ticked off to do it, dropping Kirk across one knee and snapping him like a kindling stick.

The match's main theme is quick to surface. Kirk's doom is foreordained. Probably knowing this, the plucky cruiserweight chose to go full blast against the light heavyweight at the start, maybe the only chance he'd get. It turns out he was right in ways he hasn't time now to figure out. But if he didn't expect his opponent to come back at him, firing on all four cylinders, he obviously failed to do his homework on Kelly King.

Over the past several years BG East has tossed Kelly quite a few tasty morsels to crunch, notably Z-Man and Biff Farrell, but maybe nobody has triggered King's rage this much or this fast. Donahue barely survived Guido Genatto (their match topped the BGE audience poll for 2014) and Lane Hartley (their match won Best Squash in 2017). The way things look here, he may have already spent his last ration of good luck. Kelly looks determined to wring the last moan and whimper out of the plucky jobber before this fight is done.

The sweat starts flowing shortly before the match's midpoint. Shattering Kirk's spine is hard but rewarding work for Kelly. He seems to get no particular pleasure out of hurting the guy. He's no sadist. He's just easily provoked. And when he's pissed off, his eyes glaze, and you can almost see steam rising off his scalp. When he gets like this, nothing can stop him, not a three-count fall, not a tap-out, not pleading, probably not even a stun gun. When he gets like this, nothing short of making mincemeat of an opponent will satisfy him. For 25 straight minutes, he wreaks havoc on Kirk in and out of the ring, against the ropes, the ring posts, and the canvas. Kirk gets so familiar with the heel of Kelly's boot that he may well remember its every detail for years to come.

But talk about tough. Don't forget Kirk. The tightlipped trooper would rather die a thousand deaths than say "I quit," and, consequently, the torture he undergoes at Kelly's hands is inhumanly merciless and nonstop, climaxing with (what else?) a torture rack. Pro wrestling action this good happens at BG East and, if we say so ourselves, nowhere else.

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Kelly King vs. Kirk Donahue
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A limb-stretching bow-and-arrow further tests and tortures Kirk's impressive pain threshold

Kirk reaches fruitlessly towards the safety of the ropes as his back is busted over King's knees

Kirk scrabbles and scampers for cover as King closes in with another relentless, powerful stomp

King drives his smaller opponent to the corner, bending his spine over the turnbuckle

The King takes the prettyboy to the mat with a neck-working side headlock

King looms over the groveling Best Butt and Best Bulge nominated pro, daring him to get up

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170

King's big bicep looks ready to pop Kirk's head off with a powerful, seated side headlock

King appears intent on twisting the muscled pro boy's head right off of his sculpted body

Kirk's muscled body dangles completely lifeless over Kelly's boulder-shoulder in a backbreaker

Kirk's spine warped and wrecked in a big torture rack as King carts his carcass about the ring

Bulging big, Kirk's brutalized spine bends perilously in Kelly King's merciless torture rack

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