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  Franco Vetti vs. Biff Farrell

Franco Vetti: 5'8, 180 lbs

Biff stretches the newbie's impossibly ripped abdominals out for a gut bashing

Biff goes stone cold heel on the pretty boy rookie with a big booted crushing ab stomp

Biff refuses to let the sexy stud escape this match with his ridiculously ripped abs intact

A floored Franco finds himself in a world of hurt as his abs are singled out over and over again

Biff can taste blood in the water as he drags the wasted debuting stud back to his feet outside the

Dues Payment on Demand

Beautiful Biff Farrell, with his sparkling blue eyes and beefy body, thick thighs and globular glutes, has been put through the ringer since his debut at BGEast. He's faced down and been beaten by some of the biggest brutes in The Boss's stable - paying his dues as a wrestler in blood, sweat, and brutality. He's patiently waited his turn to be the dominant stud he's always believed he could be, that the fans deserved him to be. And he's learned his lessons well as a babyface, taken his lickings, even when he had to crawl out of the ring, battered and bashed and barely conscious.

Franco Vetti is a true fantasyman; defined, muscular, lean, pretty, with sexy swagger with six-pack abs and sculpted quads bulging so far over his knees they look almost too perfect to be real. As a rookie, he might not have the ring experience that Biff has as he climbs through the ropes and goes through his posing routine to warm up and swell up his muscles, admiring himself in the ringside mirror - but as astutely and rather cheekily notes, Biff's primary experience is in suffering. Is this sexy young stud going to give Biff yet another beating, in his newbie debut, or is he just some fresh meat tossed to a lion in a cage, his physical perfection just the motivation Biff needs to finally notch a win in his own belt? Is it finally Biff's ball and Biff's game? Has 'Bad' Biff's time arrived?

Biff certainly thinks so, and he arrives in the ring fired up and ready to beat some muscleboy butt. They dance around the ring, dodging and feinting, before Franco rolls up into a handstand, hooks his ankles around a shocked Biff's head, and sends Biff soaring across the ring with a flying head scissors! Humiliated, Biff retaliates by tossing Franco into a corner and goes to work on those perfect hard abs - but Franco is yet again able to counter with a another high-flying move that leaves Biff humbled and shaking his head in disbelief! Biff's hard-earned ring savvy isn't going to fall for the young stud's third try, though - he counters and slams the beauty down onto his knee with a vicious belly buster! But the rookie isn't done by any means, using Biff's momentum and overconfidence against him. And now it's Biff's turn to suffer...his face reddening, his own abs targeted as his screams of anguish and agony echo from the far corners of the Arena.

Franco's powerful legs clamp across Biff's abs like a vise, squeezing and flexing relentlessly, Biff lies powerless and helpless as it becomes harder and harder to breathe, while Franco's body glistens with sweat from the muscle exertion. And still Biff holds out, unwilling to let some pretty boy rookie score a win over him in his first time out. Finally, in desperation, Biff starts throwing some punches into Franco's abs, each punch getting harder and harder, deeper and deeper, his long bottled up rage and fury at the beatings and humiliations he's suffered through rising up within him - and once the scissors have broken, Biff's rage is channeled into one of the most brutal ab bashings ever recorded on film in the Arena.

Every scream, every plea for mercy, every gasp for air, only adds more fuel to the fire burning deep inside Biff as he puts the hapless and helpless rook through his paces. Ab claws, stomps, punches, belly bustersâ??every ab torture device in Biff's arsenal are put to use! This is a new Biff, brutal, vicious, determined...and sexy Franco's body is paying his dues. As Biff's brutality finds new depths to pull from, as Franco's muscles and abs continue to inspire him to visit the same treatment Biff has received all those times before, to make this youngster pay the same ring dues he did. This is a new Biff, a welcome sight, a new master of the ring, and as he taunts the weakened and desperate youngster to get up and fight, offering him free revenge gut shots in an effort to make it more of a match - the heel rage building on his face with each punch he receives. The only question is how long will it take before Biff becomes bored with his new toy?

This is a side of Biff we've not seen before, and it's quite a remarkable and sexy sight!

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Franco Vetti vs. Biff Farrell
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Farrel seeks to ruin Franco's debut with a big, over the knee gutbuster midring

The rookie proves to be just as able in the ring as he wraps Biff up in a bow-and-arrow variation

Franco brings the wannabe heel's onslaught to a halt as he grounds him with a powerful bodyscissors

Franco forced into the trunbuckles with Biff's deep digging abdominal claw

Biff's inverted facelock forces Vetti's shredded, striated body into a painful arching hold

The young upstart appears to be running out of steam as Biff drags him back up to his feet

Biff Farrell: 5'7, 187 lbs

Biff zeroes in like a heat-seeking missile on the newbie's abs with a flying hammersmash

Franco feels his abs breaking down from Biff's vicious, focused double ab claw

Former Top Jobber and Babyface winner looks to turn over a new leaf with the beaten muscled rook

Realizing that it will take more to break Vetti's abs, Biff makes use of a combat boot

Biff looks to make his heel turn at the expense of the centerfold-worthy newcomer

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